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1) As leader of the Morlocks, Callisto reflected the grungy punk style adopted by many in the tunnel-dwelling community of mutants. She wore black leather pants and short boots and a tattered orange t-shirt. Over this she wore a black leather vest that came to symbolize her leadership of the Morlocks. She also wore a chain-like belt at the waist that also wrapped around one leg, a studded leather cuff, and a studded black leather collar. She also wore a black leather eye patch over her right eye. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #169]

2) While operating as Moira MacTaggert's bodyguard, Callisto adopted a slightly more refined punk style. One such outfit consisted of purple leather pants with circular cutouts down each side of her leg, grey-blue leather boots, and a black sleeveless top with a plunging neckline, exposed midriff, and purple studded collar. This look was accessorized with a large studded leather belt, studded leather armbands on each arm, a studded neck collar, black fingerless gloves, and her trademark eye patch. During this period, she also sported a long black leather trenchcoat cinched at the waist over black leather pants and boots. [Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #20]

3) After being restored to her true form by the Morlock Healer, Callisto cobbled together a new outfit that was a more refined version of her original look. She stole back her leather vest from Storm and paired this with a black leather tube top, fingerless black gloves, and thigh high leather boots adorned with multiple straps. She also wore a gray, studded belt with a skull shaped buckle. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #392]

4) When Callisto resided on The Hill, she adopted a look that was more Stormtrooper than punk tunnel-dweller. This outfit consisted of heavy, molded, metallic armor pieces that covered her chest and shoulders, as well as portions of her arms and legs. Under this was wither a black or blue bodysuit. While sporting this futuristic armor, Callisto also utilized advanced weaponry such as a blaster and a powered staff. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #325]

-) For a short time, Callisto returned to wearing clothes similar to her original look - black vest and pants with various, casual tops underneath.

5) Masque dramatically altered Callisto's body a second time, replacing her arms with a mess of tentacles. As a gladiator in Masque's Arena, Callisto wore a variety of revealing combat outfits. Most consisted of black leather pants and combat boots, as well as a cropped mesh top that covered just her breasts, the nipples covered with black cross-shaped pasties. She also wore a variety of leg pouches and a "necklace" that held small concealed blades that she could wield with her tentacles. Cal also sported gold or silver accent jewelry and even decorative eyepatches with white skulls or multi-point stars on them. [X-Treme X-Men(1st series) #37]

6) When Callisto joined Magneto and Charles Xavier in their efforts to rebuild Genosha, she adopted a more conservative look. This consisted of a cropped black leather vest that laced up in the front, worn over a white tube top. She also wore black leggings and thigh high black boots that were somewhat billowy at the ankle. A bandalier of sorts and weapon packs on each thigh that contained various blades, hung about her waist and she wore a black choker and of course, her eyepatch. [Excalibur (2nd series) #2]

7) After several months in Genosha, Callisto changed her look again. This was a simplified costume consisting of a black V-neck cropped top adorned with a large white X. She also wore black leggings with white trim at the waistline which descended into a slight V shape, mirroring the lines of her top. She wore a silver sheath with multiple blades one each hip. She retained the choker and eyepatch from her prior outfit. [Excalibur (2nd series) #11]

-) After losing her powers and tentacles on M Day, Callisto returned to wearing her first Genoshan costume. Most recently, she has been seen in clothes similar to her original look - black vest and pants with a tank top underneath.