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When the acts of Xavier’s mad son, Legion, led to what seemed to be the end of the world, a reality-altering crystal wave swept over the entire universe. Faced with the ends of their lives as they knew it, Gambit and Rogue tossed all caution to the wind and kissed for the first - and what they believed to be the last - time. [X-Men (2nd series) #41]

The world did not end, though. The proper timeline was restored and, as a result of the kiss, Gambit was left in a catatonic coma while Rogue fled from the X-Men in shock over what had transpired. It wasn’t just the painful reminder of putting her first boyfriend in a coma, though, as Rogue felt herself also be drawn away by some terrible memory she’d absorbed from Gambit. However, not ready to deal with some hard to digest truth about her lover, Rogue denied the memory to the point that she couldn’t really tell what it was Gambit had done. All she knew was that it was quite painful.

The telepathic Psylocke, who had rifled though the comatose man’s mind, had reached the same conclusion, though she couldn’t pick up too much. Gambit finally awoke, intent on finding Rogue. He knew she had been in his head and felt she was in danger. After she called the X-Men from a public phone, Remy followed Rogue to Seattle, desperate to make sure she wouldn’t learn the truth about his past. [X-Men Prime, Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #323-325]

Gambit joined up with Iceman in a Seattle bar, moments after Rogue had angrily stormed out and they followed Rogue to an abandoned theatre – the place where Gambit had made his deal with Sinister. Rogue demanded to know what the secret was that terrified him so. Gambit stepped around answering her, reminding her of what they’d been through and that she shouldn’t throw their relationship away. Finally, he offered that she could absorb him

again so she would share his memory. Rogue refused, leaving both him and the X-Men, feeling that, in the final analysis, whatever they had wasn’t enough. Left alone, Remy was joined by Sinister, who reminded him of who he was and that he could no more pretend to be a follower of Xavier than Sinister could. Gambit realized that he still wasn’t free of his past. [X-Men (2nd series) #45]

With Rogue gone and the shadows of his past looming, Remy became extremely moody. He turned his anger on Sabretooth, who, at that point thanks to a battle with Wolverine, seemed to be amnesiac and was deemed harmless. Using the Danger Room holograms, Gambit cruelly reminded Creed of all his victims before Storm put a stop to the show. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #326]

A short while later, Creed returned to his true nature and almost eviscerated Psyocke. While she was hovering between life and death, Gambit wondered how much she had seen in his mind while he was comatose. He realized that his secret would be safer if she died but, when Betsy’s condition worsened, he did the right thing and kept her alive until help arrived. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #330]
Around that time, Bishop and Gambit started to make something resembling peace, also finding out that they made a pretty good team on several occasions. Bishop still had his doubts about Remy’s intentions, not to mention about his style, but he wasn’t so sure anymore that Gambit would be responsible for the end of the X-Men. He still feared, though, that Remy would betray the X-Men at some point, whether he believed it himself or not. He was proved wrong a short time later, as the “X-traitor” he had been looking for was revealed to be no one else but Charles Xavier, whose suppressed dark side had grown into the entity named Onslaught. [X-Men (2nd series) #46, 51-52, Onslaught: X-Men, Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #335]

Rogue returned during the Onslaught disaster alongside a young man called Joseph, who seemed to be the rejuvenated and amnesiac Magneto. Gambit and Rogue clearly still cared for each other, though they were not sure where they stood. Gambit was wary of Joseph and his obvious affection towards Rogue. He was also angry that the others seemed to give their former worst enemy the benefit of the doubt, while still doubting him who had been fighting alongside them for so long. As a result, he reacted sarcastically to any attempt of Rogue’s at reconciliation.
Gambit, Rogue and Joseph were amongst the few X-Men who were shanghaied into helping their Shi’ar friends against the threat of the Phalanx in outer space. When Rogue was about to be absorbed by a Phalanx during a battle, her last remark was that she loved Gambit. Remy, the master of good timing, saved her and told her that, without her, he didn’t have a life. After that, their on-off relationship was firmly back on “on.” Eventually, the X-Men managed to beat back the Phalanx’s attack on the Shi’ar. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #341-344]

When the X-Men returned to Earth, however, their ship was damaged and they crash-landed in the Savage land in Antarctica. Gambit quickly found himself attacked by bounty-hunters, who had been sent by an unknown party to capture him. Two of the bounty-hunters, Spat and Grovel, used to have been old friends of his. In fact, during a mission in their past, Spat, seemingly a young, pre-teen girl, had taken a shot meant for Gambit, as a result of which she kept on getting younger. Now, the two of them, aware of his past involvement with Sinister, clearly despised him.

Rejoined by the other X-Men, Gambit learned that they were near Magneto’s old base, and they all became prisoners of his psychotic robot, Nanny (who had taken care of imprisoned X-Men before). With their powers negated, Rogue and Gambit took the opportunity to spend what might have been their last night together. A short while later, with the help of Joseph and Trish Tilby, whom as a human Nanny didn’t detect, they were able to destroy the robot and escape. However, Gambit decided to face his past and let the bounty-hunters take him to their secretive master. The X-Men followed and were joined by several other team members, as well as the mysterious Maggott, to witness and participate in a trial at Magneto’s old basis and conducted by a mystery man using the Eric the Red persona. (actually, it was Magneto in disguise).

Gambit’s role in the Morlock massacre was finally revealed to his horrified and disgusted teammates, after Rogue was forced to absorb his essence again during the trial. Angrily, she wrecked the place, flying Gambit out of the building while Psylocke teleported the other X-Men away. Dumping him in the snowy wastelands outside, Rogue told him they were quits and left him to fend for himself as she flew away, leaving him to his fate. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #347-350]

The situation was dire for Gambit; abandoned at the cold, powerless base without any sustenance. Desperate for food, he even chewed off the plastic of some wires. In one of Magneto’s labs, Gambit found a mutant consisting of green energy. The being joined with him, providing him the strength to survive long enough until he was found and saved by the agents of a mysterious being calling himself the New Son, who wanted Gambit to work for him. The New Son claimed that he wanted to save humanity by creating a new world as the current one would soon be uninhabitable. Gambit agreed and undertook one mission in the Savage Land: to save an agent of The New Son’s – the shapeshifting Jacob Gavin jr. aka Courier and steal some terraforming equipment from the High Evolutionary. Afterwards, he was returned to civilization. [Gambit Annual ’99, Gambit Wizard Special #1/2]