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Aaronson, Jesse Status: deceased

Thanks to Jesse Aaronson, X-Force survived being in the center of a vibranium bomb explosion. The team decided to let the world believe them dead, and used this status to secretly infiltrate and destroy anti-mutant organizations around the world. After half a year of this hit-and-run strategy, they learned of a great underground complex where Romany Wisdom was infecting helpless people with alien DNA to alter the human race. Fighting thousands of hybrids was a suicide run, but again Jesse’s powers were the key in destroying the whole bio-organic complex. [X-Force #113-115] When other members of the original X-Force confronted X-Statix for using their team name, Aaronson was not among them, and it was presumed he died saving them. However, he was seen again among several mutants crucified by the Church of Humanity. While the X-Men were able to resurrect some of these mutants, others of them were beyond help, including Jesse. [Uncanny X-Men #423]

Anarchist Real Name: Tike Allicar
Status: deceased

The Anarchist was X-Force’s replacement for the deceased Sluk and already in Tike’s first mission he saw most of the other X-Forcers die as well. After the death of U-Go Girl, the Anarchist became the team’s senior member. Shortly after Dead Girl joined the team, she and Tike started to get involved with each other, resulting in some loose relationship. [X-Force #128-129] When team leader Guy Smith took a sabbatical, the team voted for the Anarchist as their new leader, and he remained in that position even after Guy returned. Due to the stress of the new job, Tike’s obsessional neurosis to wash his hands dozens of times a day took a turn for the worse. That seems to have been only a temporary thing though, as shortly after, he had to hand over the position to Henrietta Hunter because of her enormous popularity. After a hefty battle with the Avengers [X-Statix #21-25] Anarchist revealed that he was thinking about a solo career, and learned that his teammates also wanted to pursue other avenues. However, during what was supposed to be X-Statix's last mission before disbanding, the entire team got killed. [X-Statix #26]

Angel is listed under Archangel

Archangel Real Name: Warren Worthington III
Status: head of "Mutantes Sans Frontieres“

During one of the X-Men’s missions, Archangel became a prisoner to Black Tom and nearly died, as the villain tried to suck his lifeforce away. Suddenly though, Warren‘s blue skin reverted back to its natural Caucasian color [Uncanny X-Men #410-412], and it was later revealed that the incident triggered Warren‘s secondary mutation, a healing blood. Since then, Archangel has used his new ability several times to heal injured comrades and even pull them back from the brink of death. Following a rather traumatic experience with new teammate Husk, Warren and her have started a relationship after she helped him get over the death of Psylocke once and for all [Uncanny X-Men #417-420], though the reaction from some of Warren’s teammates to the huge age gap in the relationship as well as the return of Husk’s ex, Chamber to the mansion put the relationship immediately under strain. [Uncanny X-Men #421-422] At one point Warren even temporarily broke up with Paige, though, as he later revealed, only because of the X-Men’s dangerous lives and him being afraid not to survive the death of yet another lover. [Uncanny X-Men #437, 440] During Cyclops‘ reorganization of the X-Men, both Warren and Paige were removed from the active rosters, against Warren's will, to assist Xavier in Genosha. [X-Men (2nd series) #157] However the couple took a well-deserved vacation in California, during which they began setting up a new organization called up „Mutantes Sans Frontieres“. [X-Men (2nd series) #165] While celebrating the opening of an office in Zanzibar, Warren came into conflict with Viper who had orders from „Courtney Ross“ to take over Zanzibar. This forced Warren to strike up an uneasy alliance with Xavier's ally Callisto, who happened to be the woman who crucified him long ago. Together, they managed to thwart Viper and her mercenaries. [Excalibur (2nd series) #11-13]

Archer Real Name: unknown
Status: retired

When the X.U.E. members’ essences where transported to the present, they took over the victims of a bus accident as hosts. Archer found himself in the body of the terrorist Jude Black. Shortly before X-Factor disbanded, Archer decided to retire with Black’s wife and kid, since they reminded him of his own family he had lost in his future timeline and also to make up for the misery that the criminal had caused them. [X-Factor #149]

