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30th June 2007


WOL (2nd series) #35 meets and befriends Ernest Hemingway while working as a bullfighter in Spain
AF (1st series) #32 origin, accidentally releases Raazer while trying to steal the Black Blade of Bagdad, traps the demon in his body and is turned into a dwarf
AF #minus 1 works as a volunteer in the Hull House orphanage, first meets James MacDonald Hudson
AF (1st series) #123 joins a mercenary group called the Outcasts
off-panel arrested for murder, promises James MacDonald Hudson to never kill again upon being paroled into Beta Flight
AF (1st series) #1 first appearance, upgraded to Alpha Flight right after they lose their governmental support
AF (1st series) #12-14 supports Hudson’s widow, Heather, after he apparently died during a battle
AF (1st series) #17 convinces Heather to become Alpha Flight’s new leader, harbors secret feelings for her
X-Men and Alpha Flight (1st series) #1-2 temporarily restored to his true height, however it turns out that Loki was behind this and the price involved is too high, so he rejects Loki’s “gift”
AF (1st series) #30 proclaims his love to heather, even after she has been (temporarily) disfigured by Scramble
AF (1st series) #31 forced to break his promise when he has to kill Deadly Ernest to save the lives of all his teammates
AF (1st series) #32 loses concentration and accidentally lets go of Raazer, re-arbsobs the demon into himself to save Alpha Flight and to prolongue his ownn life
AF (1st series) #33-46 realizes that Heather does not love him but Madison Jeffries, considers himself the weakest member of Alpha Flight and feels out of place with them
AF (1st series) #50 Raazer is purged from his body, restoring him to his true age and height, leaves Alpha Flight and seeks peace in Tibet
AF (1st series) #59-60 witnesses a battle between Alpha Flight and the evil Dream Queen, pushes her back through a dimensional portal and ends up trapped with her on Liveworld
AF (1st series) #67 de-aged and repeatedly tortured by the Dream Queen
AF (1st series) #75 repairs his physical damage with dream matter once the Dream Queen leaves, found by Alpha Flight and returns home with them
AF (1st series) #76, 78, 81-82 dream matter dissolves, leaving him hospitalized, is rushed to a clinic from where he is kidnapped
AF (1st series) #87-90 mutanted and experimented on by the Master, rescued by Alpha Flight, flesh-altering enzyme is used to stabilize his condition, restioring him to his previous dwarf state
AF (1st series) #95 chosen to be among Alpha Flight’s current official roster
AF (1st series) #102, 104 gains and quickly forfeits chief administrator job, instead becoming a free-ranging troubleshooter for Alpha Flight
AF (1st series) #122-123 forced to turn in his former teammates, the Outcasts, when Canada passes their superhero registration act
AF (1st series) #130 Department H temporarily disbands Alpha Flight because of anti-superhuman hysteria
AF (2nd series) #1 had a hard time living all by himself and has turned to drinking, is eventually compelled back into service with Department H and Alpha Flight again
AF (2nd series) #2-7 brainwashed whenever he uncovers some of Department H’s dark secrets
AF (2nd series) #15-16 mental discipline allows him to defeat one of his arch-enemies, the Brass Bishop
AF (2nd series) #20, WOL (2nd series) #142 begins dating Heather Hudson, but they soon realize that they are friends and nothing more
AF (3rd series) #6 departs to the Plodex homeworld to help some of his teammates to raise the next generation of the aliens
AF (3rd series) #12 alternate version of him is summoned to the present
New Avengers #16 slain by the Collective