UXN Visitor Feedback 2020

Status message

Submissions for this form are closed.

Welcome to the 2020 UXN Visitor Feeback. 

Unlike previous years we will have a prize draw for a small number of entrants to the visitor feedback, but because they are low value (some could say a UXN no prize), we will reveal details of these as part of announcing the feedback results in a few weeks.

as similar to when we have run this in the past, questions are not mandatory, feel free to fill out only those that you want to (although if you don't complete contact details you will be ineligible for a prize). 

From a data privacy perspective we won't be using this data in any nefarious way, we won't sell or forward onto other companies and only the data will be used to help out with any potential plans we have over the coming 12-18 months and also as the basis of a feedback results article (similar to previous years)

if you have any questions over the feedback form, please feel free to reach out ot me - deanclayton@gmail.com 

aww man.. the Feedback is closed! no worries, we'll be posting the results in a few weeks and revealing the special suprise!