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X-Men Forever 2 # 9

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Over the years, the minds of three different X-Men found themselves trapped in the body of the White Queen – Jean Grey, Storm and Iceman. [Uncanny X-Men #151, 284, 314]

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Author : Dean ClaytonLast Modified : 21st August 2004

Current Title Info

One of the most frequent questions that pops up on every message board is "I have been gone for some time, what is currently happenig in ..." or "What’s ... about, is it worth picking up ?" Finally we have decided to open up a section that functions both as an overview to the current ongoing titles‘ purposes and also sums up the recent events in each of them. Hopefully this will become the perfect jump-on point for many new or returning readers and we also have added something for the long-time fans. Each title has a second page that lists the preview texts and covers for the upcoming issues.

Custom Figures

There is nothing like seeing you're favourite Mutants in 3-D and immortalised in a figure. But what happens when one hasn't been made for the character you want? well make your own. Thats what these guys have done.

X-Men - The Movie

Indulge in as much information as you can handle about the X-Men movie and get the latest gossip about the movie sequels.


Each Month Marvel release the Advanced solicitations for the comics that are due out from them 3 months later. here you will find information about any X-Men related issues that are to be released. We will also post any previews covers that are available, although like any advanced preview the cover may change before going to print.


Think you can whip wolverines butt? or mangle Magneto's Helmet? well head over to the software section to find out how you can on your console or PC. plus get information about new releases featuring the Merry Mutants

Tv Show Summaries

Missed an episode from one of the tv shows featuring the x-men? well let our tv show summary section help you fill the gaps


Do you want to find out whether Jean grey is the phoenix or the phoenix is Jean Grey? perhaps you want to get the latest on customising figures? or maybe find out everything to do with the Omniverse, well head on down to the Article section For the answer to these and other questions.



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