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He was kind of a jerk, but you might be too if your body was nothing but skeleton overlaid with transparent protoplasm and you spent every day of your life battling for your claim to a meager plot of land. Before judging him too harshly, try walking a mile in the shoes of... SACK!


Not all fallen heroes rise again into glory. Some stumble and then just keep falling. Read now the tragic story of the once promising national hero.... MIKHAIL RASPUTIN!


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CAMPBELL, RORY (Glossary Character)
MILLER, LAYLA (Glossary Character)
BRADDOCK, JAMIE (Glossary Character)
BOOM BOOM II (Glossary Character)
Four Horsemen of Death (Glossary Group)
CAPTAIN MARVEL VI (Glossary Character)
BANSHEE II (Glossary Character)
PRIMATE (Glossary Character)
CRAG (Glossary Character)
AVIAN (Glossary Character)

The Morlock Tunnels!

Beware all who dare to enter...The Morlock Tunnels!

Today we present a much-needed update on one of the older articles on our site, an in-depth look at the birthplace of Gene Nation. Also known as The Alley, the underground dwellings of both mutants and monsters has a storied history. Long-time fans will be pleased to hear that we are diligently working not only on brand-new material but will now be regularly revisiting and revamping some of our earliest features like this one!

MARROW (Spotlight)

As part of our Gene Nation themed month we thought we would give you an update on the whereabouts of their former leader. Whilst she has been keeping a relatively low profile these past years she has managed to go through some fairly life changing events. Read the updated spotlight on one of the X-Men's more volatile members... Marrow!

Gene Nation July!

Today's release of the profile of Mikhael Rasputin (brother to Colossus and Magik!) is actually part of a series of articles. While this month-long theme is not expansive enough to be considered an "Event Month," it is indeed a themed one. Beginning today, we start Gene Nation July!

Character Profile - VIVISECTOR!

Here in the States, June kicks off Gay Pride events around the country. In honor of this, we present our 200th character-related article featuring one of the most original gay characters to hit the X-Books. Long before Rictor and Shatterstar became an out and proud couple, this mutant misfit was part of Marvel's first openly gay mutant pairing alongside his teammate Phat. Read all about the strange journey of Myles Alfred AKA ... VIVISECTOR!!!

TPB Section is now open

As part of the migration to our shiny new site, a much beloved section had to be omitted. While some thought it would be gone forever*, it was just on hiatus while the functionality behind it was built into the new site.

Today, the ALL-NEW UXN, are pleased to unveil the return(?) of our All-NEW TPB SECTION.

*thanks for the feedback via our contact form

Welcome to the All-New UXN!

We are pleased to announce that the UXN has gone live with our new site.

Although the entire site code has been completely re-written, we've tried to replicate as much as possible the look and functionality of the old site into the new so as to minimize disorientation.  

With any transistion, there will undoubtedly be issues & bugs, and a few formatting errors from the transfer. We'll be working to fix these over the coming weeks as we tweak this and that and eventually, we'll reach out to you, our visitors, for assistance in identifying any remaining. In the meantime, we ask for your patience and let us fix all of the obvious errors we can find. In some cases, like the trade paperback section, we've decided to temporarily remove it from the site, while we fix all the issues.

One thing to note is that while the core www.uncannyxmen.net URL has remained the same, every other link on the site has changed. The new URL format is human readable and makes much more sense than the old one, unfortunately, that means that any links to any article you had saved most certainly will no longer work. Likewise, sites that link to articles (such as the many Wikipedia entries) will now be incorrect. Whoever adds those (and thanks, BTW), we apologize profusely.

We definitely welcome feedback, either via our new "contact us" form, over at our forum or on our Facebook page, but please be kind, we don't want to send Monolith around.

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