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Silent War # 3

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Professor Xavier originally met Storm long before she assumed her role as an African 'goddess'. As a young girl, Ororo once picked Xavier's pocket on the streets of Cairo. [Uncanny X-Men #117]

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Author : Peter LuziferLast Modified : Jun 01, 2005
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Although the Crimson Cosmos is a dimension without time, for Cain being stuck there must have seemed like an eternity. At least he could pick up some magical skills and spells during his stay, though it didnít do him much good, still unable to escape from the place. Unexpected help arrived in the form of Doctor Strange, who, months after the Juggernautís disappearance, traveled to a dimension where Nightmare had imprisoned Eternity himself and was leeching off his powers. Dr. Strange was unable to defeat him but, sensing the Juggernaut in a nearby dimension, he pulled him over to the place. Instantly, the two foes fought each other and the Juggernaut demonstrated the new tricks he had learned. Mystic spells emanated from his hands and caused the gigantic Nightmare to shrink down to the Juggernautís size. Nightmare and Juggernaut started to battle back and forth, accidentally releasing the imprisoned Eternity, who then banished the Juggernaut to Oblivion, yet another strange realm. [Dr. Strange (1st series) #182]

In this dimension, time moved at an accelerated rate and Juggernaut spent many years there. The only antidote to the placeís aging effect was pure hatred and Cain kept himself alive by focusing on his need for revenge. Eventually, he got his chance during Halloween. A year before, Dr. Strange had been at the town of Rutland, Vermont, for a special ceremony, and now the X-Menís Beast was visiting there. The aura of one of his hated foes, plus the past emanations of the Sorcerer, added up with the nightsí special vibrations, allowing the Juggernaut to cross over for several minutes. Each time, he stayed longer and, by midnight, he would have been permanently back on Earth. However, during their inevitable fight, the Beast managed to remove the Juggernautís helmet and his hatred gave away to fear of being defeated again. Instantly, Cain began to age rapidly to the point that he wanted his life to end as quick as possible. He returned to Oblivion to speed up his remaining lifespan. [Amazing Adventures #16]

This desperate, suicidal move turned out to be his blessing, for the dimensionís consciousness considered him a bacteria it wanted to get rid off. Having enough of his constant dis- and re-appearing, it offered the Juggernaut a deal Ė in exchange for the magical knowledge he had acquired while in the Crimson Cosmos, it would restore his youth and send him back home. Naturally, the Juggernaut accepted and materialized in the middle of a conflict between the U.S. army and the Hulk. Both of them considered monsters by the soldiers, they at first teamed up. However, when the Hulk witnessed the Juggernaut endangering some innocent civilians in the wake of their escape, he turned against him. Unlimited strength versus an unstoppable foe, the battle was more or less a stalemate, until the X-Men showed up and Xavier once more knocked out his stepbrother, who had lost his shielding-helmet during the fight. [Incredible Hulk (2nd series) #172] Turned over to the local authorities, the Juggernaut had only accomplished the feat of exchanging an otherdimensional prison with an Earthen one.

Over the next few months, Cain Marko befriended a fellow inmate, Black Tom Cassidy. The two villains found that they had something in common Ė their hatred for the X-Men, for, in the meantime, Black Tomís cousin and rival, the Banshee, had joined the team of mutants. Eventually, they were given the chance to exact revenge upon the X-Men by the mysterious being known as Eric the Red. Wanting to distract the X-Men from his own schemes, Eric the Red busted the unlikely pair out of prison, from where they directly went to Cassidy Keep in Ireland. The Leprechauns maintaining the castle could put up little resistance against the Juggernautís physical might and, before long, the X-Men went to Ireland after Banshee received a letter that he had inherited the family castle. The new, somewhat inexperienced X-Men were taken by surprise and nearly defeated, especially as the Juggernaut was ravaging through the mutantsí ranks. The battle only came to an end when Black Tom fell from the battlements of the keep and the Juggernaut jumped after him to save his only friend. [X-Men (1st series) #101-103]

Evidently, he succeeded rescuing Tom and, not much later, they hired Arcade to permanently deal with the hated X-Men. Cain was somewhat against this decision, preferring to defeat the mutants himself, but, somewhat the brains of their outfit, Cassidy convinced him otherwise. Still, Arcade didnít fare any better than they themselves had. [X-Men (1st series) #122] The two crooks lay low for a while, until they decided to make themselves a fortune by robbing the San Francisco mint, together with Tomís niece, Siryn, who up till then had been staying in boarding school. However, this new companion registered on Xavierís scanning device, Cerebro, and once more they had to deal with the X-Men opposing them, along with the local superhero Spider-Woman. The fight ended on a freighter in San Franciscoís harbor. While his accomplices were caught, the Juggernaut disappeared when the ship exploded. [Spider-Woman (1st series) #37-38]