Ariel is listed under Shadowcat

Auric Real Name: Zhao Kwan Tang
Status: merged with Silver and Hedison into a new being and left Earth

After Alpha Flight returned from being stranded in an alternate dimension for several months, they found that the Canadian government had assembled a new Gamma Flight team with the Chinese siblings Auric and Silver among them. With Alpha Flight back in action, Gamma Flight was no longer needed so the pair decided to return to China. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #90] However they never arrived as they got kidnapped by operatives of Target Technologies. The mastermind behind this corporate was the Sphinx and he had the two mutant examined, probed and dissected like several other test subjects before. The New Warriors and Spiderman arrived too late to save the siblings, but they could defeat the Sphinx, who exploded after being bombarded with Speedball’s kinetic energy. [Amazing Spiderman Annual #26, Spectacular Spiderman Annual #12, Web of Spiderman Annual #8, New Warriors Annual #2] During the funeral, Wildchild smelled that the bodies in the coffins were faked. Turned out that the Brass Bishop had stolen the remains of Auric and Silver as they had been infused with some of the Sphinx’s energies. Alpha Flight investigated and while they were busy fighting the Brass Bishop, Auric and Silver merged with a scientist named Hedison into a whole new lifeform and departed from Earth. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #121]

Aurora Real Name: Jeanne Marie Beaubier
Status: defected agent of Weapon X, whereabouts unknown

Aurora was among several original Alpha Flight members who were asked to rejoin the team, and she did so for a while, until she was again having troubles with her multiple personality disorder. It was decided that she needed to get proper medical attention, however on the way to the mental institute, the ambulance was ambushed by operatives of the new Weapon X Program. [Wolverine (2nd series) #172-173] Following that, Aurora‘s mental problems seemed to be cured by the scientists in the Weapon X program, and while she received a power upgrade - she can now speed up other people and objects - Aurora has completely shunned her former lover Wildchild, who too is part of the project. [Weapon X: The Draft: Wildchild, Weapon X (2nd series) #1] During one mission, Aurora was mauled by Sabretooth, but the Director arranged for her to undergo cosmetic surgery, restoring her good looks. Thankfully she entered a relationship with him, and was so enthralled by the man, that she remained totally unaware of the Weapon X program running a concentration camp for mutants. [Weapon X (2nd series) #4, 9] However, tragedy struck Aurora, when the Director, after receiving taunts for dating a mutant, physically abused her, only to later apologize for it. Unable to defend herself, due to an inhibitor chip preventing her from fighting a superior in the program, Aurora remained sympathetic to the Director and helped him escape from the compound during a battle with Cable’s Underground. [Weapon X (2nd series) #10, 13] In a surprising turn of events, however, Aurora’s multiple personality disorder re-emerged, this time a new personality in control, and one who was not subdued by the inhibitor. Aurora at first intended to kill the man who had caused her so much pain, but seeing him beg for being put out of his misery, she decided that it would be much crueler to let him live. [Weapon X (2nd series) #22] The X-Men had heard rumors about Aurora's abduction, [Weapon X (2nd series) #18] and while they tried to locate her to inform her of Northstar's death they had no luck. Presumably Aurora is unaware of Northstar's apparent death and of his brainwashing by the Hand. [New X-Men: Academy X #13]

Banshee Real Name: Sean Cassidy
Status: crippled

Since Banshee received the news of the death of his lover Moira MacTaggert, he has tried to drown his grief in lots of alcohol. Him being drunk for most of the time and Emma Frost’s deteriorating sense of morality led to the disbanding of Generation X. Sean returned to Ireland to sort his life out, but he was proud of the independent adults that his students have become. [Generation X #75] After mourning, Banshee decided to start a proactive group called X-Corps with the purpose of eliminating threats to the mutant society, wether they originate from mutants themselves or from humanity. Banshee pushed the concept to the max and even used brainwashing on former villains to make them join his group. In the end the X-Corps was infiltrated by Mystique and her lackeys. Before the X-Men closed down the whole X-Corps, the shapeshifter rammed a knife in Banshee’s neck, crippling his power. [Uncanny X-Men #401-406]

