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3rd January 2010

Forming this new team brought several changes for Brian and Meggan, not all of them for the better. Without asking her lover, Meggan rather generously invited the others to move into the rather small lighthouse. Brian continued drinking heavily, which his new teammates did not approve of. In his anger and frustration, he repeatedly lashed out at Meggan. Brian also began seeing a lot of his old girlfriend, Courtney Ross,which left Meggan feeling rejected and unwanted. Meggan's mood was often reflected in her appearance. More than once, Nightcrawler tried to cheer her up, explaining that she was one of the most beautiful people he knew, not only on the outside but in her heart and soul. Responding to his affection, she began to change into a female version of him. Kurt and Meggan almost gave in to their attraction but stopped at the last moment. [Excalibur (1st series) #1-4]

Instead, the two became close friends and Meggan confided in Kurt that she was scared by her powers. Responding to the desires of others came so naturally that she wondered if there was truly a real “Meggan“ underneath all her different shapes or if she was only some deluded mirrorgirl. Her fears were justified when Excalibur traveled to New York to help during Inferno. Meggan was immediately influenced by the demonic energies dominating the city. She willingly offered herself to the demon N’astirh, who transformed her into the Goblin Princess. While possessed by these arcane forces, Meggan used her powers to make sure that Brian would never leave her side by trapping him in several movie scenarios. Fortunately, Shadowcat rescued both her teammates when she disrupted the evil magicks influencing them with the Soulsword. [Excalibur (1st series) #6-7]

Ashamed by her deeds under this evil influence, Meggan needed some time to herself and went to explore New York. Without noticing, she synchronized with the people she met and their wishes. Naturally, she quickly made some new friends. However, she quickly learned that she could not always let others decide for her when one man tried to force himself on her. While Meggan was happy to have found the willpower to say “no,“ her physical transformations were soon out of control. She rapidly shifted forms, constantly adapting to the person nearest to her. Her lover, Captain Britain, was in similarly bad shape, with his amplifying battle suit destroyed and far from Great Britain, his powers were waning. [Excalibur (1st series) #8-9] At first, it seemed that Meggan’s abilities were also derived from the unique mystic energies around Great Britain, but in retrospect it appeared that Meggan’s situation was caused by her being attuned to Brian so much that her body mimicked his power loss. Meggan has left Great Britain several times before and since this incident but never faced such problems again.

Shortly after their return to England, Excalibur embarked on a journey through the multiverse, the so-called Cross-Time Caper. Visiting numerous alternate Earths proved to be quite an experience. One reality was as technologically advanced as Meggan's home reality, but still contained major elements of fantasy and magic. Meggan said that she felt like she had come home. This dimension included a faery race of tiny glowing creatures with wings. When Meggan copied their characteristics, even the natives said it seemed like the faery folk were welcoming home a lost princess of their race. [Excalibur (1st series) #12]

On another Earth, inhabited by swashbucklers and pirates, Meggan even acted as a vessel for the world spirit and served as people’s inspiration, [Excalibur (1st series) #17] while in a third reality she fell gravely ill until her body adapted to the pollutants in that Earth’s atmosphere. [Excalibur (1st series) #23] However, not all of the strange events that befell Meggan originated from the worlds they visited.
Forced to share rather confined quarters during their travels, Meggan and Rachel's powers began to interact whenever their guard was down, like when sleeping. The mix of telepathy, empathic shape-shifting and telekinetic rearrangement of molecules caused the two women to exchange clothes as well as physical traits. Naturally, their Excalibur teammates were concerned about this phenomenon but, as they were busy trying to find a way home while dealing with the natives of the worlds they visited, there was no time to further explore it. [Excalibur (1st series) #15, 18]

Several months after returning to their own universe, tempers flared up when Brian caught Nightcrawler fantasizing about Meggan in his sleep. In a jealous rage, Brian attacked Kurt and broke his leg, before finally listening to reason and learning that nothing had actually happened between the two. Meggan was confused by Brian's outburst and couldn’t understand why he would fight over her, as if owned her. Meggan had already given him her heart and he had made her feel safe. Given his behavior, Meggan now felt she needed to further establish herself as her own person, so she left the team to research her heritage, accompanied by Rachel. Meggan barely remembered her family, so she asked Rachel to mindprobe her – with startling results. Rachel uncovered that Meggan’s memory had a rather unique structure. Unlike the average human being, she hadn’t erected any psychic barriers in her mind and lived constantly in the moment, accepting the past without opinion and holding no dreams or aspiration for the future. This was the reason that the two women had merged forms in the past, as Rachel was in a similar state. Her memory suppressed by the Phoenix Force, she had to live in the present. [Excalibur (1st series) #43-44]

The mindscan hadn’t provided any clues, so Meggan and Rachel paid the Scott family a visit since they had known Meggan in her original form and might have remembered something. Unfortunately, they could only point towards a gypsy fortune teller who had settled down nearby and might have been among the traveling folk that Meggan was born to. Madame Zelda turned out to be a fraud and did possess clairvoyant powers in the slightest, but Meggan’s story reminded her of rumors she heard about a magical creature hidden in a gypsy caravan. Over the next two weeks, Meggan and Rachel followed these Gypsies to France and Germany but it turned out the stories surrounding them were not about Meggan. Instead, they discovered an old being belonging to a mystical race called the Neuri, whose powers were being exploited by his captors. Meggan and Rachel released the Neuri so that he could die in peace. Before perishing, he took Meggan to a spiritual plane called Alshra. Once there, Meggan’s form reverted to her true appearance in which she is able to perceive others’ life forces. With some cryptic words, the Neuri told her that her quest had ended for now, as she was not destined to find her parents yet. [Excalibur (1st series) #45-46]

As it turned out, Meggan’s new powers were needed quite soon. When she and Rachel returned to Excalibur, it was discovered that Merlin had influenced the team from day one, apparently training them for one single purpose. Each member of Excalibur possessed a unique ability that was required to form a composite entity. Meggan’s job in the matter was to perceive the flow of life force, as the unique energy matrix that was connected Otherworld with all the Earth and empowered the Captain Britain Corps was destabilizing. Once Excalibur had repaired the matrix, they split into individual beings again. However, Meggan and Brian were not pleased that Merlin had manipulated them and used some excessive energy to destroy Merlin’s access point to the energy matrix – the team’s lighthouse. The building existed on every Earth throughout the multiverse and was considered a nexus point with a significant connection to the energy matrix. Turning their backs on Merlin, Excalibur decided to stay together of their own choice. [Excalibur (1st series) #49-50]