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12th April 2007


Bizarre Adventures #27 telepathy manifests as her childhood friend Annie Richardson dies in a car accident; withdraws completely until she receives help from Professor Xavier who mentally blocks the access to her telepathy
UXM #1 first appearance, joins the X-Men, receives the codename Marvel Girl because of her telekinetic powers
UXM #7-8 she and Scott secretly love each other, but don’t dare to talk about their feelings
UXM #24 temporarily steps down to part-time X-Men status, as her parents wants her to attend classes in Metro college
UXM #32 gets Scott to open up to her, starts dating him
UXM #41-42 acts weird in front of the other X-Men, joins Xavier in some secret experiments (during which the access to her telepathy is restored), shocked when “Xavier“ is killed
UXM #48 works as a photo model during a time that the X-Men have been ordered to split up by FBI agent Fred Duncan
UXM #65 relieved when the real Professor Xavier reveals himself to be alive, her having been the only one to know of this secret
XHY #8-9 scanned by the Phoenix Force
UXM #94 leaves the X-Men to explore normal life
UXM #98 captured by Sentinels while on a date with Scott, taken to a space station in earth’s orbit
UXM #100 pilots an unshielded shuttle back to Earth, passes solar radiation
CXM #8, Fantastic Four (1st series) #286, EXC #52 is dying of radiation poisoning when the Phoenix Force appears, has no choice but to accept the Force’s offer, is placed in a healing cocoon while the Force duplicates Jean’s body and bonds with it after infuses it with some of her life-force, intoxicated with human emotion, the Force believes itself to be the real Jean Grey
UXM #101 shuttle crashes into Jamaica Bay, Phoenix rises from the water to take Jean’s place among the X-Men
UXM #105 first displays her impressive powers while fighting Firelord, a former Herald of Galactus, forced to reveal to Jean’s parents that their daughter is a mutant
UXM #108 saves the entire universe when she repairs the energy matrix of the M’Kraan Crystal
UXM #114 separated from the X-Men during a cave-in, believes the other X-Men dead
UXM #122 meets Jason Wyngarde, not knowing that he is actually Mastermind, who has been stalking her for weeks
UXM #125 experiences a time-shift illusion, sees herself living in some 18th century scenario; reunited with the X-Men
UXM #130 finds herself in another 18th century scenario in which she marries Wyngarde
UXM #132 illusion becomes permanent, joins the Hellfire Club as their new Black Queen
UXM #134 snaps out of the illusion when Mastermind kills Cyclops on the astral plane, cruelly punishes Mastermind shortly before transforming into Dark Phoenix
UXM #135 soars through space, consumes the star of the D’Bari system, five billion aliens die
UXM #136 returns to Earth, backed up by Xavier she suppresses her dark side
UXM #137 Shi’ar demand Phoenix’ death, X-Men duel the Imperial Guard over Phoenix’s fate, when Dark Phoenix resurfaces during the battle the jean aspects force her to commit suicide
CXM #43 meets Death, learns more about the connection between Jean and the Phoenix Force before leaving the afterlife again
XFA (1st series) #38 its mortal shell shattered, the Force tries to return the stolen fragments, but Jean rejects the images of death and destruction
Avengers (1st series) #263, Fantastic Four (1st series) #286 cocoon is discovered by the Avengers, the probings of Mr. Fantastic damage Jean’s telepathy before she is released
XFA (1st series) #1 founds X-Factor together with the other original X-Men
XFA (1st series) #7-8 learns that in her absence Scott has gotten married and fathered a child
XFA (1st series) #12 her sister, Sara, goes missing
XFA (1st series) #27 restarts relationship with Scott after his wife, Madelyne, is reported dead; lets her parents know that she is alive
Inferno happily reunited with the X-Men during Inferno, encounters Madelyne, aka the Goblyn Queen, who turns out to be her clone with the Phoenix portion she denied, almost dies when Madelyne commits suicide while mentally linked with Jean, has no choice but to integrate Phoenix and Madelyne into herself
XFA (1st series) #43 being in outer space triggers the memories of the other identities, constantly switches between the three personas
XFA (1st series) #50 bundles the energies of the inhabitants of an entire planet to use them against the Celestials, is purged of the other two personas though retains some of their memories
XFA (1st series) #53 turns down Scott’s proposal because she feels her entire life if pre-ordained
UXM Annual #14, XFA Annual #5 meets Rachel Summers, shocked by the existence of an alternate future daughter
XFA (1st series) #65 telepathy accidentally restored in battle with Psynapse of the Dark Riders
UXM #281-283 has rejoined the X-Men, placed among the Gold Squad led by Storm, apparently killed by Sentinels, but survives by transferring her mind into the comatose body of Emma Frost
EXC #71, UXM #308 makes up with Rachel and informs her of her imminent proposal to Scott
XM #30 marries Scott
Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix #1-4 the minds of the newlyweds are transported to the far future, where they raise Scott’s child, Nathan Christopher, for twelve years, Mother Askani (an aged elderly Rachel) asks Jean to take on the name “Phoenix”
XM #70-71 following Scott being injured she takes a leave of absence from the X-Men to watch over his recovery
UXM #353-357 decides to fully explore her abilities, worries Scott by displaying more and more power and wearing the Phoenix costume, even though she explains it as a symbolic gesture for a new start
XM #92, UXM 375 returns to the X-Men when Xavier discover a traitor among the team
Twelve is mentioned as one of the “Twelve”, horrified when Apocalypse merges with Scott
six month gap tries to help Psylocke with the imprisoned Shadow King in her mind, experiment results in a power switch, loses telekinesis but adds Psylocke’s telepathy to her own
X-Men Forever #1-3 joins Prosh and several others in the search for mutantkind’s destiny, visits important stages in her and Phoenix’s life
X-Men Forever #6 touches the Phoenix Force, learns that eventually humanity will evolve into Eternity
X-Men: Search for Cyclops #1-4 tracky down “Cyclopalypse” together with Cable, separate Apocalypse’s essence from the merged body, freeing Scott
NXM #114 telekinesis has returned; marriage under a strain
NXM #120 power levels increase dramatically, bursts into flames
NXM #128 scope of powers tested by Xavier, who detects a second personality, apparently the Phoenix consciousness, inside her psyche
NXM #138-139 stumbles in on the psychic affair of Scott and Emma, tears through Emma’s mind
NXM #141 saves Emma’s life after she was shot by fusing her diamond body back together
NXM #148 trapped on Asteroid M, hurled towards the sun, mercy-killed by Logan before being burned alive
NXM #150 Phoenix consciousness is released, enabling her to return to Earth and join the X-Men in battle against “Xorneto”, killed by a magnetic stoke
NXM #151-152 150 in the future, a Phoenix egg is found on the moon, Beast/Sublime causes Jean to hatch premature
NXM #153-154 follows Sublime’s orders and fights the X-Men until she remembers her true purpose, disinfects Sublime by amputating the future timeline, reaches back in time to push Scott towards Emma
X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #1 pulled from the grave and the White Hot Room by a disoriented Phoenix Force, forced into merging against her will
X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #3-4 has Wolverine kill her time and again to weaken the Force, who then leaves her body and merges with Emma instead
X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #5 pulls the Force out of Emma’s body as she can’t handle its energies, X-Men send all their love to help Jean stay in control, saves her friends from a Shi’ar weapon and returns to the White Hot Room