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6th December 2012


UXM #309 first meeting and love affair with Xavier revealed, leaves him when he forms the X-Men
XM minus 1 meets Magneto for the first time when Xavier tries to convince him to set aside their disparate agendas and work together
UXM #300 first appearance, now a member of the Acolytes, sees Xavier again for the first time in years, hints of their shared past
UXM #315 serves as prosecutor at the trial of the Neophyte, questions her beliefs and Exodus' leadership
XM #42-44 seeks the X-Men's aid when Avalon falls, teams with Xavier to try and locate the missing, revelation that her mist form is her default form, declines Xavier's offer to stay with him
Magneto #1-4 reunites with Acolytes, caught between the leadership struggle between Exodus, Fabian Cortez, and Joseph
Quicksilver #11-12 secretly contacted by Magneto and charged with protecting Quicksilver and gathering the best of his Acolytes
X-Men: Magneto War #1 presents Magneto with the Acolytes she has gathered, moves to Genosha to serve in Magneto's cabinet after he is granted sovereignty
Magneto Rex #1-3 helps to save Quicksilver and ensure his participation in Genosha, begins to question Magneto's goals
Magneto: Dark Seduction #1-4 tries to prevent Magneto from gaining technology that will increase his power and allow him to build an unstoppable army, remains in Genosha with Magneto unaware of her betrayal
Eve of Destruction crossover aids the X-Men in their effort to rescue Xavier and stop Magneto's attempt to launch a war against humanity
XM #208-210 helps Exodus in his efforts to save Xavier's life and restore his shattered psyche
XM #225 Xavier returns and defeats the Acolytes, the Acolytes disband once more, makes peace with Xavier who asks for another chance with her