With Siryn lost to them, her having been reunited with her father Banshee, Black Tom thought theyíd need another ally if they ever wanted to be able to overpower the X-Men, and who better than a precog to foretell their opponentsí every move. Therefore, Tom sent the Juggernaut to New York City to acquire the mysterious Madame Web. While the old woman anticipated the villain coming for her and asked Spider-Man to protect her, there was nothing the wall-crawler could do to stop Cain Marko from reaching his goal. However, somewhat overeager, he pulled the woman out of her life-supporting chair, almost killing her. Thinking her useless now, the Juggernaut proceeded back towards his and Tomís hideout, Spider-Man hot on his trail after calling an ambulance for the injured woman. Eventually, Spiderman lured Marko was to a construction site, where he covered the helmetís eyeholes with his webbing. Temporarily blinded, Cain Marko stumbled into a recently poured foundation of wet cement and sank in Ė forty feet down. From a safe distance, Black Tom had watched the fight and waited for his friend to break free. Minutes passed, turning into hours and eventually days and, as nothing happened, Tom left. [Amazing Spiderman #229-230]

Due to his no longer needing to breath, eat or drink, the Juggernaut survived, but encased in the block of concrete he was unable to move and smash his way out. Only over the course of long weeks, by flexing and relaxing his muscles, he could make some room for himself and, eventually make his way back to the surface. One of the first things he did back in the world of the living was to enter his favorite bar and have a drink. While doing so, Cain was approached by a lovely, dark-haired female, who heavily flirted with him. Cain was unaware that she was the lifeforce drinking Selene, who had picked the strong-built man to be her next victim. Before she could lure him away to finish her act, though, the pair were disturbed by Colossus, who coincidentally was in the same bar and accidentally spilled his drink on Cain. The two entered a fight, wrecking most of the bar while being at it. The Juggernaut won and, seeing Colossusí teammates standing close by, he tossed them some money to cover for the damages before leaving, as he didnít want any further trouble. [Uncanny X-Men #183]

Shortly before Black Tomís birthday, the Juggernaut had an idea for what would make for a rather unique present and he went to Korea to retrieve the Gem that gave him his powers. He entered the temple with ease and got what he came for, the Korean army standing in his way not even slowing him down. When Tom opened the gift and touched the glowing gem, he was transformed into another Juggernaut. However, both of them had only half of the originalís powers. Black Tom didnít like this one bit and engaged his ally in a brief battle, which was then interrupted by Spider-Man and the X-Men. Rogue leeched off Cassidyís Juggernaut powers and, later, Cain Marko reclaimed the full set when he touched the ruby a second time. Realizing that the ruby was not only the source of his strength but could also be used to take away from him, the Juggernaut decided to hurl it into space, where nobody could pick it up. [Marvel Team-Up #150]

Soon after, the X-Men and Cain Marko found themselves targeted by the same opponent. In his civvies, the Juggernaut visited the First United National Bank of New York to do ordinary business, and the X-Men, having heard reports of him being in town, were spying on him, when suddenly the future Sentinel, Nimrod, appeared on the scene.

Recognizing both the Juggernaut and the mutants as criminals, the advanced robot effectively fought them all. It quickly disposed the Juggernautís helmet and knocked him out with an ultra-sonic frequency pitch. Only Rogue managed to somewhat confuse the artificial opponent by absorbing all her teammates powers. In the wake of Nimrodís rushed departure, Rogue let Cain Marko go, both of them too exhausted to battle each other. [Uncanny X-Men #194]

Several weeks later, as time and again their plans were thwarted by the American based heroes, Black Tom and Juggernaut went to Scotland instead. On his way to a job, Cain Marko passed a discouraged Dazzler, who was eager to prove her worth to the X-Men that she had recently joined, the team currently staying on Muir Island. As she recognized Cainís face from the X-Menís files, Dazzler picked a fight with him, thinking that he was just another ďstrong guyĒ whom she could defeat with her light powers. When the Juggernaut recognized who his opponent was, he revealed himself to be one of the songstressí most loyal fans, him having bought her albums and seen perform her life on stage, but Dazzler didnít stop attacking. Whatever she threw at the Juggernaut, though, didnít bother him one bit and, eventually, Dazzler overtaxed her limits and passed out. Cain thought she was dead and gave her a decent burial (fortunately, the X-Men managed to locate her in time and dig her out) and went on a rampage in Edinburgh. Using teamwork, the X-Men managed to detain him, only to learn that he served just as a distraction for Black Tom to rob the Bank of Edinburgh. [Uncanny X-Men #217-218]

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