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5th August 2011


XXM #1 hired as a detective by Irene Adler
Sabretooth #3 poses as German agent Leni Zauber, sleeps with Victor Creed, gets pregnant with Graydon Creed, later abandons the child
UXM 428, XMU #4 married to a German Count, has a brief affair with Azazel, gives birth to Nightcrawler, accidentally reveals her true form, chased by a mob, sacrifices her baby
XMU #4, UXM #178, CXM #44 Destiny and Mystique take in Rogue and raise her
Ms. Marvel #16 first appearance
Ms. Marvel #18 first appearance in true form, works in Pentagon
UXM #142 public debut of new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants led by Mystique, attempt to kill Senator Kelly fails
Rom #31 frees Destiny from prison with Rogue’s help
UXM #170-171 Rogue runs away and joins the X-Men
UXM #177-178 tries to get her daughter back, realizes that Rogue might need Xavier’s help to control her powers
UXM #183-185, Marvel Fanfare #40 learns that Forge’s neutralizer gun is to be used on Rogue, Destiny predicts that whoever goes to Rogue’s aid will be depowered instead, Mystique provides Storm with Rogue’s whereabouts which leads to Ororo losing her powers
UXM #199 makes a deal with Val Cooper, Brotherhood becomes Freedom Force and gain pardon in exchange for their services to the US government
XFA #10 exposes X-Factor’s secret (of being mutants in disguise) to the media
UXM #223-224 alerts Rogue of Destiny’s vision that the X-Men will die in Dallas
UXM #225-227 Freedom Force tries to arrest the X-Men for their own protection, but then pool their resources against the Adversary; after the X-Men sacrifice themselves, Mystique blames Forge for her daughter’s death
UXM #254-255 Freedom Force called to help Muir Island against the Reavers, Destiny killed by Legion, Mystique again blames Forge, who was supposed to protect Destiny
UXM #266, 269 Destiny left a note, foretelling that Val Cooper (under mental control) would come to kill her. Mystique calmly awaits her fate and is apparently shot by Val
XFA #69-70 ”Val” throws the Shadow King off guard by revealing herself as Mystique, reunited with Rogue after long months, as both thought the other one dead
Wolverine #51-53 starts friendship with Wolverine
UXM #289-290 apparently goes insane, Forge leaves Storm and the X-Men to help her
Sabretooth #1-4 using an alias, Graydon Creed hires Sabretooth to kill Mystique, Wolverine intervenes, but is disgusted by Mystique’s lack of feelings for her own son
XMU #4 Nightcrawler learns from Graydon Creed that Mystique is his mother
XFA #108 tries to kill Legion as revenge for Destiny’s death
X-Men Prime attacked by a Hound, captured by X-Factor
XFA #112 forced to serve X-Factor to atone for her crimes, receives tracking implant
XFA #114-115 takes an interest in Forge, tries to seduce him
XFA #123 Sabretooth is also forced to join X-Factor
XFA #126 reveals true extent of her shapeshifting powers
XFA #127 vows to kill Graydon Creed after learning that he was behind an attack on her protégé Trevor Chase
XFA #130 Creed shot during a presidential campaign speech, a time-delayed weapon makes Mystique look innocent
XFA #132-134 Trevor Chase kidnapped by government official, X-Factor rescue him and severe all ties with government
XFA #136-137 Sabretooth turns out to be a sleeper agent of the Hound program and nearly kills all of X-Factor, Mystique blames Val Cooper before running away
XFA #138-139 re-adopts Mallory Brickman identity, has tracking implant removed
UXM #359 intervenes when Rogue is about to have her powers removed
XM #93-94 creates new identity of supermodel Ronnie Lake, framed for murder by Skrulls but cleared of charges with the help of Rogue and Sunfire
UXM #379, XM #99, UXM #380 exposed when High Evolutionary shuts down all mutant powers, arrested, all cover identities revealed, angry with Rogue for not busting her out of prison
X-Men Forever #1-4 set on a journey through time, visits important moments in her history, kills Graydon while inhabiting her past self
X-Men Forever #6 template form altered, unable to deal with bits of future knowledge
XM #104-105 researches information in Destiny’s Diaries, plans second assassination attempt on Kelly, who is running for president
Dream’s End creates Legacy Virus variant that only attacks humans, removes Wolfsbane’s powers with Neutralizer gun, blows up Muir Island, Moira MacTaggert dies, Mystique and Rogue stab each other
UXM #389 transfers Diaries to Xavier, sent to prison hospital
UXM #401-406 infiltrates Banshee’s X-Corps, assumes control of it, causes mass destruction in Paris, cripples Banshee and is sucked into Abyss’ void
UXM #431 spat out of Abyss’ void during a conflict between Nightcrawler and Azazel
Mystique #1-2 arrested and nearly executed, blackmailed by Xavier into becoming his field agent, with Forge as her weapon supplier
Mystique #6 recruited by Shepherd to become a double agent for the Quiet Man, unaware of the Quiet Man’s true intentions
Mystique #24 kills Quiet Man, breaks free from Xavier's control
XMN (2nd series) #171-173 infiltrates the Xavier Institute posing as sexy new student Foxx in an attempt to seduce Gambit and end his relationship with Rogue
XMN (2nd series) #174 voted into the X-Men, leaves before accepting membership
XMN (2nd series) #181 officially joins the X-Men
XMN (2nd series) #200 betrays the X-Men to the Marauders
XMN (2nd series) #207 revives Rogue, who attempts to kill her in return
WOLV (3rd series) #65 left for dead by Wolverine, beginning a major vendetta
UXM #513 joins Norman Osborn’s X-Men
WOLV (4th series) #1-6 sends Logan to Hell, then attempts to bring him back
WOLV (4th series) #9 killed by Wolverine for her role in his trip to Hell, remains sold at auction