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Skids Real Name: Sally Blevins
Status: active member of X-Corporation L.A.

When the New Mutants needed to bring Dani Moonstar to Asgard because of a strange illness, they were attacked by Freedom Force, trying to arrest Rusty. Skids and her lover hid behind a forcefield and told the rest of the team to depart, not knowing that the New Mutants would be gone for days. [New Mutants (1st series) #78] After hours, Skids tired and the couple were imprisoned. Even before their teammates learned about the incident, Rusty and Skids were busted out by the MLF, who used neurochips on them to turn them into loyal members. [New Mutants (1st series) #87] Later on, Magneto removed these implants and, thankful, the couple joined his Acolytes. [X-Force #25] Months later, Avalon, the Acolytes‘ space station, was attacked and destroyed by Holocaust, who also killed Rusty. [X-Men (2nd series) #42] Skids decided to turn her back on superpowered life and tries to keep a low profile while attending college in Boulder, Colorado. [X-Force #78] For reasons not made clear, Sally accepted Sunspot’s offer to become a freelance agent of X-Corp L.A.. Recently, she aided the X-Treme X-Men against Elias Bogan. [X-Treme X-Men #42-46]

Skin Real Name: Angelo Espinosa
Status: deceased

Angelo really improved the use of his powers while he attended the Massachusetts Academy; but he agreed with his teammates that Emma and Sean might no longer be the right people to teach them. When the team disbanded, Skin decided to tag along with Jubilee, who wanted to go back to L.A. [Generation X #75] After getting settled in, Skin helped Jubilee through a rough time, when her plans to start a career in the movie business didn’t turn out like she hoped. [X-Men Unlimited #34] Since Jubilee joined Banshee’s X-Corps, Skin’s whereabouts were unknown. However, when Jubilee left Paris after X-Corps disbanded, the two may have met up again in L.A., as both were victims of the Church of Humanity‘s crucifixion plot against the X-Men. While Jubilee was able to be resurrected by Archangel’s healing blood, Skin was not. [Uncanny X-Men #423}

Slipstream Real Name: Davis Cameron
Status: inactive

The X-Men met Davis and his sister, Heather, when they were investigating the murders of two Australian crimelords. When, shortly afterwards, Gambit and Heather were kidnapped by an alien, Sage revealed that her analysis showed Davis to be a latent mutant with the potential for teleportation powers. Thinking only of his sister’s safety, Davis allowed Sage to „jumpstart“ him, permanently altering his DNA to fully activate these powers. Helping to fight off an alien invasion in Madripoor, he slowly began to realize that being a mutant is not only the joyful adventure he imagined it would be… there also being a downside. [X-Treme X-Men #10-12] After stopping the alien invasion with his teammates, Davis quit the X-Treme X-Men team because he could not handle what happened to his sister, Heather, and the revelation that she is partially Shi‘ar. Unbeknownst to him, Heather and Thunderbird too left the team and are currently looking for him. [X-Treme X-Men #18-19]

Sluk Real Name: unknown
Status: deceased

Sluk was killed when X-Force were fighting fanatical tribesmen in Northern Africa. [X-Force #116]

Smart Alec Real Name: Alexander Thorne
Status: deceased

Although one of Department H’s first recruits for Canada’s own superhero team, Thorne’s arrogance prevented him from rising up any higher than to Gamma Flight. When the government stopped funding Department H, the Flight program was shut down, however the Alpha team decided to remain together as a freelance group. The remaining trainees of Beta and Gamma Flight returned to their former lives and, feeling rejected, they were easily manipulated by Roxxon Enterprises into forming Omega Flight, Alpha’s personal enemies. During a battle, Smart Alec attempted to study Shaman’s mystical pouch, but looking inside it his mind was wiped clean. Shaman shrank the catatonic opponent to miniature size and decided to keep him in the pouch, until he would find a way to restore him. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #12-13] Much later, the soul of Walter Langkowski, who had been stranded in the Crossroads of dimensions, made use of this body and crawled out of the pouch, only to find Alpha Flight’s base under attack by the evil sorcerer, Pestilence, in possession of the deceased Snowbird’s white, Sasquatch form. Walter left Smart Alec to make use of the Box armor and he managed to send an electroshock into the Snowbird, ending the possession. Since Smart Alec’s body had been crushed in the battle, Walter then took over the white, Sasquatch body. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #44-45]

