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Wolverine (2nd series) # 94

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When the X-Men were turned into toddlers by Mojo, the New Mutants took up the role of the X-Men, dressing up with their intended graduation costumes. [Uncanny X-Men Annual #10]

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Alien Races
Within this section we will focus on those Alien Races that have been feautered prominently within the X-Universe.

Within this section we will focus on the many specific objects that have entered the X-Men's lifes over the years. It can be weapons, ancient artifacts, technological equipment or magical items that are being featured.

Alternate Timelines
In our timelines section we try to keep track of recurring alternate scenarios. Some of them, like the Age of Apocalypse, or Days of Future Past, are very popular and have been refered to in many issues, but there are plenty of other timelines listed as short entries, since thay were only shown a few times.

X Marks the Spot
The X-characters have visited many places, which may be taken from the real world or are completly fictional. Some of them, like Genosha, Muir Island or Xavier's mansion are very popular and have been refered to in many issues, and as such have a detailed entry within this section, but there are plenty of other locations that were shown only a few times. These will be featured in the "Short Entries" subsection.


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