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Wolverine (2nd series) # 14

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When the X-Men were turned into toddlers by Mojo, the New Mutants took up the role of the X-Men, dressing up with their intended graduation costumes. [Uncanny X-Men Annual #10]

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  United We Stand
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Family Trees
A guide to the various families of the X-Men Universe.

Hero Teams
Detailing the histories of the X-Men Teams. Hero teams with only a handful of appearances (like Big Hero Six) might be handled in the same tabular format as the Villain team section, however, the histories of the more prominent groups will be divided into "era pages." Rather than describing the events of every single issue, these entries will sum up the more important plots and storylines that occurred during that period of time.

Friends or Foes?
Friends or Foes is handled in the same way as our Villian Team section, only our focus here are those teams that have both opposed and fought alongside the many X-teams over the years.

Villian Teams
Within this Villain Teams section we try to follow every team of X-foes bringing all the various appearances into continuity.


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