Snowbird Real Name: Narya
Status: active member of Alpha Flight, currently in space

When Alpha Flight broke into an AIM compound to rescue the two kidnapped Guardians, they were quite surprised to discover that the scientists were holding Snowbird in their labs too, as actually she had been killed in battle with the evil sorcerer, Pestilence. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #37-38] At first, it was believed that AIM must have raided her grave and her resurrection being courtesy of some regeneration factor of her shapeshifting genetic make-up; however that couldn’t be true, since the grave is empty and Sasquatch is currently inhabiting her former (now transformed) body. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #44-45, Wolverine (2nd series) #142-143] Recently, it was hinted that the great gods of the North had a hand in her mysterious resurrection [Wolverine (2nd series) #172], and possibly AIM extracted her DNA from the body of Snowbird’s deceased baby. Snowbird continued to serve with Alpha Flight, having encounters with Wolverine and the X-Men before she, along with most other active Alphans, were captured by the alien Plodex. [off panel to Alpha Flight (3rd series) #1] After Snowbird and the original Alphans were rescued by Sasquatch and his All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight, they departed for space to return the Plodex eggs to their homeworld. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #6]

Southern, Candace „Candy“ Status: deceased

Even though Candy and Warren knew each other since their childhood, they only became a romantic couple after he had joined the X-Men. Even when she learned that Warren was a mutant, Candy stayed by his side. During a time when Beast, Iceman and Angel were part of the Defenders, Candy was named leader of the team; not in the sense of active field leading, but monitoring the base, deal with authorities, etc. [Defenders #138] After the disbanding of the Defenders, X-Factor was formed from the original X-Men line-up. Candy then administrated her lover’s fortune, but one day she witnessed Jean and Warren in an intimidating pose. Angrily, she ran off and called the relationship quits. [X-Factor #10] Shortly afterwards, Angel underwent his transformation into Archangel and, when he finally had time to go looking for Candy, she was missing. Warren tracked her down to the base of Cameron Hodge, who had already erased her mind, and now killed Ms. Southern in front of the man he hated so much. [X-Factor #34] A year later, Candy showed up in a prototype Phalanx body, with her downloaded memories. Unfortunately, Hodge had undergone a similar treatment and, when he was damaged in a fight with Archangel, Hodge created a link to Candy, to draw the needed spare parts from her. This proved to be a mistake, as Ms. Southern used this link to shut both off them down. At least Candy and Warren got to say a final goodbye. [Uncanny X-Men #306]

Spike Real Name: unknown
Status: deceased

The Spike forced his way into X-Force by claiming that the Anarchist was only a token black member and they actually were racists. Even once he was part of the group, he was constantly at odds with the Anarchist. When X-Force went into space to fight the Bushrangers, a group of mutated convicted criminals, mostly of Afro-American heritage, the Spike switched sides, believing that he had to help his fellow brethren. Yet when he learned the full extent of their crimes, he realized his error, only it was too late. The Bushrangers beat him up and, shapeshifting to look like him, the Bushrangers’ leader took the Spike’s place on the team. The real Spike managed to gather his last resources and warn his teammates before he died of the injuries he received. [X-Force #126-128]

Sprite is listed under Shadowcat

Stacy X Real Name: Stacy
Status: inactive

When the X-Men investigated a mutant brothel called X-Ranch, they arrived in time to witness the building being attacked by the Church of Humanity. The X-Ranch was burned down and only one of the prostitutes, Stacy, survived. She was taken in by the X-Men, who since then once more crossed paths with the Church of Humanity.[Uncanny X-Men #399-400] Stacy had trouble fitting in, as she could not see the point of protecting a humanity that hates and fears them. Falling back to old habits, Stacy tried to again solve her problems by giving men pleasure, trying to seduce both Archangel and Nightcrawler. She remained with the Uncanny X-Men for only a short time and, during that time, managed to get on everybody‘s nerves – especially those of Archangel and Husk. Being able to „read“ their feelings for each other by sensing their pheromones, Stacy was rather jealous of their relationship, and she quit the X-Men without anyone knowing. In a typical Stacy fashion, she left something to remind everyone of her – a rather rude videotape of her doing suggestive things. [Uncanny X-Men #422] This tape was destroyed by Archangel, however.

