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29th December 2007


AF (1st series) #5 backstory first appearance, mother dies, disowns father, goes to live with the McNeil’s
AF (1st series) #14 an adult, studying archeology
AF (1st series) #15 forced reunion with father
AF (1st series) #19 pulls cronet from Shaman’s pouch, becomes Talisman
AF (1st series) #20 finds that she can’t remove the tiara
AF (1st series) #27 goes into the void within Shaman’s pouch to rescue teammates, becomes trapped inside when her father chooses to save Snowbird before her
Secret Wars II #4, AF (1st series) #28 rescued by the Beyonder, furious over Shaman failing her again, angrily teleports Alpha Flight away
AF (1st series) #35 witnesses Shaman passing a test of spiritual strength, has to bestow him new powers
AF (1st series) #37 tries to humiliate Shaman by making him accidentally release Pestilence, who is more powerful than her and removes the tiara from her head
AF (1st series) #38 makes up with her father, who then puts on the tiara and becomes Talisman in her stead
AF (1st series) #62 has gone back to studying archeology
AF (1st series) #67 receives mystical message from Snowbird, warning her of the Dream Queen
AF (1st series) #68 returns to Alpha Flight, takes back the tiara from her father, becoming Talisman again
AF (1st series) #71 senses the resurrection of Llan the Sorceror, she and Alpha Flight become stranded in another dimension
AF (1st series) #75 manages to return Alpha Flight home
AF (1st series) #78 begins to prepare for the upcoming war against Llan, becomes distant towards teammates, accused of trying to take over as team leader
AF (1st series) #81-82 assembles former members and affiliates of Alpha Flight for the battle against Llan
AF (1st series) #83 undergoes spiritual quest to learn of her predecessor’s victory against Llan
AF (1st series) #85-86 faces Llan alone, is trapped by him, manages together with Dr. Strange to open the Gateway of Day and Llan is subsequently destroyed
AF (1st series) #90 sustains severe neurological damage when she uses her mind as filter for all the spells within Shaman’s pouch
AF (1st series) #95 placed in Beta Flight while recuperating
AF (1st series) #110-112 fully accepts her duties as Talisman, rallies Beta Flight into stopping the Master’s latest schemes
AF (1st series) #122 joins the Goddess‘ crusade
AF (1st series) #125 confronts Shaman about his failures
AF (1st series) #127 Goddess defeated, makes up with her father
AF (1st series) #130 Alpha Flight disbands
Omega Flight #1 mourns the loss of her father, resides at the Sarcee Reservation, rejects Sasquatch’s offer to join Canada’s new hero team - Omega Flight
Omega Flight #2-3 asked by Department H to help find the missing Sasquatch; expresses her hatred for Michael Pointer, the man responsible for her father’s death
Omega Flight #4-5 fights alongside Omega Flight and saves the possessed Sasquatch, forms an uneasy alliance with Michael Pointer