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22nd December 2007


off panel loses his legs, creates own company, invents the Box robot and cybernetic remote to control it, is recruited into the Canadian Flight program, moves up to Beta Flight
AF (1st series) #1 Department H is shut down, Beta Flight disbanded
AF (1st series) #11 first appearance, recruited by Delphine Courtney to join Omega Flight
AF (1st series) #12 tries to stop Omega Flight but ends up captured by Jerome Jaxon, who dies from a backlash of power while he uses the Box robot to fight Guardian
AF (1st series) #16, 22 contacts former Gamma Flight member Madison Jeffries to help him redesign Box, it becoming an armor that Bochs could phase into, effectively giving him mobility he lacked in his wheelchair
AF (1st series) #24 receives a mystical summons from Alpha Flight, allows the Box armor to be inhabited by the soul of Walter Langkowski
AF (1st series) #25 joins Alpha Flight
AF (1st series) #28-29 regains the armor after Langkowski’s soul is lost due to a failed experiment to acquire a new body for him, armor is heavily damaged in battle by the Hulk, but repaired by Jeffries before he phases out
AF (1st series) #37, Annual #1 receives the unexpected attention of Aurora, starts an affair with her even though he knows he would not be able to satisfy all her needs
AF (1st series) #39-40 remains in the armor for too long and panics, briefly phases out while he deep in the Atlantic Ocean, contracts ”the bends” and is trapped inside the armor
AF (1st series) #42 treatment in a decompression chamber does more harm than good, Aurora cruelly reminds him that she would break up with him if he had to permanently stay in the armor
AF (1st series) #43-44 needs to be restrained after turning on his teammates, is taken to Dr. Lionel Jeffries, who offers not only to cure him but also to restore his legs
AF (1st series) #45 surprises Alpha Flight with his new looks, spends the night with a happy Aurora until a resurrected Walter Langkowski makes his presence known
AF (1st series) #46 Aurora dumps him after he tries to pressure her into a relationship, new legs begin to deteriorate, minds snaps, takes Aurora hostage and nearly kills her until Madison Jeffries forcefully expels him from the Box armor
AF (1st series) #48 is taken to Lionel Jeffries again, agrees to merge with Dr. Jeffries into one being, Omega, and attacks Alpha Flight
AF (1st series) #49 realizes his mistake, struggles for dominance over the shared body but ends up lobotomized by Lionel Jeffries, merged body is destroyed by his best friend, Madison, who redesigns the Box armor for himself