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5th January 2005

Several months later, Iceman was checking on Emma when, suddenly, the mansion’s power generators short-circuited. The shock caused Emma to awaken and, by instinct, she lashed out with her telepathic powers, resulting in a bodyswitch between her and Iceman. Thinking herself a prisoner of Xavier, she immediately tried to escape and used Bobby’s powers in ways never imagined. By melting into a river and emerging from it many miles away after only a few seconds, she lost the X-Men who were in pursuit and made her way to a building of her company. Yet, when her computer systems told her the fate of her Hellions, she broke down. Realizing that her training had been insufficient and possibly Xavier’s way was the right one, she awaited the X-Men and turned herself in. The switch of minds was undone and Bobby was himself again, though he now had to deal with the knowledge that, although only inhabiting the body for a few hours, Emma Frost had used his power in ways he never thought of. [Uncanny X-Men #311-314]

Shortly afterwards, the X-Men were surprised and attacked by the Phalanx and taken prisoner. The techno-organic aliens could not absorb mutants into their collective, so they replaced the team with some of their own representatives, while trying to find a way to get past the genetic code that prevented the absorption. Apparently, they didn’t know about Emma, Sabretooth and Jubilee living at the mansion, since, when Banshee returned and ran a scan, he found that these three were the only ones still themselves. He freed them and destroyed the computer system to prevent Xavier’s

information from falling into the Collective’s hands. Since Cyclops, Phoenix, Wolverine and Cable tried to free the captive X-Men, Emma and Banshee went to rescue a few new mutants who had been hunted by the Phalanx, as they hoped that the absorption might be possible with one of them. In the end, Emma, Banshee and Sabretooth rescued the kids from the Phalanx Operative called Harvest, though at the cost of one of these next generation of mutant’s life. [Uncanny X-Men #316-317, X-Men (2nd series) #36-37]
The other kids remained together as Generation X and Xavier decided that they should be tutored by Emma and Sean at the Massachusetts Academy. It was now called School for Gifted Youngsters, while the mansion in Westchester was renamed to Xavier’s School for Higher Learning. The two headmasters soon found their methods of teaching clashed and they got into arguments more than once. [Uncanny X-Men #318, Generation X #1] Emma had many problems with M, who always acted very snotty and arrogant, clearly disliked Emma and was keeping her secrets. Since she too had telepathy, among her many abilities, the White Queen could not access her mind and was bothered by it. At the same time, she was reminded of herself by observing Husk. The young girl was determined to prove herself and kept pushing herself too hard.
Before long, Emma’s younger sister, Cordelia, came asking for help. Claiming that she had befriended a young mutant called Mondo and that he had been kidnapped by a man called Barrington, she wanted Emma and the team to rescue him. Since her telepathy didn’t work on her sister, Emma had no way of knowing whether she was telling the truth. In fact, she wasn’t, as Cordelia herself had kidnapped Mondo and wanted to give him as a present to Shinobi Shaw to become the Hellfire Club’s next White Queen. Yet Shaw wasn’t interested and then Mondo had been stolen from her. After Mondo had been freed, Emma, who had been suspecting such a treachery, told Cordelia to leave and never come back. What none could know at this point was that Barrington had replaced Mondo with a fake, who would later betray the school. [Generation X Annual ‘95]

However, Cordelia was not the only one needing help. During one of the X-Men’s missions, Iceman had received a massive chest wound and he dared not to transform back to flesh, fearing that he would die. Bobby demanded to know how she would use his powers to repair such damage, but Emma refused to aid him, even though he captured her with his ice powers. She knew that Bobby would have to do it himself, so she confronted him with his own innermost insecurities in the forms of ex-girlfriend Opal and his father until Bobby realized that he himself had been holding back all this time. He then managed to transform back with his chest fully intact. [Uncanny X-Men #331]

The White Queen was more traumatized by the loss of the Hellions than anybody suspected. This showed during the Onslaught crisis. Sensing the danger in New York and not wanting to lose another class of mutants, Emma kind of snapped and took the kids to a safehouse in Canada. There, she took telepathic control of them and made them feel happy. Finally falling asleep from all this strain, suddenly the kitchen equipment started to float around her – it was never fully explained if this was some residual telekinetic energy of Jean Grey inhabiting her body or an early sign of Nightmare approaching her later on. Whatever the case, M telepathically entered Emma’s mind and showed her that protecting the kids by taking away their freedom was not the right decision. [Generation X #18-19]
Still, she was willing to take drastic measures for the students‘ well-being, like for instance when all the kids except Penance were missing during Operation: Zero Tolerance. While on the run from the mutant hunting troops, Banshee and Emma were approached by the villain, Emplate, who offered him the kids location in exchange for Penance. Sean was against the idea, however Emma claimed that saving one for the sake of the rest would be the only option they had left.

Since he didn’t follow her line of reasoning, Emma knocked Banshee out telepathically and agreed to the deal. Yet before she could hand over the confused girl, Banshee awoke and spoiled Emma‘s plan to lure Emplate into a trap; at least that is what Emma later claimed to have intended. [Generation X #30-31, 34]