Stitch Real Name: Jodi
Status: undetermined

Jodi was one of Department H’s first recruits for Canada’s own superhero team, despite her being ”ego-phobic“. Upon discovering her mutant power, the teenager completely withdrew into herself and develop some sort of auto-aggressive behavior, as she kept stitching her own face. Groundhog was one of the few people she seemed to relate with but he quit the Flight after seeing a teammate die. [Alpha Flight Special #1] Stitch was later injured in a training session with Wildchild, but suffered only minor wounds. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #127] Whatever became of Stitch is unknown, though probably she was considered too mentally unstable to keep her in the Flight program.

Storm Real Name: Ororo Munroe
Status: active member of the X.S.E. (in Uncanny X-Men)

Learning that the precog, Destiny, did not write only one diary, but a complete volume of 13 books, which are about the whole history of mankind, Ororo decided that this knowledge should not fall into Xavier’s hands. Considering the Onslaught debacle, Storm thought the risk of Xavier deciphering the diaries and misusing the information too high and assembled a small team to search for the books herself. [Uncanny X-Men #389, X-Men (2nd series) #109] The team’s mission proved more difficult than originally expected. The mysterious Vargas opposed them several times, even killing one of the X-Men, and the quest for the diaries was interrupted more than once by other events requiring the X-Men’s attention. Eventually, the whole search was brought to an end, when Rogue realized that the prophecies were a self-sustaining trap. [X-Treme X-Men #18-19] Storm’s team still remained separate from those operating out of the mansion in Westchester, as she felt that Xavier and the other groups were too much about mutant rights, while she and her colleagues wanted to put more emphasis on peaceful coexistence of humans and mutants. [X-Treme X-Men #23] When mutant authorities Valerie Cooper, Alistaire Stuart, Maria-Pilar Cortes, Alexei Vazhin and Tan Jemin met with the US president and several other world leader to organize a new anti-mutant law, Storm interrupted the meeting with a proposal. Able to convince the politicians of her ideals of human and mutant equality, Storm’s team have been dubbed the X-Treme Sanctions Executive (X.S.E.) and were granted world recognition as an authority. [X-Treme X-Men #31-35] At Vazhin’s request, she infiltrated a organization called „the Arena“ and, with the help of her close friend, Yukio, and former nemesis, Callisto, she exposed the villain behind it – Masque. [X-Treme X-Men #36-39] Following a mutant terrorist attack on New York, Storm and her group have moved back to the Xavier Institute, though they’ve kept their X.S.E. special status. [Uncanny X-Men #444] Following the resurrection of Psylocke, who died under Storm's watch as the X-Treme X-Men's leader, Storm was captured by a race of evolved Saurians called the Hauk'ka, who planned to use her powers to create a hyper-storm, which would send a new Ice Age across humanity. But the will power of Ororo is surpassed by few and Storm would not give in, and was even prepared to die, thus ending the storm building up. However, with the help of her friends, Storm was freed and saved the world. [Uncanny X-Men #455-459] Upon returning home, Storm was ecstatic to learn her „little brother,“ Colossus, had also been resurrected, but had some hard decisions to make with the unexpected return of her best friend, Jean, though stood to defend Jean against the Shi'ar. However, with Jean gone yet again, Storm took the most recent loss of her best friend like she has taken the others, with much pain. [Uncanny X-Men #460, X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #1-5]

Strong Guy Real Name: Guido Carosella
Status: active member of XXX Investigations