Battering Ram Real Name: unknown
Status: deceased

Battering Ram was among the casualties when most members of X-Force were killed trying to save the pop group Boys R Us from a hostage situation. It was later discovered that team leader Zeitgeist and the Coach had secretly planned the Boys R Us massacre; they wanted most of the team to die as the media was about to loose interest in X-Force and they thought getting new faces in would help. [X-Force #116, 120]

Beast Real Name: Dr. Henry „Hank“ McCoy
Status: active member of Astonishing X-Men

After he found the cure for the Legacy Virus, derived of Moira MacTaggert's ideas, Beast left Westchester to join the X-Treme X-Men’s quest for Destiny’s diaries. However he was mortally injured by Vargas, the group’s first opponent, and returned to Westchester to recover. [X-Treme X-Men #2-3] Some yet unrevealed event caused him to undergo a further, so called secondary mutation. In his new form Hank is bigger and heavier than ever and he had to relearn fine motor control (of his short and bulky fingers for example). His intellect is unaffected, though. [New X-Men #114] Because of his new appearance, Hank’s on-and-off girlfriend Trish Tilby once more broke up with him and when she later tried to make up, he told her he was gay. [New X-Men #125] Trish went and told this to her colleagues and eventually it was all over the media. The media were not the only ones in a frenzy over Beast‘s revelations, but his teammates were too, though finally he admitted that he is not gay, and just told it to Trish to hurt her, but that in reality all mutants are „gay“ for being different. [New X-Men #134] During the X-Men’s battle with Magneto, Beast discovered how to repair the so called E-gene, the gene that was threatening baseline humans to become extinct within five generations, and it was used as a bargaining point with the President so that he wouldn't bomb the X-Men. [New X-Men #150] With the recent reshuffling of the teams, Beast remains on the same squad with Cyclops, Emma Frost and Wolverine. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #1] However, despite being alongside his close friends, Hank's strength was recently tested when a cure for mutation was developed by Doctor Kavita Rao. Hank investigated Rao, and acquired a sample of the cure for himself. Obviously torn because of his obvious mutation, when confronted about whether he is going to use the cure or not by Cyclops, Hank had not made a decision. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #2-6]

Binary is listed under Warbird

Bishop Real Name: Lucas Bishop
Status: active member of the X.S.E. (in Uncanny X-Men) and serving the NYPD as a special operative (in District X)

Bishop was among the X-Men that saved the Shi’Ar from being conquered by the Phalanx. On the way back to Earth, their ship was damaged and the X-Men got separated. [Uncanny X-Men #348] Bishop and Deathbird experienced some adventures in outer space, until the Shi’Ar viceroy betrayed and abandoned him, even though some serious romantic tension had been building. Upon returning to the mansion, Bishop found the X-Men disbanded and decided to hunt down his archenemy Fitzroy [Bishop The Last X-Man #1] He was abducted by his opponent to some future timeline, where he spent over one year till he was finally able to defeat the Chronomancer, as Fitzroy called himself by then. A chronal explosion took Bishop back to the present, where he rejoined the X-Men during Maximum Security. [X-Men Unlimited #29] Bishop always got along well with Storm and so it was no surprise when he decided to join her quest for Destiny’s diaries [X-Men (2nd series) #109], and during those months he started up somewhat of a friendship with Sage, not only trying to reach her more human side, but almost a mutant policing partnership, where they have twice investigated mysterious goings-on at the Institute. [X-Treme X-Men #20-23, New X-Men #140-141] Shortly after being turned into the X-Treme Sanctions Executive (X.S.E.), with full authority on mutant affairs on a global level, Storm’s group returned to the Westchester mansion to help in the aftermath of a mutant terrorist attack on New York city. [X-Treme X-Men #46, Uncanny X-Men #444] In between his missions with the X.S.E., Bishop aids the New York Police Department in several cases involving District X, an area of the city mainly inhabited by mutants. [District X #1] However, the recent defection of Sage has left him without his trusted „partner“ among the X.S.E. [Uncanny X-Men #460]

