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Gambit (3rd series) #1 Thieves Guild steal baby with red eyes, grows up in Fagan’s mob, later adopted by Jean-Luc LeBeau, meets Bella Donna Boudreaux
XM #33 meets Sabretooth, who makes him choose between the life of his brother or that of a young woman in love with him
XM #8 marries Bella Donna, challenged to a duel by her brother Julien, apparently kills him and is banished from the Guilds
off panel powers out of control, turns to Sinister for help who removes some brain tissue to limit his abilities, now indebted to him
UXM (1st series) #350 performs a last mission for Sinister and assembles the Marauders, too late he learns of their true mission, though he saves one Morlock child called Sarah
UXM (1st series) #266-267 first appearance, rescues child Storm from the Shadow King, become thieving partners until Ororo’s memory returns, accompanies her to Xavier’s mansion
UXM (1st series) #273 defeats Wolverine in Danger Room duel
XM #1 assigned to Blue team under Cyclops‘ leadership
XM #4 starts dating Rogue
XM #8-9, Ghost Rider (3rd series) #26-27 accused by Bishop of being a traitor; Bella Donna asks for X-Men’s help in New Orleans and apparently dies fighting the Brood
Gambit (3rd series) #1-4 brother Henri killed, annoys both Guilds and steals from Candra to gain the Elixir of Life in order to revive Bella Donna, who wakes up amnesiac
XM #28, 33 relationship with Rogue endangered by Sabretooth hinting at Gambit’s many secrets
XM #41, X-Men Prime kisses Rogue when the end of the world is near, rendered comatose, Rogue runs away because of having absorbed a terrible memory
XM #45 catches up with Rogue in Seattle, who ends their relationship and leaves the X-Men, realizes that he’ll never outrun his past
UXM (1st series) #326 turns his anger on Sabretooth
Onslaught makes up with Bishop over the traitor thing, Rogue returns to the team along with her friend Joseph
UXM (1st series) #343 saves Rogue from being absorbed by the Phalanx, proclaims his love for her
UXM (1st series) #348 X-Men end up captured and powerless in Antarctica, he and Rogue spend the night together
UXM (1st series) #350 his connection to Sinister and his role in the Mutant Massacre revealed, the X-Men abandon him in Antarctica
off panel in order to survive he bonds with green energy entity found in Magneto’s base
Gambit Wizard Special #1/2 rescued by operatives of the New Son, accepts to work for him in exchange
UXM (1st series) #361, XM #81 reluctantly returns to the X-Men, him and Rogue at odds with each other due to the green entity threatening to kill her if he starts another romance with her
Gambit (3rd series) #1-4 steals various objects for the New Sun, wonders about his motives, learns of Fontanelle (employed by The New Son) gathering information on him
XM #90 after accidentally injuring her, places Marrow in a Skrull healing device that give her beauty and control of her powers
Gambit Annual ‘99 green energy woman purged from his body
Gambit (3rd series) #12-14 travels over 100 years into the past to save his father and help the Thieves Guild, ends up stuck there
Gambit (3rd series) #16 asks past Sinister to put back the removed brain tissue, uses increased powers to return to the present, briefly able to touch Rogue, but relationship is put on ice because of his new duties as newly appointed leader of the Thieves Guild
Gambit (3rd series) #19 New Sun puts a price on Gambit’s head, but he survives being chased by dozens of mercenaries, makes up with Bella Donna, leading to a Guild Unification
Gambit Annual 2000 New Sun revealed as alternate reality Gambit
Gambit (3rd series) #22-24 big showdown vs. New Sun, ancient Guild prophecies would have led Gambit to cause everyone on Earth to die, which is how it happened in his reality and why he wants to kill him, however Gambit manages to come through and burns out his increased powers at the same time
XM #109 asked by Storm to join her quest for Destiny’s Diaries, vetoed by Rogue who fears injuring him with her out of control powers
XXM #4 returns to thieving ways, steals gem from Vargas
XXM #5-9 framed for murdering an Australian crimelord, Rogue and X-men help clear his name
XXM #10 kidnapped by Shaitan, used in synergy with special gem stones to empower dimensional warpgate, allowing an alien army to invade Earth
XXM #16-17 both he and Rogue impaled by Vargas‘ sword, warpgate closes down
XXM #18-19 willing to die, but Rogue pulls back his soul from the afterlife, both powerless after their injuries, quit the team to explore a normal relationship
XXM #31 operating out of Valle Soleada, returned to thieving ways, helps Storm break into Presidential Ranch
XXM #46 powers jumpstarted by Sage
XM #157 both he and Rogue are assigned to Havok’s X-Men squad, no longer able to touch Rogue as her powers have returned
XM #158 charged card blows up in his face, effectively blinding him
XM #163 experiences precognitive flash
XM #165 blindness cured by Elixir and Sage
Gambit (4th series) #3 sleeps with a female client who hires him for a thief job
Gambit (4th series) #3 sleeps with a female client who hires him for a thief job
Gambit (4th series) #10 avoids Rogue learning of his one-night-stand
XM #171-174 tries out telepathic relationship counseling with Rogue to no avail, feels attracted to new student Foxx, aka Mystique, who tries to sabotage the relationship of him and Rogue
XM #181-182 is furious when Mystique introduces the X-Men to Pulse, a handsome young mutant who is able to touch Rogue without any ill side-effects
XM #183-186 agrees to join Apocalypse’s Horsemen as Death in order to protect the X-Men, not expecting his mind to be affected by the transformation process; nearly kills Rogue when he battles her as Death
XM #187 is approached by Mister Sinister following Apocalypse’s defeat
XM #200 restored to his regular self, working with Sinister’s Marauders
XM #204 worried about Rogue who was shot and kidnapped by Mystique, who was also working for the Marauders
Messiah Complex relieved and shocked at the same time when Mystique cures Rogue with the mutant messiah baby, respects Rogue’s wish to be left alone
XM Legacy #212-214 protects Xavier from various assassination attempts and becoming the new host body of Mister Sinister
XM Legacy #224 accompanies Xavier to visit Rogue, witnesses her learning to control her powers
XM Legacy #229 manifests the Death persona right after a heated argument
XM Legacy #234 keeps the Death persona secret from Rogue, who is not ready to pick up their relationship again
X-Men Hellbound #1-3 gives in to the Death persona once again while under the corruptive influence of Limbo, displays the ability to transform others into a similar state like him, effect is undone when he is stabbed by a soul-blade
XM Legacy #250 joins a squad of X-Men led by Rogue and tells Rogue her that he refuses to let go of their love