As a member of X-Factor, Strong Guy had a heart attack when his body could handle the strain of absorbing too much kinetic energy at once. [X-Factor #111] His body was placed in suspended animation to heal. When he woke up, Forge designed a device that would re-enforce his heart muscle proportionally to Strong Guy’s energy input. However, X-Factor had changed too much in Guido’s absence and he did not want to return to the team. [X-Factor #135] For a while, Strong Guy was traveling with Lila Cheney’s band through the universe as her friend, tour manager and bodyguard. [X-Men Unlimited #21] However, when Lila came back Earth, Guido too returned and joined the Arena, an organization which competitors battle each other in organized fighting, much like the Gladiators in ancient Rome. While at first it seemed like a good idea and an easy way to quick fame and money, Guido soon found himself in over his head, with the combatants actually becoming the personal property of the masters of the Arena. Storm and Callisto overthrew Masque, the villain behind it all, and Guido was free to leave. [X-Treme X-Men #36-39] Guido has now joined up with his dear friends, Multiple Man and Wolfsbane, and together operate as X-Factor Investigations. [Madrox #1]
Note: Strong Guy is set to appear in the upcoming X-Factor series which debuts later this year.

Stuart, Dr. Alistaire Status: head of The Department (British Intel)

Alistaire started out as an important scientist of the Weird Happenings Organisation (W.H.O.) During one assignment, he and his sister Brigadier Alysande Stuart met Excalibur and became very good friends of the team. By coincidence, Alistaire was even with them when the team was whisked away for the Cross-Time-Caper, giving the scientist a unique chance to explore alternate realities. [Excalibur #12] Shortly after his sister’s death, he uncovered that a new organization wanted to replace the W.H.O. and therefore she had been framed for treason. [Excalibur #56,59] After the team dealt with this conspiracy, Dr. Stuart promised to take care of the Warpies, and when Excalibur relocated to Muir Island they lost track of each other. Much later, Alistaire uncovered the conspiracy of a new agency arising called Black Air, which tried to overtake the British government. [Excalibur #97] Following their exposure a new British intelligence outfit has been formed. It is simply called The Department and Alistaire is the head of this agency. [X-Force #102, 115] As such, he was among the group of government officials who met with the US president to outline a proposal declaring that simply being a mutant was a crime against humanity, and that they be dealt with accordingly. However, Storm interrupted the meeting with an interesting offer and, for now, her team of X-Men have been granted authority to deal with mutant issues on a global scale. [X-Treme X-Men #31-35] Recently, Alistaire came to blows with Storm's team once more, when they defied his orders to not rescue one single woman and risk endangering the entire city of London. However, Storm proved successful in rescuing the woman, without London being destroyed. [Uncanny X-Men #449]

Stuart, Brigadier Alysande Status: deceased

Shortly after Excalibur moved to Braddock Manor, they held a housewarming party and invited friends and allies. Alysande arrived late and was still in uniform, so she went upstairs to get properly dressed. Sadly, she got in the way of the insane Jamie Braddock, who was about to crash the party. Alysande had no chance against his reality warping abilities and was killed. Earlier that day, Alysande had been court-martialed and accused of having supplied SHIELD (an American organization) with secret documents about the United Kingdom. Officials explained her death away as suicide out of guilt, but later Nick Fury told her twin brother, Alistaire, that Alysande never supplied him with information and that she obviously had been framed. [Excalibur #55-56]

Sunder Real Name: unknown
Status: deceased

Following the injuries he received during the Mutant Massacre, Sunder was staying on Muir Island to recover. He was still there when the island was attacked by the Reavers. Sunder was shot by Pretty Boy, while he tried to get some Warpies and other children to safety. [Uncanny X-Men #254]

