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West Coast Avengers Annual # 1

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X-23, the female Wolverine clone, first appeared on the children's television show X-Men: Evolution. Her first comic book appearence was NYX #3. - Submitted by Cycolossus

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Character Glossary


Real Name: Julia Cornwall Carpenter
Universe/Timeline: Marvel Universe
Current Status: Incapacitated
Categorization: Science-Based Mutate

Aliases: Spider-Woman II, Arachne III
Nationality: American
First Appearance: Secret Wars #6

Powers and Abilities:
superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, and leaping, increased healing abilities, control inter-atomic bondings in order to cling to solid objects, generate psionic energy in the form of adhesive energy webbing or psychic strands that probe her general vicinity, connected to the Web of Life, giving her clairvoyence, precognition, and teleporting abilities

Avengers, Avengers West Coast, Commission on Superhuman Activities, Force Works, Freedom Force, Queen's Vengeance, Omega Flight III, Secret Defenders

Julia became Arachne in Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #7, and identified as Madame Web II in Amazing Spider-Man #664.

Spider-Woman I was Jessica Drew, III was Charlotte Webb, IV was Mattie Franklin. Jessica was also Arachne I, and Arachne II was with Deathweb.

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