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22nd July 2003

The Spineless Ones are a humanoid race living in the alien dimension known as the Mojoverse. They have a yellow skin, no hair, only three fingers on each hand (plus thumb) and most importantly: no spine. Because they have no spine, their legs are mostly atrophied and they are very obese. The Spineless Ones are larger than humans (about twice their size). Somehow they could mentally receive television programs that were sent from earth. These transmissions caused madness within the Spineless Ones and the creatures in these transmissions (humans) have become demons in the myths of the Spineless Ones.

The Spineless Ones were a primitive society, until a mutant was born. This mutant, called Arize, was a scientific genius and wasn't capable of receiving transmitted TV programs like the other Spineless Ones. (Later it turned out that Arize himself had sent the TV-programs from earth to the Mojoverse, hoping that the Spineless Ones would learn from the humans, but due to the time-difference between the Mojoverse and Earth, Arize's programs were the same ones that caused the insanity). Arize built artificial spines and most Spineless Ones accepted these. With these spines the society of the Spineless ones became quickly very advanced, but they were ruled by the small group who refused the artificial spines. This group forced Arize to create a race of slaves for the Spineless Ones. Arize complied, although he gave his slaves a free mind and a free will, so they would eventually rebel against the Spineless Ones. After that, the Spineless Ones wanted weapons, but Arize refused to further work for them and got exiled.

Since the Spineless Ones had slaves to do all their work for them, they quickly became addicted to television. They worshipped the person who created the best television shows. For many years, a megalomaniac called Mojo was their absolute ruler. His shows were created using the slaves as 'actors' who were placed in real situations. His greatest star was the being that later became known as Longshot. Longshot escaped and became leader of the resistance against Mojo. He commanded several insurrections against Mojo, but he mostly was defeated. For a short time a creature called Mojo II, the Sequel, became the leader of the Mojoverse, but Mojo later returned and claimed his throne back.

According to Longshot's wife Dazzler, most of the Mojoverse was destroyed by Mojo's newest creations: X-baby versions of Apocalypse, Holocaust, Sugar Man and Dark Beast. Whether Mojo and the other Spineless Ones are gone for good, remains to be seen. [Uncanny X-Men #393]

Recently the dimension hopping group Exiles found themselves abducted to the Mojoverse. Things seemed to back to the way they were: The Spineless Ones ruled, Mojo being in charge, and the Slave Race are slaves again. However, due to the Mojoverse's unique temporal status, especially with timedancer Spiral involved, this incident could have occured at a point before the AoA babies went on their rampage. [Exiles #18-19]

The current state of the Mojoverse, or it's remains, is still undetermined.