Blink (Note: this is not AoA Blink who appears in the Exiles title !)
Real Name: Clarice Ferguson
Status: deceased

During the Phalanx Covenant crossover, the techno-organic community had captured some mutants to study them. Blink used her teleportation power to rip their guardian Harvest to pieces, but since she was inexperienced in the use of her powers she got caught in her wave as well and perished. At least she provided her newly found friends with the chance to found Generation X. [X-Men (2nd series) #37]

Bloke Real Name: Mickey Tork
Status: deceased

When most of X-Force died, Bloke and several others joined to replace the deceased members. The new team’s first mission involved liberating a young boy from the government of Bastrona. However X-Force’s informant set them up, and they found themselves under attack by Bastrona’s army. As the team still needed their informant’s knowledge on the boy’s location, Bloke shielded him with his own body and died after getting shot in the back. Since they couldn’t allow his body to fall into the enemy’s hands, the Anarchist used his acid sweat to completely disintegrate Bloke’s remains. [X-Force #118]

Boom-Boom is listed under Meltdown

Boomer is listed under Meltdown

Box I Real Name: Roger Bochs
Status: deceased

After Aurora lost her lover Walter Langkowski, she searched for love in the arms of the team’s other strong guy - Box. The paraplegic Roger knew that she wouldn’t pay attention to either the metallic robot or the legless man inside for long, so he had Madison Jeffries’ brother Scramble use his flesh-modifying powers on him. At first it worked -. Roger Bochs was now tall, beautiful and walking again. However because of the unexpected return of Langkowski (although in a female body), Aurora rejected him. Already slightly over the edge because of his affection for Aurora, Roger finally snapped when Scramble’s miracle failed and the recreated legs started to rot away. Bochs was once more brought to Scramble for treatment, yet the doctor was not quite sane himself. He used his powers to merge Roger Bochs and himself into one being named Omega - his fleshmending powers combined with Roger’s intelligence. In battle Alpha Flight, or actually Box IV, had no other choice but to kill Omega. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #44-46, 48-49]

Box III is listed under Sasquatch

Box IV Real Name: Madison Jeffries
Status: renegade member of Weapon X

When Alpha Flight reformed, Madison Jeffries joined the new team but was captured by the newly-reformed Zodiac on the new Alpha’s very first mission only to brainwash him to serve them as Gemini, using his power over machinery to create a mechanical twin of himself. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1, 12] Alpha Flight were unable to stop Zodiac and Madison getting away, although they at least saved his wife from barrage of tests that Doctor Horatio Huxley was running on her in Department H’s labs. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #18] The Zodiac did not reappear again for several months, as they were planning a world take-over, but Weapon X got to them first, with the intention of capturing Jeffries for themselves. During the battle, all of the Zodiac were killed. [Weapon X (2nd series) #1] Upon returning to the Weapon X compound, Jeffries was brainwashed further at the request of the Director, and Jeffries was kept away from other Weapon X agents, where he designed the mutant concentration camp Neverland. Ironically, Jeffries‘ wife Diamond Lil ended up a captive in the camp. [Weapon X (2nd series) #5} When Cable’s Underground attacked the Weapon X compound, the seriously overwhelmed Director was rescued by Jeffries, an d together with Aurora they escaped from the compound. [Weapon X (2nd series) #12-13] As the woman later dumped them, Jeffries had to take care of the Director alone, not an easy task with the man having turned to alcohol over his many losses. The brainwashing still active, Jeffries suffers further abuse at the hands of the Director, who in order to get back into the game made him built him an army of sentinel like robots. [Weapon X (2nd series) #22]
Note: Madison Jeffries currently appears in the Weapon X: Days of Future Now limited series.

