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Professor X

Caught in the explosion of Grotesk's oscillotron, Professor Xavier revealed to the X-Men that he was already dying of an incurable illness. He died in battle, content that he went out as a hero. [X-Men (1st series) #42, March 1968] The Xavier who died was in fact the shape-shifting Changeling, who impersonated Xavier at his request. Xavier revealed his survival to the X-Men once his preparations for the Z'Noxx invasion were completed. [X-Men (1st series) #65, February 1970]
  Legion, son of Xavier, traveled into the past to eliminate Magnus before he became Magneto, the greatest resistance to Xavier's dream of human and mutant co-existence. Unfortunately, Legion chose a point in time when Xavier and Magnus were still friends, and Xavier threw himself into the path of Legion's killing stroke to save Magnus. [X-Men (2nd series) #41, February 1995] When Xavier was killed, Legion therefore was never born and the paradox began to drive reality amok. X-Men from the altered present, along with the time-tossed Bishop, made plans to return to the past. Bishop prevented Legion from killing either Xavier or Magnus, and reality was more-or-less restored to its proper order. [X-Men Omega, June 1995]
  As the Avengers and X-Men confronted the last of the Phoenix Five, the power consolidated into Scott Summers, causing a Dark Phoenix manifestation. Charles Xavier attempted to reach out to Scott telepathically and emotionally, but a stray thought from Dark Cyclops was all that was needed to strike down Professor X in a wave of cosmic energy. [Avengers vs. X-Men #11, November 2012]
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When the New Mutants confronted Viper and the Silver Samurai, Karma vanished during an explosion at the villains' base, and was believed dead. [New Mutants (1st series) #6, August 1983] Karma had actually been taken by the Shadow King, who used her as his new host body for some time. [New Mutants (1st series) #30, August 1985]
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See Event Deaths: Secret Wars II

Gutted open by Sauron while fighting the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Sam's lifesigns flatlined. [X-Force (1st series) #7, February 1992] Apparently a mutant External, Cannonball came back to life minutes later, completely healed of his injuries. [X-Force (1st series) #9, April 1992]

Returning from Chandrilar, Cannonball appeared in the middle of the massive space battle between Alpha Flight and the Chitauri. He was caught in a massive explosion that left no trace, leaving Sunspot and others believing he was dead. [U.S. Avengers #6, July 2017]

After Evil Steve's forces were routed, Sunspot got in touch with Smasher and the Imperial Guard about Sam's demise. Izzy revealed she tracked the bio-signs from Sam's Shi'ar uniform and confirmed Cannonball was still alive. [U.S. Avengers #10, November 2017]