Sunfire Real Name: Shiro Yoshida
Status: undetermined, possibly deceased

The mutant from Japan had no intention joining the all-new all-different X-Men. Reluctantly, he helped them against the mutated island, Krakoa, but afterwards he departed. [Uncanny X-Men #94] However, he considers himself a man of honor and, whenever the X-Men needed his services while being in or near Japan, he helped them against whatever opponent. After experiencing problems with controlling his powers [Wolverine Annual ‘96], Shiro followed Wolverine’s advice to undergo examination in Alpha Flight’s Department H. Many painful tests later, Shiro was told he was dying of radiation poisoning, caused by his own atomic flames, and soon black cancerous lumps showed on his skin. Thinking to be dying soon, Shiro broke out of Department H’s labs and returned to Japan, [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #7,12], where he immediately got involved with a new all Japanese team called Big Hero Six. While helping them, Sunfire learned that he was not dying at all, but that the black stuff inside off him was a new form of energy that he was deliberately infected with by the Canadian scientists. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #13] Sunfire was also named one of the Twelve and was again unwillingly dragged into X-Men fights, that is probably why he did not respond when Jean tried to recruit him for her interim X-Men team. Instead, his younger sister, Leyu, joined under the name Sunpyre. Shiro‘s reaction to his sister‘s death has not been shown, though he has appeared as a member of the Mumbai branch of the worldwide X-Corporation, [New X-Men #133] possibly to make up for his sister‘s death in X-Corps. [Uncanny X-Men #405] Recently, Rogue aided Sunfire with some troubles in his native Japan, during which they had a confrontation with lady Deathstrike. The cyborg brutally maimed Shiro, cutting off both his legs. Already weakened due to his massive injuries, Sunfire apparently died when he let Rogue absorb his powers. [Rogue (3rd series) #7-12] However, this remains to be confirmed, as Sunfire's body vanished, possibly along with Lady Deathstrike.

Sunpyre Real Name: Leyu Yoshida
Status: active member of Big Hero Six

Determined to prove herself as capable as her brother, Sunfire, Leyu answered Jean Grey’s casting call for an interim team of X-Men with the intention of preventing Magneto and Genosha starting a third world war. Sunpyre has shown to have very good control of her powers, but apparently the X-Men were not what she expected. She left when the crisis had passed, [X-Men (2nd series) #113] but was later recruited into Banshee’s militant X-Corps. Leyu worked as a scientist in the labs and was studying Abyss‘ powers. She failed to notice Mystique and her allies taking over the place, and she was killed by them from behind. [Uncanny X-Men #402, 404-405] In circumstances yet to be revealed, Leyu either survived Mystique's attack, or she was somehow resurrected, and now serves in her brother's stead as a member of Big Hero Six. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #9]

Sunspot Real Name: Roberto „Bobby“ DaCosta
Status: head of X-Corporation L.A. and Lord Imperial of the Hellfire Club

Because the US government identified him as the villain Reignfire (a genetic clone of him), they did not renew his US visa and Roberto was forced to leave the country. [X-Force #93] Back in Brazil, he was approached by Selene, who offered to resurrect his dead girlfriend, Julianna, in exchange for him taking his father’s place in the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. Julianna’s soul had been placed into a braindead car accident victim. [X-Force #98] For reasons as yet unexplained, Sunspot stopped working with the Hellfire Club, and is now the head of X-Corporation L.A., alongside former Hellion, Empath, and some of his old teammates, Magma and Skids. [X-Treme X-Men #31] Sunspot and Magma were for a while under the control of a Bogan-influenced Empath, who used his powers to make them kiss. [X-Treme X-Men #35] Though it was wiped from their short-term memory, some feelings seem to have remained between the two, as they are somewhat closer than they used to be. [X-Treme X-Men #45-46] Sunspot has returned to working with the Hellfire Club, this time acting as the new Lord Imperial, after Sebastian Shaw's removal. While the X-Men are disappointed in Sunspot for working with their enemies, the Club claims to have turned over a new leaf, and Sage is at Sunspot's side as his assistant. [Uncanny X-Men #454] At the request of his former X-Force leader, Sunspot joined up with Cable and several other former X-Forcer's against a foe from the future called Jon Spectre. However, when information about Spectre seeing the X-Forcer's deaths arose, Sunspot wanted nothing more to do with Cable, though he did later aid him in the final battle against the Skornn. [X-Force (2nd series) #2-3, 5]