Britannic is listed under Captain Britain

Cable Real Name: Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
Status: forced partner of Deadpool

After his father Cyclops was believed dead, Cable joined the X-Men to fill his place, [Uncanny X-Men #381] but when it became clear that Scott Summers still was alive in the merged body with Apocalypse, Jean and Cable searched the world for him. Together they were able to purge Apocalypse’s essence from the body. With Cyclops back on the X-Men, Cable no longer saw need to stay with them; as he usually does consider their methods too passive and forgiving. [Cable (2nd series) #88] Upon receiving word of the mad plans of the current Weapon X project, including the kidnapping of dozens of mutants to be detained and killed in some hidden concentration camp, Cable organized an Underground movement with some of his closest allies and friends. [Weapon X (2nd series) #7] When the Underground invaded Weapon X, Cable discovered the truth behind Neverland, a mutant concentration camp, and wanted to kill the Director for it. However, being tricked by agent Brent Jackson, Cable and his friends ended up captured and were mindwiped so they would not remember anything they learned. Before Weapon X could further exploit Cable and the Underground, they were rescued by Marrow. [Weapon X (2nd series) #11-13] As Cable now believes Neverland to be nothing more than a made-up military cover story, he has found himself another mission to work on, involving a religious sect that used a genetic virus to make its members bald and blue. Having run into Deadpool during the assignment, and both of them having been exposed to this virus, the two began a forced partnership, them becoming genetically linked after mixing their bloods to save themselves. [Cable/Deadpool #1-6] Soon after, Cable gave the world an ultimatum - destroy all their weapons or he would do it for them. Naturally, the world didn’t like being blackmailed by a former mutant terrorist and self-styled savior, and in the long run Cable was unable to fight the constant resistance by governmental agencies and superheroes. At least, though, Cable created a small utopia, a swimming island complex, he dubbed Providence, and numerous people from all over the world have moved there, believing in Cable’s ideals. [Cable/Deadpool #9-12] Soon after, Cable and Domino were drawn into a battle with the Skornn, which led to them reuniting with several former X-Force teammates. In the final confrontation, Cable was believed to have been killed, [X-Force (2nd series) #1-6] though eventually it was discovered that Cable’s essence had been scattered among several alternate realities. Making use of Deadpool’s genetic link with their former leader, X-Force’s Cannonball and Siryn tracked down these aspects, and they returned from the journey with an infant Nathan in tow. While he was fast-growing back to adulthood, Nathan had to use his emerging powers to undo some brainwashing that had been done to Deadpool, effectively burning out his telepathy. [Cable/Deadpool #15-18] Still possessing his telekinetic abilities though, Cable continues to fight the good fight, all the while he is trying to make his utopia island, Providence, work.

Caliban Real Name: unrevealed
Status: inactive

During his stay with X-Force, Caliban was struck by mysterious seizures. Moments of pure genius were followed by phases of a more childish behavior than ever. When Zero Tolerance troops invaded the mansion, Cable tried to get Caliban out through the Morlock tunnels. However they were intercepted by Ozymandias, who took Caliban with him, after manipulating Cable into believing Caliban at a safe location. [X-Force #70] Apocalypse remodeled Caliban into Pestilence for another incarnation of his Four Horsemen [Cable (2nd series) #74] Having nowhere else to go Caliban decided to track down the merged being of Cyclops and Apocalypse, who then released him from his service. By then Caliban was already partially reverting to his naive, childlike self. [X-Men: Search for Cyclops #3] Somehow, a group known as the Watchtower acquired Caliban and ran several experiments on him. His former X-Force teammates however located him and recruited him to aid them in their battle against Jon Spectre and the Skornn. [X-Force (2nd series) #4-6] His current whereabouts are unknown.

