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29th August 2014


UXM #102 origin, parents die, trapped in destroyed building, becomes a thief in the streets of Cairo
UXM #117 meets Xavier for the first time
Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #100 meets T’Challa while wandering to Kenya, powers manifest
XMHY #5-7 first meets the X-Men
Giant Size X-Men #1 first appearance
CXM #2 befriends Jean Grey
UXM #122 visits old home in Harlem
UXM #139 becomes leader of the X-Men
UXM #151-152 White Queen and Storm switch bodies
UXM #159 almost transformed into a vampire by Dracula
UXM #160 meets older sorceress version of herself in Limbo
UXM #162-166 infected with a Brood egg, about to commit suicide, but rescued and healed by the Acanti
UXM #170 becomes leader of the Morlocks after nearly killing Callisto
UXM #173 goes punk after being inspired by Logan’s friend Yukio
UXM #185 powers removed by Neutralizer gun
UXM #186 falls in love with Forge, until she learns that he created the gun
UXM #198 comes to terms with the loss of her powers while living among the natives in Africa
NMU Special Edition, UXM Annual #9 enchanted by Loki to become new Asgardian goddess of thunder, but rejects the gift
UXM #201 beats Cyclops in duel over leadership of the X-Men
UXM #219 decides that the X-Men need to go underground, to hide from their many enemies
UXM #225-227 trapped with Forge in another dimension, powers restored, sacrifices her life among the X-Men, who later get resurrected by Roma
UXM #248, 267 captured by Nanny, believed dead by the X-Men, reduced to child’s body
UXM #253, 255, 257 hunted by the Shadow King, framed for murder
UXM #265-267 returns to thieving, befriends Gambit, another encounter with Nanny restores her memory
X-Tinction Agenda captured by Genoshan forces, undergoes fake mutate process, body and powers restored
XM #1 X-Men reorganized, becomes leader of Gold team
UXM #289-290 asked by Forge to marry him, but the offer is retracted before she can say yes
UXM #293 Morlocks apparently killed
UXM #306 makes up with Forge
UXM #325 learns that the Morlocks are alive, forced to rip out Marrow’s heart
Storm #4 relocates the Morlocks to Africa, starts flirtation with cable
XM #79 makes up with Marrow
XM #109 asks some of the other X-Men to accompany her on a quest for Destiny’s Diaries
XXM #6 attracted to Davis Cameron
XXM #12 injured by the Viper, saved by alien invader Khan
XXM #16 opposes Khan, further strains her injured body
XXM #18 has a near death experience, meets her parents in the afterlife
XXM #22-23 confronts Emma Frost and works together with her to solve a murder case, disagrees with Xavier’s methods
XXM #32-35 breaks into the Presidential Ranch in Texas, suggests formation of the X.S.E. to world leaders
XXM #36-39 solo mission in Tokyo, both her and Callisto are enslaved by Masque, but eventually come through
XXM #46, UXM #444 X.S.E. returns home, help to rebuild the mansion
Decimation: House of M -- The Day After #1 leaves XSE to tend to decimated mutants in Africa
Uncanny X-Men Annual (2nd series) #1 reunited with her family in Kenya
Black Panther (4th series) #18 marriage to T'Challa
Civil War opposes the American Superhuman Registration Act
Fantastic Four (1st series) #544 joins the Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four (1st series) #550 leaves the FF, returned to Wakanda
Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #25 rejoins the X-Men part time
Doomwar downfall of Wakandan economy, Ororo and T'Challa no longer king and queen
Uncanny X-Men (2nd series) #1 named second-in-command of the Extinction Team
X-Men (3rd series) #20 appointed leader of the Security Recon team
Avengers (4th series) #19 joins the Avengers
New Avengers (2nd series) #24 resigns from Avengers
Avengers vs. X-Men #9 marriage to T'Challa dissolved
Wolverine & the X-Men (1st series) #19 joins the JeanGrey School staff
Wolverine & the X-Men (1st series) #24 begins relationship with Wolverine
All-New X-Men #6 becomes headmistress of Jean Grey School
X-Men (4th series) #1 activates a private strike team of X-Men