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4th June 2014


UXM #169 first appearance / origin, kidnaps Angel to be her mate
UXM #170 defeated by Storm in armed combat, loses leadership of the Morlocks
UXM #190-191 while transformed by Kulan Gath forges a tentative alliance and respect with Storm
Mutant Massacre Morlocks are massacred en masse by Sinister's Marauders
UXM #212 forces Ororo out of her depression, reminding her of her responsibilities; travels to Muir Island to protect the surviving Morlocks
UXM #253-254 captured and tortured by Masque
UXM #259-264 transformed into a perfect beauty and exploited by Masque; rescues by and falls in love with Colossus
UXM #291 attacked and grievously injured by crazed Morlocks; original form restored by Healer; goes mad
UXM #292-293 alliance with Mikhail Rasputin leads to massive flooding of the Morlock Tunnels and her apparent demise
UXM #325 rules The Hill alongside Mikhail; raises Marrow; returns to Earth to stop Gene Nation
Storm (1st series) #2-4 tries to reclaim her place on The Hill when Mikhail chooses Storm
UXM #346-347 tries to mentor Marrow; injured during O:ZT; insists Marrow join X-Men; disappears
XXM #36-39 resurfaces in Tokyo enslaved by Masque and with tentacles in place of her arms, relishes transformation and time in the Arena; defeats Masque alongside Storm and Yukio and takes over the Masque's worldwide gladiator ring
EXC (2nd series) #2-9 helps Xavier and Magneto rebuild Genosha
EXC (2nd series) #10 tentacles arms on one side severed in combat with Sugar Man
Son of M #2-4 depowered on M-Day; powers temporarily and disastrously restored by Quicksilver; comatose
XFA (3rd series) #18-20 re-emerges as a member of X-Cell investigating cause of M-Day and seeking restoration of mutant powers