Callisto Real Name: unrevealed
Status: residing on Genosha

Over the years, the former Morlock leader has met the X-Men both as an ally or an enemy. For a time she served as Moira MacTaggert’s bodyguard, had a brief relationship with Colossus, and even became a photo model after Masque turned her face beautiful. Later on, she was forced to look after the Morlocks once more, but with them having been taken to another dimension where time moved a lot faster, she lost the right of leadership to other people. Since then, she made it a personal duty to look out after Marrow, and even arranged for her to be accepted into the X-Men, at least temporarily. [X-Men (2nd series) #79] Though unknown how, Callisto ended up in Masque’s thralls again, this time her arms being transformed into a large number of tentacles. In this form, Masque had Callisto perform in the Arena, a global network of fight clubs, similar to the gladiator arenas in ancient Rome. Together with Storm, though, Callisto was able to overcome Masque’s hold on her, and has been left in charge of the Arena. [X-Treme X-Men #36-39] On Storm’s request, Callisto traveled to Genosha to check on Xavier’s activities, and became the first person, besides Xavier, to learn that Magneto was still alive. [Excalibur (2nd series) #2] As the time passed, Callisto became a close confidant to Xavier, especially with Magneto becoming more and more occupied with his own problems. Callisto also served in an unofficial capacity as field leader on the various missions she and the others followers of Xavier would undertake. On one recent mission, Callisto even killed the Sugar Man. [Excalibur (2nd series) #10]

Campbell, Dr. Rory Status: unknown / transformed into Ahab

Dr. Rory Campbell was a befriended scientist of Moira MacTaggert, he specialized in the psychology of control. By gazing into a timely anomaly he realized that he was destined to become the future mutant hunter Ahab and tried everything to prevent this fate. [Excalibur #75] He built a special room to therapize the captured Acolyte Spoor, who could control other’s mood. The room had in-built lasers to react to any hostile behavior and Campbell used tranquilizer while talking to Spoor, to not fall under his influence. Still Spoor tricked Rory into beating him and as a result, the room’s weapons fired at the scientist, costing him a leg. [Excalibur #89-90] Later Rory betrayed Moira as he sold her acquired data on the Legacy Virus to the Hellfire Club. He found an easy excuse for himself, that Sebastian Shaw had better resources and could probably find a cure, but actually he did it for a the high technological prothestic leg that he gained out of the bargain. [X-Men (2nd series) #63, Excalibur #111] It is not known what happened to Campbell afterwards, but during the Twelve storyline, one of Apocalypse‘s new Horsemen was Ahab. Has Rory’s greatest fear already come true and was he altered by the ancient Egyptian mutant, or was that someone completely different ?[X-Men (2nd series) #97]

Cannonball II Real Name: Samuel Guthrie
Status: inactive

Thanks to Jesse Aaronson, X-Force survived being in the center of a vibranium bomb explosion. The team decided to let the world believe them dead, and used this status to secretly infiltrate and destroy anti-mutant organizations around the world. To avoid recognition, Sam wore a disguise resembling the late Pete Wisdom. After half a year of this hit-and-run strategy, they learned of a great underground complex where Romany Wisdom was infecting helpless people with alien DNA to alter the human race. Fighting thousands of hybrids was a suicide run, but again Jesse’s powers were the key in destroying the whole bio-organic complex. Although the team seemed to have died in the explosion that left nothing but a huge crater, most of them, including Cannonball, showed up alive short while later, opposing the new X-Force for mis-using their name. [X-Force #113-115, 117] After that incident Sam joined Xavier‘s X-Corporation alongside some of his former teammates and several others, where they all took part in the disastrous evacuation of the Channel Tunnel in Paris. One member of the group got killed. [New X-Men #128-130] Following that, Sam quit X-Corporation and went vacationing with his ex-girlfriend Lila Cheney. However he found that he couldn’t stand by the sideline for long, and joined Storm‘s X-Treme X-Men, as he agrees more with her views on human/mutant relations than Xavier’s. [X-Treme X-Men #24-25] While the X-Men were staying in California, Sam was reunited with his former teammates Sunspot, Magma and Skids, all of them serving the X-Corp L.A. Shortly after being turned into the X-Treme Sanctions Executive (X.S.E.), with full authority on mutant affairs on a global level, Storm’s group returned to the Westchester mansion to help in the aftermath of a mutant terrorist attack on New York city. [X-Treme X-Men #46, Uncanny X-Men #444] However, on the X.S.E's first mission, Cannonball was seriously wounded by the Fury. [Uncanny X-Men #445-447] While recovering, Cannonball returned to Kentucky, but it wasn’t long before trouble came calling, this time in the form of a man claiming to be from the future, Jon Spectre. He came with a warning about Cable, and soon the former members of X-Force found themselves drawn into a conflict between their old leader and the dangerous Skornn, resulting in Cable’s apparent death. [X-Force (2nd series) #2-6] However, as it turned out he didn’t die, but was distributed across several dimensions, and Cannonball teamed up with Siryn and Deadpool to bring him back. [Cable/Deadpool #15-18]

