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3rd January 2010


CB (2nd series) #8 born to travelers, grows fur in her first winter, perceived as a wolf-child and stays hidden in her family’s van her entire childhood
Mighty World of Marvel #7 first appearance, locked in concentration camp during Jaspers’ reality warp
Mighty World of Marvel #14-15 lives in an abandoned warehouse, meets and is mistakenly attacked by Captain Britain
Mighty World of Marvel #16 comes to live at Braddock Manor, called “beautiful” by blind seer
CB (2nd series) #8-9 realizes empathic shapeshifting power while encountering the Warpies, transforms into a form Brian desires
CB (2nd series) #11 tries to uncover family roots in Russia, encounters Baba Yaga and utilizes buried mystic knowledge to defeat her
EXC The Sword is Drawn Brian starts drinking after learning of the X-Men’s and his sister’s “death” and lashes out at Meggan, both become founding members of Excalibur
EXC #4 Nightcrawler attracted to her, responds by synching up with him, nearly gives in to desire
EXC #6-7 temporarily becomes Goblin Princess during Inferno
EXC #8-9 shapeshifting out of control
EXC #12-18 embarks on the Cross-Time Caper, meets several different versions of herself, learns more about her powers, accidentally exchanges clothes and physical traits with Rachel
EXC #43-46 Rachel’s mindprobe reveals unique memory structure, confused when Brian and Kurt fight over her, leaves on a quest to uncover her origins, ends up on a false trail but at least discovers her true appearance in which she can “see” lifeforce
EXC #50 thwarts Merlin’s plans by imploding Excalibur’s lighthouse, a nexus place
EXC #61 accepts Brian’s proposal
EXC #63, 66 shocked when Brian temporarily loses his powers and her perception of his aura changes, has doubts about their relationship wondering if they could love each other without their good looks
EXC #67 learning that in the future she and Brian have kids puts her doubts aside, they promise each other to stay together forever
EXC #68 enters trance-like state when Brian is washed away in a chronal anomaly
EXC #74-75 revealed to have been maintaining contact with Brian as some sort of emotional anchor, Brian returns, though somewhat changed by the experience of being trapped in the timestream
EXC #80 discovers that her powers have grown, her being able to shape her environment instead of just react to it
EXC #102 renews wedding plans
EXC #107-110 Brian is kidnapped by Dragons of the Crimson Dawn who attempt to overtax his powers, Meggan helps rechannel his energies, but it leaves him powerless, Brian delays their wedding and takes a leave of absence
EXC #111, 114-115, 118 seeks comfort in the arms of Colossus, confused about her emotions she puts the blame on him
EXC #123-125 Brian returns, Meggan confesses her attraction to Colossus but is forgiven, wedding takes place on Otherworld
EXC(2nd series)#4 Brian becomes ruler of Otherworld, Meggan stays there as his queen
UXM #462-465 returns with Brian to Earth 616 to save the universe, sacrifices herself to stop a reality-altering wave of chaos energies
CB MI13 #7-9 revealed alive, meets Brian who believes her to be an illusion of his greatest desire caused by the villain he is currently fighting
CB MI13 Annual#1 finds herself accidentally stranded in hell, tricked by Dormammu into adopting a demonic shape, holding on to and broadcasting her anger she gains an army of followers, transforms back and adopts the name Gloriana, bestows her army with feelings of hope and peace before leaving hell
CB MI13 #15 given as a hostage to Dracula, who underestimates her new self-confidence, turns the tide in the battle between Great Britain and Dracula’s powers, happily reunited with Brian