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Illyana was one of the first mutants infected by the deadly Legacy Virus. After several weeks convalescence at the mansion, she quietly passed away from Stryfe's legacy. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #303, August 1993] The demonic Belasco recreated Illyana from his memories, magically constructing her a body and personality based on her previous incarnation. This Darkchilde was literally a walking memory of Illyana, possessing no soul of her own. [New X-Men (2nd series) #37, June 2007] The Darkchilde eventually claimed the soul-gems Belasco had created years ago from Illyana and merged with them, effectively becoming a full reincarnation of Magik in both body and spirit. [New Mutants (3rd series) #21, March 2011]
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On Ani-Mate Island, the New Mutants were fighting with a crazed geneticist associated with the Right. The self-styled Ani-Mator was prepared to shoot Wolfsbane in the back when Doug lept in the way of the bullet. He bled out on the ground, unnoticed by his teammates until the battle was over. [New Mutants (1st series) #60, February 1988] Like many mutants, Cypher was resurrected by Eli Bard for Selene using his magically-advanced T-O virus infection. [X-Force (3rd series) #18, October 2009] Unlike most, however, Doug's powers and previous exposure to the T-O virus gave him a measure of resistance. His selffriend Warlock managed to purge Doug of the malicious code using a combination of his own Technarchy code and Illyana's Soulsword, restoring Doug to life independent of the virus. [New Mutants (3rd series) #8, February 2010]
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Captured by Cameron Hodge and the Genoshan Magistrates, Warlock's body was reduced to ashes when Hodge attempted to claim the Technarch's techno-organic powers for his own. His ashes were eventually scattered on the grave of his "selfriend," Doug Ramsey. [New Mutants (1st series) #95, November 1990] Warlock's ashes were harvested by the Friends of Humanity to create a new form of techno-organic Sentinels called the Phalanx. Warlock's mind remained hidden as a subroutine in the Phalanx Collective until they created a unit based on Doug Ramsey, with whom Warlock had shared his mind and lifeglow. Warlock's was reborn inside "Douglock," instilling the Phalanx drone with the capacity for independence and eventually becoming self-aware with his original personality once more. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #313, June 1994]
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Betrayed by his lackey, Toad, Magneto was pushed out of his own airship while escaping an island base, and was apparently dashed on the rocks below. [Avengers (1st series) #53, June 1968] Instead, Magneto burrowed to safety deep below the ocean floor. [X-Men (1st series) #62, November 1969]
  Caught in his own burning citadel and trapped beneath falling wreckage, Magneto met his inevitable demise. [X-Men (1st series) #63, December 1969] As the ground collapsed beneath him, Magneto fell into an underground river and was swept away from the devastation. [X-Men: The Hidden Years #4, March 2000] Note: Originally, Magneto's next appearance was Fantastic Four (1st series) #102, September 1970, which showed Namor rescuing him after an explosion in Antarctica. The retcon series X-Men: The Hidden Years #1-12 told events which took place between those two originally published comics.
  Injured battling Wolverine, Magneto was tricked into believing he was properly healed by Fabian Cortez, whose super-charging power masked the full-extent of Magnus' injuries. Having over-exerted himself to the point of near death, Magneto stayed behind on the collapsing Asteroid M as it plunged to earth. [X-Men (2nd series) #3, December 1991] Instead of dying, Magneto was recharged by Earth's electromagnetic field as he passed through it, and saved instead by a protective cocoon created by his Acolyte, Chrome. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #299, April 1993]
  Suffering again from injuries taken battling Wolverine, Magneto was unable to stop the rampage of the Wild Sentinels over Genosha. 16 million mutants died that day, and Magneto was believed to be among them for many months. [New X-Men (1st series) #115, August 2001] Rumors of his death had been greatly exaggerated, and Magneto remained in the ruins of Genosha recuperating for some time. [Excalibur (3rd series) #1, July 2004]

Magneto empowered himself with everything he could think of to oppose the final Incursion and the death of the multiverse. He forced too much power through his system, however, and was disintegrated shortly before Everything Died. [Magneto (2nd series) #21, October 2015]

When Reed Richards seized the power of the Beyonders, he reincarnated the previous universe and restored countless billions to life in this new iteration of reality, including Scott Summers. [Secret Wars #9, March 2016]


Feeling Magneto had gone too far, Psylocke came to eliminate him as a threat and stabbed Magnus through the chest with her telekinetic katana. Magneto indeed died, but was quickly resurrected by the healing powers of Elixir. He chose to retain the fiction of his death in order to operate behind the scenes. [Uncanny X-Men (4th series) #19, May 2017]

Many parties slowly learned of Magneto's survival, despite his attempts to lay low. Eventually, he revealed himself on live television during a conflict with Mojo, allowing the whole world to know he had returned. [X-Men: Blue #14, December 2017]

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Rusty Collins

On the space station Avalon, the Acolytes brought aboard an emaciated patient, unwittingly exposing themselves to Holocaust, Scion of Apocalypse. Rusty was among several victims Holocaust drained of their bio-energies to restore himself. [X-Men (2nd series) #42, July 1995]

Boom Boom
Captured by the Sapien League, Boom-Boom was used as bait. The suicidal Leper Queen wanted X-Force to kill her, and threatened Tabitha to force their hand. When X-Force was remotely transported into the future before they could kill her, however, the Queen fired a round through Tabitha's skull, killing her instantly. [X-Force (3rd series) #13, March 2009]