Captain Britain Real Name: Brian Braddock
Status: back on Earth as Captain Britain

Even though he lost his powers, Brian married his long time love Meggan, and at the wedding party Excalibur disbanded. [Excalibur #125] After honeymooning, he returned to scientific work with Meggan‘s support, until they were contacted about a disaster on Otherworld. They quickly assembled a small team and journeyed to the place, but arrived to late as most of Brian's companions in the Captain Britain Corps had already been slaughtered. Brian regained his powers by discovering the legendary sword Excalibur. After they defeated the villain behind this scheme, Roma stepped down as guardian of Otherworld and named Brian her successor. Of course Meggan stayed at her husband’s side to help him master this new task. [Excalibur: Sword of Power #4] Brian and Meggan were recently captured by villainess Morgan LeFay, and in the process of being freed by the Avengers, they passed on the mantle of Captain Britain to Kelsey Leigh, a young mother of two who had died while the Avengers fought a group of villains. [Avengers (3rd series) #80-81] Eventually though, the Scarlet Witch’s reality warp during the House of M began endangering the multiverse, and Roma sent Brian and Meggan back to Earth and get rid of the threat, as otherwise she would have been forced to erase Earth 616 and all its inhabitants. In the end, Meggan had to sacrifice herself to keep the reality - altering wave from spreading. [Uncanny X-Men #462-465] Note: Captain Britain will be a founding member of a New Excalibur which debuts later this year.

Cargill Real Name: Joanna Cargill (sometimes misspelled Johanna)
Status: inactive / undetermined

The former Acolyte was telepathically mindcontrolled by Jean Grey into joining an interim team of X-Men during Eve of Destruction. After Magneto was defeated Cargill returned with the X-Men to Westchester, but had no intention of staying at Xavier’s school. Her options seem to be limited; on Genosha she might considered a traitor, but in the US she too has to face criminal charges. [X-Men (2nd series) #113] If Cargill returned to Genosha, she might have died in the Sentinel attack that slaughtered over 16 million people on the island nation.

Centennial Real Name: Rutherford B. Princeton III
Status: inactive

Discovered some years ago by Dr. Walter Langkowski a.k.a. Sasquatch, Rutherford was in a coma, yet his latent mutant signature made Walter aware of his existence. Now a ninety-seven year old man, Rutherford was awoken from the coma by Sasquatch, who recruited him into the All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight, where he aided in the search for the missing original Alpha Flight. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #1-6] When the original Alpha Flight departed for space, the All-New, All-Different team had some time to decide whether they would remain as a group or not. Rutherford returned to his home only to find much has changed in his absence, which partly provoked him to remaining with the All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #7-8] During the All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight's final mission, Centennial built up a friendship with Nemesis, who as it turned out, happened to be a manifestation of the ghostly spirit of his former love. Centennial's whereabouts since the team's disbanding are not known. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #9-12]

