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5th November 2005

Over 50 characters have called themselves X-Men, but what happened to those that aren’t among the current line-ups, or the many missing members of other X-teams ? This article gives an overview of all those people no longer in an ongoing book, when and why they left, and what they have been doing since they last worked with any of the teams on a regular basis.

Let’s start with a brief look on the memberships of the various teams. All of the ca. 200 characters are then listed alphabetically (by codename or last name), so that you can easier access the information on those persons you are most interested in. Please do not argue, why for example Blink is listed as Generation X member, and Widget only as an ally. The groupings were done from a subjective point of view and the characters are all on the list anyway.

This article will receive a yearly update; that may sound like a long time, but actually it is only twelve issues for each team book, and most characters do not show up at all during such a timespan. Over time this article might get redundant, as it might have a successor in a very detailed Bio section, but that’s somewhere in the not near future.

X-Men (Uncanny, Adjectiveless / New) Professor Charles Xavier, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel / Archangel, Beast, Marvel Girl I / Phoenix IV (Jean Grey-Summers), Mimic, Changeling, Polaris, Havok, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Banshee, Storm, Sunfire, Colossus, Thunderbird I (John Proudstar), Phoenix II (Jean Grey & Phoenix Force), Sprite / Ariel / Shadowcat, Rogue, Phoenix III / Marvel Girl III (Rachel Summers), Magneto, Psylocke, Dazzler, Longshot, Jubilee, Forge, Gambit, Bishop, Revanche, Cannonball II, Joseph, Cecilia Reyes, Maggott, Marrow, Cable, Thunderbird III (Neal Shaara), Moonstar, Sage, Chamber, Emma Frost, Stacy X, Xorn I, Northstar, Husk, Juggernaut

X-Treme X-Men Storm, Beast, Bishop, Psylocke, Thunderbird III (Neal Shaara), Rogue, Sage, Lifeguard, Slipstream, Cannonball II

Muir Island „X-Men“ Banshee, Moira MacTaggert, Polaris, Tom Corsi, Sharon Friedlander, Amanda Sefton, Alysande Stuart, Sunder, Legion III, Siryn, Multiple Man

Astonishing X-Men Cyclops, Phoenix IV (Jean Grey-Summers), Archangel, Cable, X-Man

Interim X-Men Cyclops, Phoenix IV (Jean Grey-Summers), Wolverine, Dazzler, Northstar, Wraith, Paulie Provenzano, Sunpyre, Cargill

New Mutants Karma, Wolfsbane, Psyche / Mirage, Sunspot, Cannonball, Magma, Magik I (Illyana Rasputin), Warlock, Cypher, Rusty, Skids, Boom-Boom, Rictor, Warpath, Shatterstar, Feral
Teachers: Professor Charles Xavier, Magneto, Cable

X-Force Cannonball II, Boom-Boom / Boomer / Meltdown, Cable, Warpath, Shatterstar, Feral, Siryn, Sunspot, Rictor, Domino II, Caliban, Moonstar, Jesse Aaronson, Pete Wisdom

(New) X-Force / X-Statix Zeitgeist, Sluk, Plazm, Battering Ram, La Nuit, U-Go-Girl, Doop, Gin Genie, Anarchist, Orphan / Mr. Sensitive, Bloke, Vivisector, Phat, Saint Anna, Spike, Dead Girl, Venus Dee Milo, Fan Boy, El Guapo, Henrietta Hunter
Mentor: Coach

X-Factor Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Angel / Archangel, Iceman, Caliban, Polaris, Strong Guy, Multiple Man, Havok, Wolfsbane, Quicksilver, Forge, Mystique, Wildchild, Sabretooth, Shard, Archer, Fixx, Greystone
Mutants under X-Factor’s tutelage: Rusty, Artie Maddicks, Skids, Leech, Boom-Boom, Rictor

Alpha Flight / Beta Flight / Gamma Flight Vindicator I / Guardian I, Weapon X / Wolverine, Shaman / Talisman III, Snowbird, Saint Elmo, Smart Alec, Stitch, Groundhog, Aurora, Northstar, Sasquatch / Box III, Wild Child / Weapon Omega / Wildheart, Puck I, Marrina, Box I, Flashback, Diamond Lil, Box IV, Vindicator II / Guardian III, Talisman II, Purple Girl / Persuasion, Manikin, Pathway, Goblyn, Nemesis III, Auric, Silver, Witchfire, Windshear, Feedback, Wyre, Guardian IV / Vindicator III, Manbot, Murmur III, Radius, Flex II, Sasquatch II, Sunfire, Ghost Girl, Earthmover, Yukon Jack, Puck II, Major Mapleleaf II, Centennial

Excalibur Phoenix III (Rachel Summers), Shadowcat, Meggan, Nightcrawler, Captain Britain / Britannic, Kylun, Cerise, Feron, Micromax, Daytripper, Douglock, Pete Wisdom, Wolfsbane, Colossus

Generation X Banshee, Emma Frost, Jubilee, Synch, M I / Penance II (the twins), Husk, Blink, Skin, Chamber, Penance I / M II (Monet), Artie Maddicks, Leech, Gaia, Penance III

X-Corporation Domino II, Risque, Cannonball II, Darkstar, M II, Siryn, Multiple Man, Rictor, Sabra, Thornn II, Proudstar, Feral, Sunfire, Sunspot, Empath, Magma, Skids, Thunderbird III, Lifeguard

various allies Fred Duncan, Candy Southern, Mariko Yashida, Stevie Hunter, Ms. Marvel / Binary / Warbird, Lockheed, Madelyne Pryor, Lila Cheney, Callisto, Alistaire Stuart, Trish Tilby, Gateway, Widget, Wiz Kid, Charlotte Jones, Valerie Cooper, Copycat, Random, Rory Campbell, Spike Freeman, Lacuna, Red Lotus, Annie Ghazikhanian, Fantomex, Evangeline Wheadon, Xorn II, Nocturne

The numerous students at Xavier’s mansion have not been added to this feature, for two reasons. For one, that would mean adding about 50 more characters who for the most part have not that much information revealed about them. Additionally, you can already read about these characters in the Yearbook article.