When the time-jump mechanisms reversed themselves, X-23 arranged to materialize in the present at the exact space and time she left. She reappeared just in time to shoot the Leper Queen dead before she executed Boom-Boom. [X-Force (3rd series) #17, September 2009]


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Sucked into the wild timestream, Cable was believed dead for several months, torn to shreds by the temporal forces. [X-Force (1st series) #18, January 1993] In fact, he survived and eventually turned up again in his own future timeline. [Cable (1st series) #1, May 1993]
  With Providence under attack by the Marauders, Cable rigged an explosion to prevent them from accessing his systems. The X-Men believed him dead following these events. [X-Men (2nd series) #200, August 2007] With half his squad revealed as traitors, Cable chose to fake his death and go underground in preparation for the new mutant birth. [X-Men (2nd series) #205, January 2008]
  Trapped in the future with X-Force, Cable’s only way home was through a time membrane keyed for technological transfer, not organic. In order to get the rest of the team home, Nathan unleashed the T-O virus in his body, interfacing with the time portal so that they could pass through it unmolested. The T-O virus ravaged his body, however, and Cable exploded inside the membrane, leaving behind only his techno-organic arm. [X-Force (3rd series) #28, September 2010] The exploding time portal didn’t kill Cable, but instead catapulted him into the distant future. He made it back to the present using Doctor Doom’s time machine. [Avengers: X-Sanction #1, February 2012]



Nathan's powers became unstable when he was injected with a weaponizing serum, ensuring he would die explosively within 24 hours as his mutant powers erupted. To survive, Cable has created a consecutive series of cloned bodies, transferring his mind into these bodies while his original body remains frozen in cryogenic stasis. The serum is replicated in these cloned bodies as well, and so Cable must die or kill himself every 24 hours, jumping into a new cloned body each time.  [X-Force (4th series) #6, August 2014]

Hope finally manipulated Fantomex into producing a cure for the Volga serum and applied it to herself and her father. Dozens of Cable clones were killed in the final battle, but the original was no longer in danger of exploding. [X-Force (4th series) #15, April 2015]


As a renegade agent of Weapon X, Copycat was hunted down and murdered by Sabretooth. [Deadpool (2nd series) #59, December, 2001]

Shatterstar II

Once the X-Men helped Longshot and Dazzler overthrow Mojo, the couple were expecting a child as they adapted to being rulers of Mojoworld. When she next encountered the X-Men, however, Dazzler was no longer with child. Jean Grey stopped Iceman from asking about the baby, as her telepathically scans indicated the child was... gone. [X-Men (2nd series) #47, December 1995]

Years later, the origin of Shatterstar revealed that he was that baby. Through a series of time travel misadventures, the adult Shatterstar collected his own infant self from Alison as she gave birth, moving him further down the timeline where he would eventually become the future warrior, Shatterstar. [X-Factor (1st series) #259, September 2013]


Feral was one of several Decimation bestial mutants whose powers were partially restored by Romulus. This made her confident enough to face Sabretooth, which proved to be a fatal mistake when Creed butchered her horribly. [Wolverine (3rd series) #54, July 2007]

Warpath had tracked down Edwin Martynec, the man partly responsible for the death of his tribe at Camp Verde. During their fight, however, Martynec used a hypodermic needle to inject an amphetamine compound directly into Jimmy's heart, overloading it and sending him into cardiac arrest. The stress on his system caused Warpath to flatline, killing him. [X-Force (1st series) #73, January 1998] While passing on to the afterlife, Warpath's soul was shanghaied into Blackheart's realm by Stryfe. Alerted to their friend's plight by the Valkyrie, Moonstar and X-Force traveled to Hell and helped James fight off his tormentors and return to the land of the living. [X-Force (1st series) #74, February, 1998]
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Lila Cheney

Faced with the threat of a terrifying alien species, Lila apparently sacrificed herself by teleporting into the sun and taking the aliens with her. [New Mutants (1st series) #70, December 1988]

After the fact, Wolfsbane mused that Lila couldn't really teleport into the sun, since she could only travel to places she had been to before. And if she had been to the sun before, she must have had a way to survive there. Sure enough, Lila did return months later, although she neglected to provide an explanation as to how. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #269, October 1990]