Cerise Real Name: Cerise
Status: inactive, royal adviser of Lilandra

Cerise’s tenure with Excalibur was cut short when she was captured by the Starjammers and taken to a Shi’Ar prison world. Her teammates followed and battled for her freedom. As it turned out Cerise had been part of a Shi’Ar crew whose commander ordered genocide to an alien world. Cerise could not bring herself to kill innocent people and instead turned on her crewmen, when they would not listen to reason. Lilandra understood Cerise’s conflict and even though her decision was justified, she still had to be punished for defying direct orders from a superior officer. Cerise was sentenced to work for the Shi’Ar Empire as part of Lilandra’s adviser staff. [Excalibur #69-70] Since then she visited Earth twice; to celebrate the wedding of Brian and Meggan and to help Earth during Maximum Security.

Chamber Real Name: Jonothon Starsmore
Status: brainwashed agent of the Weapon X Program

Jonothon was with Generation X ever since the group formed. Shortly before the team disbanded, he received an invitation from Professor Xavier to join the X-Men. [Generation X #75] At first Chamber returned to his native London, where he had a short-lived affair with pop-singer Sugar Kane, but after realizing that she was only using him for boosting her media image, he fully joined the X-Men. [Uncanny X-Men #398] However, Jono‘s tenure was short-lived, as he took a leave of absence only several weeks later. Trying to prove himself, he went to college undercover to solve a case of mutant murder. Jono indeed discovered the truth behind the incident and made several new friends along the way. Returning to the mansion in Westchester, he realized that he would prefer to continue his training and help teach younger students rather than going along the team’s missions. [Chamber #4] Shortly after his return, he accidentally stumbled upon Husk, his ex-girlfriend, now a member of the X-Men, in the arms of Archangel. [Uncanny X-Men #422] This, and his bad attitude made Jono the perfect candidate to be the X-Men’s mole in the Weapon X program. In an elaborate cover, he was publicly thrown out of the X-Men, and then rescued from prison by Jackson, who with the technology of Weapon X repaired his face. After apparently succeeding in his first assignment - to kill John Sublime -, Chamber had Weapon X’s full trust. [Weapon X (2nd series) #15-18] Slowly he began to uncover the secrets behind Neverland, the project’s mutant concentration camp, only to find that the situation was far worse than he imagined. However, Jono might have been discovered, for when Wolverine tracked him to Neverland, he found the camp abandoned, no sign of Chamber, or any of the prisoners. [Weapon X (2nd series) #19-21]
Note: Chamber currently appears in the Weapon X: Days of Future Now limited series.

Changeling Real Name: unknown (his AOA counterpart Morph was called both Kevin and Sidney)
Status: deceased

When the former villain Changeling was diagnosed with a deadly disease leaving him only about six months to live, he decided to make up for his crimes and offered his services to Xavier. The Professor asked him to shapeshift and replace him, since Xavier needed to isolate himself for preparing a defense against an alien attack. Shortly after the exchange took place Changeling was killed in battle against the sub-human Grotesk while still posing as Professor Xavier. [Uncanny X-Men #42, revealed in Uncanny X-Men #65]

Cheney, Lila Status: currently performing on Earth

Lila is a famous rock star, but also a mutant with long range teleportation powers. After she got involved with the mutant teams she had a long-distance relationship with Cannonball, and also has befriended fellow musician and songstress Dazzler. Lila once again began touring all over Earth and through outer space with her friend and bodyguard Strong Guy, [X-Men Unlimited #21] though she took a holiday from it when she was briefly reunited with her ex-boyfriend Cannonball before he decided to join the X-Treme X-Men team. [X-Treme X-Men #24] After an anti-mutant terrorist attacked the nightclub where she was performing, Lila began working closely with Cannonball and the rest of the X-Treme X-Men. [X-Treme X-Men #32-33] Lila recently aided in the X-Men in the aftermath of the mutant terrorist attack on New York city. [X-Treme X-Men #46] While continuing her performances on Earth, Lila took time out to spend Christmas with Cannonball and even performed a special concert for the X-Men. [X-Men (2nd series) #165]