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YEARBOOK (Xavier Institute Student Body)
Author : Binaryan (Ryan Jones)Last Modified : Jul 05, 2005

Introduction - Chronology
Current Students: Alpha Squadron - Corsairs - Hellions
New Mutants - Paragons - Gambit’s Squad - Rogue’s Squad
Lower School - Unassigned Students
Undetermined Status - Former Students - Deceased Students
Past Groupings: Omega Gang - Special Class

Paragons Squad

The Paragons are one of the many six-member squads formed to facilitate the training and development of the older students at the Xavier Institute. The Paragons were originally advised by Rahne Sinclair, aka Wolfsbane. When it was revealed that Rahne had been romantically involved with a student, she opted to leave the Institute. Since her departure, the squad has been overseen by Xi’an Coy Manh, aka Karma. The squad’s colors are green and black with red accents.

First appearance: New X-Men: Academy X #12

Current Membership: DJ, Match, Pixie, Preview, Trance, Wolf Cub

Former Members: Specter (see Corsairs)

DJ (Mark Sheppard)
First appearance: New X-Men: Academy X #2

All Xavier Institute appearances: New X-Men: Academy X #2, 5, 12-14

Powers: DJ is intended to have the mutant ability to control music to create various effects. Different styles of music create different effects, all depending on what he is listening to. For example, "hard" music like rock allows him to generate damaging blasts, classical music allows him to create forcefields and dance music enables him to create blinding lights.

- DJ was originally drawn in as a member of the Corsairs when the squads were first announced in New X-Men: Academy X #2. He has since transferred to the Paragons.

Match (Ben Hamill)
First appearance: possibly New X-Men #123 (page 15), otherwise New Mutants (2nd series) #7

All Xavier Institute appearances: New Mutants (2nd series) #7-8, 10, New X-Men: Academy X #5, 12, 13

Powers: thermal production causes his skin to glow with heat and radiates flame from his scalp

- Ben’s first name was revealed in New X-Men: Academy X #5.
- Ben is intended to be the squad leader of the Paragons.
- When Ben’s powers first manifested, he burned down his town’s park.
- Ben is constantly aflame.

Pixie III (Megan Gwynn)
First appearance: New X-Men: Academy X #5

All Xavier Institute appearances: New X-Men: Academy X #5, 7, 12, 14-15

Powers: rainbow-colored butterfly wings allow her to fly with great maneuverability; it’s also intended for Megan’s powers to include a “pixie dust” that produces hallucinations in her target

- Megan wears a cycling helmet when training.
- Megan’s first name was used in New X-Men: Academy X #12.
- Megan is Welsh.

Preview (Jessie Vale)
First appearance: New X-Men: Academy X #12

All Xavier Institute appearances: New X-Men: Academy X #12, 14

Powers: precognitive visions either give her knowledge of the future or actually enable her to witness upcoming events

- Jessie has proven a difficult team member to work with because she sometimes chooses not to participate when she knows the outcome of a given action.

Trance (Hope Abbott)
First appearance: New X-Men: Academy X #12

All Xavier Institute appearances: New X-Men: Academy X #12, 13

Powers: "astral projection" power, unclear if it involves releasing her consciousness or casting psionic images

Wolf Cub (Nicolas Gleason)
First appearance: Chamber #1

All Xavier Institute appearances: Chamber #1, 4, Exiles #28-30, New X-Men: Academy X #12

Powers: animal genes given him heightened strength, speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes, hyper-keen senses, and razor sharp claws and fangs

- Nicholas Gleason’s parents were killed and he was hunted by former Department of Defense employees with a beef against mutants and some stolen tech-armor. He was rescued by Chamber and Cyclops. [Chamber #1]
- Nicholas was once pursued by members of the Dominant Species, a group of mutants who shared a wolf-like mutation. [Exiles #28-30]

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