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28th September 2007


After Colossus sacrificed his life to cure all mutants afflicted by the Legacy Virus, Magneto suddenly found himself in possession of an entire army ready to fight humankind. Before Magnus declared war on humanity, though, he first kidnapped Xavier and used him as a symbol of traitors to their kind to rally his troops around. With the X-Men partially having left Xavier’s or being busy on other missions, Jean Grey collected a team of newcomers to confront Magneto while Wolverine and Cyclops went to Genosha undercover. Eventually, they tricked Magneto with an illusion, allowing them to free Xavier, who then used his mental power to keep Magneto from Wolverine. Magneto was utterly unrepentant and Wolverine, having had enough from the danger Magneto would keep on posing, injured him almost lethally. The imminent war having been avoided, the X-Men departed, leaving the island in chaos due to their leader being incapacitated. [X-Men (2nd series) #111, Eve of Destruction crossover]

Polaris used Magneto’s weakness to roam around the island more freely and, during this time, she took the chance to clear up something that had been nagging her for long. She stole a blood sample of Magneto from his labs and had an independent, blind genetic test done by someone without any possible hidden agenda. The test revealed that Magneto was her biological father, he apparently having had an affair with Lorna’s mother at some point between when Magda had run out on him and his first meeting with Charles Xavier in Israel. Shock turned to anger when Polaris researched the FAA reports of her mother’s plan crash, only to find that there had been an oddity - the investigators had found the wreckage to be highly magnetized - Magneto’s doing? [Uncanny X-Men #430-431]
Furious, Lorna returned to Genosha to confront Magneto about her findings, however she arrived in the middle of a massacre. A new breed of Sentinels had been released on the largest known population of mutants - Genosha. Ever evolving and adapting, nothing could stop these “wild Sentinels,” especially not Magneto, who was still recovering from his injuries. The master of magnetism seemingly perished alongside 16 millions of his subjects. [New X-Men (1st series) #115]
[Note: It has yet to be revealed how Magneto can still be alive after these events. The likeliest explanation seems to be that his daughter, the Scarlet Witch, subconsciously resurrected him with her growing power to alter reality. At least that seems to be what Dr. Strange hinted at in House of M #7.]

Many months later, Magneto was revealed to be alive, even though he himself has no idea how he survived the Sentinel attack; all that Magnus remembers is “waking up” at some point afterwards. Telepathically sensing the presence of his old friend, Xavier contacted Magneto and arranged a meeting with him in the ruins of Genosha. From Xavier, Magneto learned that, during the time he was missing, a mysterious Chinese healer named Xorn had infiltrated the X-Men and later, while pretending to be Magneto himself, he terrorized New York City, slaughtering five thousand people, including Jean Grey, before being killed by Wolverine. Magnus was furious at this, but he agreed with Xavier that, as the world still considered “Magneto” to be responsible for these crimes, it would be better for him to keep a low profile. With the ruined of Genosha serving as a testament to the failure of his way, Magneto agreed to work together with Xavier towards rebuilding Genosha. [Excalibur (3rd series) #1-2]

Magneto and Xavier began gathering survivors while fighting off other mutant factions (such as one led by Unus) or other scavengers who wanted their piece of Genosha. They saved Omega Sentinel Karima Shapandar as well as fellow mutant Shola Inkose, who both joined their group. Magneto actually forged a rapport with some of the young survivors, knowing too well what they had gone through in a way Xavier couldn’t. Interestingly enough, whether they believe him to be dead or for some other reason, many people had problems recognizing Magneto for who he was, and he again used his old alias as Xavier’s cousin, “Michael Xavier.” [Excalibur (3rd series) #3-7]

When he was mentally contacted by the insane all powerful Scarlet Witch calling for help, Magneto did something he hadn’t done before; he created a wormhole, allowing him to travel to New York in time to take his mindless daughter away from Dr. Strange and the Avengers and bring her to Genosha. Apparently in her despair, Wanda had increased her father‘s abilities to provide him with the means to rescue her. [Excalibur (3rd series) #8-9, Avengers (1st series) #503] Magnus blamed himself for her state, because his war against humanity had been more important for him than his family. He wanted Xavier to telepathically restore Wanda’s sanity but, making next to no progress over the next weeks, Xavier asked Dr. Strange for his opinion on Wanda’s dangerously unstable condition. [Excalibur (3rd series) #10-14]
Eventually, Xavier informed the Avengers and a team of X-Men which was to decide about Wanda’s fate. Unknown to those present, Quicksilver eavesdropped on that gathering. Convinced they were going to kill Wanda, he begged his father to intervene, but Magneto found himself unable to act, fearing the heroes may well be right and walked away. Finally, Pietro convinced Wanda to take over Xavier and shift reality to one where their friends and family had their wishes fulfilled. In that reality, humans were a minority and mutants, led by Magneto - king of the House of Magnus - ruled.
Some heroes, thanks to the mysterious Layla Miller, eventually learned the truth and confronted Magneto and his family. Magneto learned of what Quicksilver had done and attacked him. However, Wanda snapped back to coherence long enough to use her powers again – speaking, “no more Mutants.” Reality was restored, with the difference that only a handful of mutant had kept their power. Magneto was not among them. With him human now, the heroes left him in Genosha to live out his “crap sapien life” - as Wolverine put it. [House of M #1-8]

Magneto was left as the last human on the island, writing his biography and wondering whether or not it should be his suicide note. It was there that he was found by the Collective, the combined energy of all the depowered mutants now gathered in the form of an unsuspecting energy-absorbing mutant named Michael Pointer. The Avengers were hot on the Collective’s trail, but they were too late to stop it from taking over Magneto’s body. The partially sentient energy was actually Shen Xorn, whose brother had posed as the impostor Magneto. Realizing that the war against humanity could only be won by the true Magneto, Xorn attempted to take over Magneto, who didn’t want to have his powers restored that way and begged the Sentry to kill him rather than allow him being used. A superpowered SHIELD agent severed the Xorn-Magneto link by creating a miniature earthquake in Magneto’s head. As the Avengers pressed their attack on Xorn, the injured Magneto was taken away in a SHIELD helicopter… which exploded with no sign of the body. [New Avengers #20]

Currently only Magneto’s book is left in SHIELD’s hands. No doubt, though, the master of magnetism will show up again sooner or later. He has cheated death too many times before for one to truly believe that he is gone for good.