Synch Real Name: Everett Thomas
Status: deceased

Synch was probably the student who made the most progress during his stay at the Massachusetts Academy. His promising life ended, when he threw himself over one of many bombs hidden at the school by Adrienne Frost, to protect some mutant hating classmates who repeatedly used to beat him up. [Generation X #70]

Talisman II Real Name: Elizabeth Twoyoungmen
Status: inactive

In order to find the right spell to cure Puck and several other transformed humans from the Master’s genetic manipulations, Talisman placed Shaman’s pouch on her head. She succeeded, but the experience left her comatose and nearly braindead. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #90] After a slow recovery, she became part of Department H’s training team, Beta Flight. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #109-112] When Canada had its own wave of anti-mutant / superhero hysteria, Department H decided to shut down the Flight programs and lay low for a while. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #130] Several months later, Alpha Flight was restarted, however Talisman was not part of it. Probably, she has returned to work as an archaeologist.

Talisman III is listed under Shaman

Thornn II Real Name: Lucia Callasantos
Status: active member of X-Corporation Mumbai

A former member of the Morlocks, Thornn is the older sister of Feral, and the two have a long-going feud which spun from Feral killing everybody else in their family. [X-Force #6, 40-41] After aiding Cable a few times, Lucia seemed to have disappeared, until she showed up as a member of the Mumbai branch of Xavier‘s X-Corporation, surprisingly alongside her sister. [New X-Men #133] While the two still argue, they are not trying to rip each other‘s hearts out this time.

Thunderbird I Real Name: John Proudstar
Status: deceased

Thunderbird died in his second mission with the X-Men. He was always a hothead and determined to prove himself in battle as he jumped onto Count Nefaria’s escaping aircraft. John continued to rip apart the equipment until the plane exploded. Xavier stayed in mental contact with him as John Proudstar died in the flames. [Uncanny X-Men #95]

Thunderbird II is listed under Proudstar

Thunderbird III Real Name: Neal Shaara
Status: active member of X-Corporation Singapore

Neal was relatively new to the X-Men when Storm asked some of her teammates to join her on a quest for Destiny’s diaries. Thunderbird could not have had a real idea what it was he signed up for, but he accepted Storm’s offer anyway; the possibility of getting to spend more time with Psylocke might have made this decision somewhat easier. [X-Men (2nd series) #109] However, Psylocke was killed in the team’s first mission. Afterward, Bishop has made it his personal task to oversee Neal’s training. Yet with Thunderbird getting more experience, he also started to question the decisions of veterans like Storm, Sage and Bishop, while at the same time trying to encourage the group’s newer members, Lifeguard and Slipstream. [X-Treme X-Men #10-13] Following the invasion from Dimension X, Thunderbird left the X-Treme X-Men to join Lifeguard in her search for her brother, Slipstream, who left the team, unable to deal with her newly manifested alien features. [X-Treme X-Men #19] However, it would appear that the search for Slipstream has been put on hiatus, as Thunderbird and Lifeguard have both joined the Singapore branch of X-Corporation, which was recently bombed. [Excalibur (2nd series) #5]

Tilby, Trish Status: newswoman

Trish Tilby is a newswoman and the on-and-off girlfriend of Hank McCoy, the Beast. Usually, she is the top choice to report any news on mutant affairs, which caused a break-up between the couple when she broadcasted the existence of the Legacy Virus. Later, however, they got back together again. When Trish had learned of Hank’s recent mutation, she ended their relationship, explaining that being seen with him would have a negative effect on her career. [New X-Men #117] Later, Trish was one of many reporters present when the school was under attack by Cassandra Nova. In midst of all the confusion, she tried to make up with Hank, who shocked her with the startling revelation to be gay [New X-Men #125] Trish reported this to the world, and a media frenzy erupted, though Beast later revealed that he is not gay and only told Trish he was to hurt her back. [New X-Men #134]