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X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back # 3

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Wolverine accidentally killed his first love, Rose, although he doesn't even remember it, his memory having "healed" over the unpleasant experience. [Origin #6] - Submitted by Liam Johnson

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  Cerebro Files
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Character Glossary
Within this Character Glossary section we try stay up to date with basic information for every x-related character that has appeared in the comic books.

Spotlight On..
In depth profiles on X-Men Characters featuring detailed history, issue checklist, a costume gallery and alternate versions of the character

Character Profiles
Character Profile entries contain Vital Stats and a Biography, but no Issue Checklist or Costume Gallery. Usually, these characters have made no more than 20 appearances and only worn 1 costume design

Bring on the Bad Guys
Although similar to the Spotlight On concept, these articles are not entirely the same, as they focus somewhat on the Villainous character's motives, attempting to fill the gaps in what is seen on the page. They also may include some theories and speculation, in some cases including an author's voice/opinion.


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