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Ultimate X-Men #79

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After Seeing her father die from gunshot wounds right before her eyes when she was still a child prompted Cecilia Reyes to study medicine and become a trauma surgeon. [X-Men (2nd series) #66]

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Author : Peter Luzifer and RuthLast Modified : Jan 03, 2010

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Real Name: Meggan Puceanu-Braddock
Former Aliases: Goblin Princess, Gloriana
Height: 5’7” (in “fairie” form)
5’10” (in true form)
Weight: 120 lbs. (in “fairie” form)
130 lbs. (in true form)

Hair color:

Eyes: Blue (in “fairie” form)
White, with no visible pupils
(in true form)
First appearance: Mighty World of Marvel #7 (Marvel UK)
First US appearance: New Mutants Annual #2
Joined Excalibur in: Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn
Currently in: no title
Known Relatives: William Puceanu (father),
Mrs. Puceanu (mother),
Brian Braddock (husband),
Elizabeth Braddock / Psylocke (sister-in-law),
James Braddock (brother-in-law)
Group Affiliation: formerly Excalibur
Powers: elemental metamorphosing nature allows her to consciously alter her appearance or morph to respond to her surroundings and the thoughts of others, draw power from her native land to increase her strength, endurance, and resilience, levitate herself at will, sense the natural world in order to detect electromagnetic energy patterns, changes in the elements, or the empathic nature of an individual, and manipulate natural energy formations to disrupt existing energy fields and command elemental forces such as fire, air, electricity, lava and earth

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