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Civil War: X-Men # 1

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X-23 is named due to her being the 23rd attempt to clone Wolverine and the intact X chromosome that was duplicated to replace the damaged Y one, which resulted in her being female. She is the only successful cloning attempt of Wolverine. [X-23#1] - Submitted by Liam Johnson

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Cerebro Files
Author : Dean ClaytonLast Modified : 17/02/02
Character Glossary

Here you'll find Basic information about the Heroes, Villains and supporting members that have appeared in any of the X-Men titles.

Family Trees

Here you will find information about the different families that are part of the X-Men Universe.

Friends or Foes?

Here you will find information about the Various Teams that have appeared in the X-Men Titles who have either fought against or alongside the X-Men.

Spotlight On...

Here you'll find indepth information and histories about the Heroes and Villains that appear in the X-Men titles. Its a Character Bio taken to the extreme!

Villain Teams

Here you will find information about the X-Men's Various Villains that have plagued them through the years



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