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Wolverine and The Black Cat Claws II # 3

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Xavier once got a shapeshifter named Changeling to assume his identity while he secretly prepared for an alien invasion. When the Changeling died in battle, the X-Men held a funeral for their mentor. [Uncanny X-Men #42]

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Author : Peter Luzifer and JasonLast Modified : Jan 10, 2006

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Real Name: Sarah
Former Aliases: Sarah Rushman


Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair color: Purple
Eyes: Blue
First appearance:Cable (2nd series) #15 (as a child)
X-Men Prime (as an adult)
Joined the X-Men in:X-Men (2nd series) #75
Currently in:no title
Known Relatives:none
Profession:terrorist, former SHIELD operative
Group Affiliation:formerly Weapon X, SHIELD, X-Men, Gene Nation, Morlocks
Powers:accelerated growth hormones stimulate her metabolism to increase her strength, agility, reflexes, resistance to impact, and recuperative powers, while allowing her to extend her bones on command and remove them in the form of various weapons including daggers, projectile spears, blowguns, etc., formerly could not control her bone growth so that they broke through her skin and splintered off at random, formerly had stable bone armor plating on her body which she could expand to protect a greater surface of her body or retract completely

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