Marked for death by the assassin, Marcus Tsung, Domino died in Paris when Tsung's virtual bullet shot through her spine. [X-Force (1st series) #108, November 2000] Dead for a matter of hours, Domino reawakened on the autopsy table thanks to a piece of symbiotic alien bio-technology she had unknowingly been implanted with. [X-Force (1st series) #108, November 2000]
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When X-Force faced off against Lady Deathstrike and her Reavers, Caliban died saving his friend James Proudstar when he threw himself into the path of the Reavers' gunfire. [New X-Men (2nd series) #45, February 2008]

Bedlam II
In order to antagonize the X-Men, the Church of Humanity captured several mutants and allies of the Xavier academy. They then brutally crucified these mutants on the X-Men's front yard, including Jesse Bedlam.[Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #423, July 2003]
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Peter Wisom

While helping X-Force defend San Francisco from an outbreak of genetic madness, Pete Wisdom was seemingly killed by Niles Roman, architect of the outbreak. [X-Force (1st series) #105, September 2000]

Through unexplained circumstances, Wisdom later revealed himself to be alive and well, despite being buried months earlier. [X-Force (1st series) #115, June 2001]

After losing his wings to the Marauders in the Mutant Massacre, Warren Worthington broke out of the hospital and commandeered a plane in order to fly again. The plane exploded in mid-air, making the former high-flying Angel an apparent victim of suicide. [X-Factor (1st series) #15, April 1987] Angel's death was but a ruse by Apocalypse, who captured the grieving mutant and remade him into Death, Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse. [X-Factor (1st series) #24, January 1988]
  Possessed by the Death Seed, Warren had become the new Apocalypse. To purify him and save the world, Psylocke ran him through with the opposing Life Seed. Both Warren and the Apocalypse persona were destroyed. His body was rebuilt by the Life Seed, leaving an entirely new entity in his place. [Uncanny X-Force #18-19, February 2012]

Warren Worthington's fate became ambiguous when he seemingly reverted to his Archangel persona, only to reveal the Lifeseed's Angel still existed as an independent being. Ultimately these two aspects of Angel and Archangel merged with one another, and a being who self-identified as the original Warren Worthington re-emerged from the gestalt. [Uncanny X-Men (4th series) #10, September 2016]

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Josh was lured into a kill corridor by the Dark Riders. He was shot through the chest by Gauntlet and died seemingly faster than his healing powers could overcome. [Uncanny X-Men (4th series) #2, March 2016]

In fact, his powers did restore him to life eventually. Elixir was forced to crawl out of his own grave once the healing effects of his own power took hold. [Uncanny X-Men (4th series) Annual #1, January 2017]


When he heard Bastion's people were targeting the X-Men's teleporters, the cowardly Vanisher fled to his South America brothel. Stephen Lang was waiting for him, and Vanisher was shot repeatedly. He teleported away, but seemingly died on the side of the road filled with bullet wounds. [New Mutants (3rd series) #13, July 2010]



Despite his injuries, Vanisher apparently recovered and was later seen working with the Marauders. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #48, May 2012]

Facing the villainous Vargas in a duel, Psylocke was overwhelmed by his fighting skills and killed. [X-Treme X-Men (1st series) #2, August 2001] Jamie Braddock, Betsy's reality-warping brother, used his abilities to restore her to life. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #455, April 2005]
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The Skinless Man had wanted revenge on Fantomex for decades after being skinned alive by him. He joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and cut open Fantomex's chest, ripping his heart out of his torso. [Uncanny X-Force (1st series) #27, September 2012]

After the Brotherhood was defeated, X-Force used the cloning technology at the White Sky facility to load Fantomex's body and reconstitute him back to life. Unfortunately, the machine recognized his three brains as independent readings, creating a body for each brain: Fantomex, Cluster and Weapon XIII. [Uncanny X-Force (1st series) #35, February 2013]


