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31st July 2007


Dazzler #21 parents gets divorced, Alison gets raised by her father and grandmother
Dazzler #1 manifests powers during a talent contest, graduates college with magna cum laude but chooses music over law school
UXM #129-131 discovered by the X-Men, helps defeat the Hellfire Club, turns down the offer to join the X-Men
Dazzler #1-2 starts enmity with the Enchantress, gets Harry Osgood as manager
Dazzler #3-4 encounters Dr. Doom
Dazzler #6-7 Hulk wrecks her concert, Dazzler soothes him with her light
Dazzler #9 examined by Project Pegasus, absorbs Klaw
Dazzler #10-11 briefly becomes Galactus‘ Herald
Dazzler #13 accused of murder, meets the Grapplers in prison
Dazzler #16 rematch with the Enchantress, Odin announces Dazzler as better singer
Dazzler #17 meets the Angel, gets overwhelmed by her emotions when he takes her flying over New York
Dazzler #18-19 accidentally empowers Crusher Creel, the Absorbing Man, defeats him by transforming the raw sound of Black Bolt’s voice
Dazzler #21 makes up with her father, reunited with her mother, performs at Carnegie Hall
Dazzler #22 first recording session, meets her half-sister Lois London, first of many battles with Rogue
Dazzler #26-28 Lois manifests powers when attacked by a mugger, and kills him by accident. Dazzler and Lois hit the road but get blackmailed into killing somebody, they pretend to do it and it turns out to be Lois‘ father Nick Brown
Dazzler #29-30 Dazzler’s record is a hit, Nick Brown helps with additional promotion in LA and introduces her to Roman Nekobah, later Alison parts with Nick as she doesn’t agree with his methods, Lois decides to stay with her father
Dazzler #31 Osgood doesn’t renew their contract as he doesn’t have enough jobs on the West Coast
Marvel Graphic Novel #12 stars in a pro-mutant movie that never gets published, publicly outed as a mutant
Beauty and the Beast #1-4 gets no job, approached by a mutant circus, gets drugged and fights other Gladiators in an area, Beast tries to help but gets captured as well, their love for each other helps them overcome the drug
New Mutants (1st series) #29-31 helps New Mutants against the Gladiators, tempted to rejoin but doesn‘t
Dazzler #38 receives X-Men training, designs a new costume
Secret Wars II #4, Dazzler #40 Beyonder wants to explore love and choose Alison as his partner, he tries to buy her love but she refuses everything he has to offer
Dazzler #41-42 fights Dust and Silence with the help of O.Z. Chase and his dog Cerberus, parents used as hostages, Carter killed
UXM #213-214 undercover in Lila’s band, targeted by Malice of the Marauders, joins the X-men as she alone wouldn’t stand a chance
UXM #217-218 battles the Juggernaut alone and looses, Juggernaut believes her dead and buries her, X-Men save her before suffocating
UXM Annual #11 faced with her inability to make any lasting decisions, Alison would choose to become a bag lady instead of a singer or a lawyer
UXM #221-222 Rogue and Dazzler talk about their enmity in the past and make up after saving each other’s lives
UXM #226-227 during battle with Freedom Force, Spiral magically knifes Destiny’s facemask to Alison’s face, blinding her; the X-Men die in Dallas and get resurrected, thankfully the mask is removed in the process.
UXM Annual #12, #239-240 attracted to Longshot, Rogue is attracted to him too, both get jealous
UXM #242, XFA #38 duringInferno, Limbo demons influence the X-Men with their magics and bring out the worst in them, Dazzler is totally focused on her looks and her image and refuses to fight along her teammates
UXM #246 looks into the Siege Perilous and sees herself as lawyer, singer, housewife, hero and bag lady, yet all versions die
UXM #247 blasts the merged being of Nimrod and Master Mold through the Siege Perilous portal, Rogue gets sucked through as well
UXM #251 facing impossible odds, the remaining X-Men use the Siege as an escape route
UXM #259-260 Dazzler washes up amnesiac at the shore of Lila’s house in Malibu, becomes a celebrity when her movie is re-discovered, kidnapped by Eric Beale, realizes her light to calm the madman, realizes that a media career is not what she wants
XM #5-7 gets approached by Longshot to help in Mojoverse’s rebellion, fighting side by side with her lover her memory returns
XM #10-11 gets the X-Men to help, finally Mojo is defeated, Dazzler pregnant with Longshot’s baby
XM #47 no longer with child, apparently something went wrong, Alison takes care of the X-Babies
Eve of Destruction Mojoverse destroyed by AoA babies, Longshot reported dead, Dazzler escapes to Earth and helps the X-Men to free Xavier from Genosha
Deadpool (2nd series) #67 returns to singing
NEXC #1-3 killed by Shadow X, resurrects herself, joins the MI-13 Excalibur team in London
NEXC #6-7 dies and resurrects a second time
NEXC #8 refuses a record deal
NEXC #13-15 accuses by Nocturne of toying with the Juggernaut’s feelings
NEXC #16 survives being killed a third time