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You might not remember this character, but don't worry, neither do the X-Men! Read all about.... that guy...ummmm... what's his name? Oh yeah, Pulse!


The scars that marred this mutant's beauty also obscured the nobility of her soul. Forced underground, she forged a haven for all wayward mutants but has rarely found peace herself. Read the twisted history of the mutant... CALLISTO!


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You can't stop the signal!

Those of you with Sage-like brains may remember that today is UncannyXMen.net's 14th birthday. Instead of bringing you a typical birthday celebration this year, however, we would like to announce a new initiative we're launching: Days of Articles Past

We have a few outdated articles on the site covering things other than individual characters, and we intend to start bringing as many of these hidden gems up to date as possible. Today we kick things off by providing a tune up to one of the site's oldest articles: the Villain Team entry on... THE REAVERS!

The Morlock Tunnels!

Beware all who dare to enter...The Morlock Tunnels!

Today we present a much-needed update on one of the older articles on our site, an in-depth look at the birthplace of Gene Nation. Also known as The Alley, the underground dwellings of both mutants and monsters has a storied history. Long-time fans will be pleased to hear that we are diligently working not only on brand-new material but will now be regularly revisiting and revamping some of our earliest features like this one!

MARROW (Spotlight)

As part of our Gene Nation themed month we thought we would give you an update on the whereabouts of their former leader. Whilst she has been keeping a relatively low profile these past years she has managed to go through some fairly life changing events. Read the updated spotlight on one of the X-Men's more volatile members... Marrow!

Gene Nation July!

Today's release of the profile of Mikhael Rasputin (brother to Colossus and Magik!) is actually part of a series of articles. While this month-long theme is not expansive enough to be considered an "Event Month," it is indeed a themed one. Beginning today, we start Gene Nation July!

Character Profile - VIVISECTOR!

Here in the States, June kicks off Gay Pride events around the country. In honor of this, we present our 200th character-related article featuring one of the most original gay characters to hit the X-Books. Long before Rictor and Shatterstar became an out and proud couple, this mutant misfit was part of Marvel's first openly gay mutant pairing alongside his teammate Phat. Read all about the strange journey of Myles Alfred AKA ... VIVISECTOR!!!

TPB Section is now open

As part of the migration to our shiny new site, a much beloved section had to be omitted. While some thought it would be gone forever*, it was just on hiatus while the functionality behind it was built into the new site.

Today, the ALL-NEW UXN, are pleased to unveil the return(?) of our All-NEW TPB SECTION.

*thanks for the feedback via our contact form