Deadpool joined the Weapon X Program again in exchange for an enhanced version of his healing factor and the removal of his scars. When he turned against the nefarious organization, however, the Director triggered a failsafe in the treatment they performed on him, causing Wade to liquefy and die. [Deadpool (2nd series) #60, January 2002]

Deadpool eventually reformed because of a curse cast upon him by Thanos, who was jealous of the attention Wilson received from Lady Death. [Deadpool (2nd series) #64, May 2002]


Deadpool confronted the Black Swan and his agent Nijo in his castle, but a massive explosion led to both men being believed dead for months. [Deadpool (2nd series) #69, September 2002]

In fact, all three men survived, although aspects of each man's powers and character had been swapped between the three of them, leading Nijo to become a reflection of Deadpool called Agent X. A ceremony was performed that restored Wilson to health and competence. [Agent X #13, November 2003]



Kurt Darkholme used his own teleportation signature to tie off a portal between Earth-616 and the dying Age of Apocalypse, trapping the Exterminators in that dimension but dying himself in the process. [X-Termination #2, June 2013]

Nate Grey deliberately allowed his mutant essence to be scattered across the globe, "poisoning" it from being culled by the malevolent Anti-Man. [X-Man #75, May 2001] After years of effort, Nate Grey eventually learned how to reconsolidate himself into an individual physical form, and reformed his essence into a single frame. [Dark X-Men #1, January 2010]

Kidnapped by the demented mutant savior called Nanny, Storm was aboard her escape craft when Havok unthinkingly shot it down with a plasma bolt. Storm's lifeless body was discovered in the wreckage. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #248, September 1989] Storm's death was a ruse, her body a fake. The real Ororo had been reduced to pre-pubescence by Nanny and ended up a thief, in Cairo, Illinois. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #253, November 1989]
  While performing the sacred Morlock ritual known as the Ceremony of Light, Storm was caught in a disturbance and the underground cathedral began to cave in around her. Minutes later, Cable arrived on the scene and found Storm's body, her head caved in by falling rocks. [Storm (1st series) #1, February 1996] The disturbance had actually been caused by Mikhail Rasputin, who summoned Ororo to another dimension called The Hill. A doppleganger was left in her place to prevent the X-Men from asking too many questions about her disappearance. [Storm (1st series) #4, May 1996]
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Puck was a member of Alpha Flight when they were slaughtered by Michael Pointer, under the influence of the Collective. [New Avengers (1st series) #16, April 2006]

Puck carved his ways out of the depths of Hell, literally, returning from the afterlife in a reincarnated mortal form. [Alpha Flight (4th series) #2, September 2011]

When a cure for the Legacy Virus was found, it needed a human sacrifice in order to be properly released into the atmosphere. Thinking of his lost sister, Colossus willingly accepted his death to ensure the survival of others. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #390, March 2001] Colossus' body was recovered by agents of SWORD working with Ord of Breakworld, who used the technology of his people to bring Piotr back from the dead. He was replaced by a synthetic corpse, which was cremated in his stead. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #4, October 2004]
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Crazed in his attempts to stop the invasion of Earth via Ghost Boxes, Forge was at ground zero when Agent Brand used SWORD's resources to destroy the High Evolutionary's citadel and the Ghost Box inside. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #30, August 2009]

Despite SWORD's firepower, Forge survived the devastation atop Wundagore Mountain. He lived in the wreckage for a time until Cable sought him out and used his telepathy to provide Forge with an engineering solution to his mental problems. [Marvel NOW! Point One #1, December 2012]

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Fighting Storm in single combat to the death, Marrow rigged a bomb to her heart which would detonate in moments to kill a slew of human hostages. With no other choice at hand, Storm reached into Marrow's chest and pulled out her heart, disarming the bombs and killing Marrow. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #325, October 1995] Thanks to a bizarre twist in her physiology, Marrow had a redundant secondary heart which kicked in shortly after her "death", reviving her. [Storm (1st series) #4, May 1996]


Meme was vegetative throughout her time with X-Force, mostly serving as a conduit through which the comatose Hope Summers could interact with the team. Unable to recover, her life support was ultimately turned off, letting her pass away in her sleep. [X-Force (4th series) #13, February 2015]


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