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9th June 2011


AF (1st series) #30 serves alongside his brother, Lionel, in a war; has to restrain Lionel when he becomes insane
off-panel recruited into Gamma Flight by James Hudson, starts a relationship with his teammate, Diamond Lil
AF (1st series) #1 Gamma Flight is disbanded when Department H gets shut down
AF (1st series) #16 first appearance, learns from Roger Bochs of Hudson’s apparent death
AF (1st series) #22 helps Bochs to upgrade the Box armor
AF (1st series) #28 becomes involved with Alpha Flight, helps to defeat Omega Flight including his former lover, Diamond Lil
AF (1st series) #30 Lionel, aka Scramble, the Mix-Up Man escapes from the asylum he was placed in; he apparently cures himself of his madness by using Madison’s mind as a template
AF (1st series) #41 fully inducted into Alpha Flight
AF (1st series) #43-44 disgusted by Aurora’s flirtatious behavior while her boyfriend, Roger Bochs is in a clinic for treatment
AF (1st series) #46 forces Roger out of the Box armor and reconfigures it to only accept him as its wearer when Roger becomes paranoid and threatens to kill Alpha Flight
AF (1st series) #48-49 reconstructs the Box robot to his own designs, forced to kill his brother, Lionel, and the deranged Roger Bochs whom Lionel absorbed into himself
AF (1st series) #52 begins a relationship with Heather Hudson
AF (1st series) #55-56 absorbs the mass of Bedlam’s complex, transforms into the Boxship, nearly lobotomized when the Bedlamites, who were inside the absorbed complex, infect his brain
AF (1st series) #61 proposes to Heather Hudson
AF (1st series) #65 subtly influenced by the Dream Queen, subconscious guilt for having killed Lionel and Roger takes over the Box armor and nearly kills him and Heather
AF (1st series) #71 visited by Diamond Lil, who hopes to rekindle their relationship
AF (1st series) #78 allows Lil to temporarily move in with him while Alpha Flight’s mansion is under construction, realizes that he still has feelings for her
AF (1st series) #86 chooses to be with Heather and to go on with the wedding plans
AF (1st series) #87-90 called to help Roxxon Industries with a technological problem, which turns out to be a James Hudson, still alive and now partially cyborg; reunites James and Heather, effectively ending his relationship with her
AF (1st series) #95, 101 stands by Lil’s side while she deals with a potential breast cancer diagnosis
AF (1st series) #102-103 injured during a mission, faced with the possibility of dying in the field, he proposes to Lil
AF (1st series) #104-105 he and Lil resign from Alpha Flight to get married, chooses Wild Child as his best man
AF (1st series) #109, 125 marriage is strained as Madison misses the hero life and keeps using the Box armor despite Lil asking him not to
Death Metal vs. Genetix #1-2 encounters Death Metal, manages to hurt him with his power over metal, later knocked out by Death Metal who gathers a DNA sample from Madison to create a being powerful enough to either end or control the threat he poses to humanity
AF (2nd series) #1 joins a new and revamped Alpha Flight sans the Box armor, kidnapped by Zodiac during the team’s first mission
AF (2nd series) #12 brainwashed to serve Zodiac as Gemini
Weapon X (2nd series) #1, 4-5 abducted by the Weapon X Program, further brainwashed to be loyal to the director, Malcolm Colcord; ordered to create robotic guards and a mutant concentration camp, not knowing that Diamond Lil is one of the inmates
Weapon X (2nd series) #12-13 on the run with Colcord when he is overthrown by his second in command
Weapon X (2nd series) #22 provides a delusional Colcord with a Sentinel army
UXM #505 has been abandoned by Colcord and locked himself into an abandoned factory, believes to be hunted by his own robot creations, recruited by the X-Men into their science division, the X-Club
Utopia crossover helps to raise Asteroid M from the ocean floor and turn it into a floating island, Utopia, for mutants to live on
Nation X #3 works non-stop to improve the island’s life support systems and living quarters, especially after Diamond Lil comes to live on Utopia too, tries avoiding her but eventually reconciles with her only to lose her forever when she is killed during an attack
NMU (3rd series) #9, UXM #529 shows a romantic interest in the robotic artificial intelligence, Danger