Issue Summaries

Welcome to our ever growing summary section. Utopian as it may sound, we intend to have every released comic issue summarized one day. This section is not meant to replace comics - far from it - since no text adaptation can ever replace the unique medium that is a comic book. Still, we hope that our Issue Summaries will be a valuable tool in your own personal research, as well as determining what issues to buy, both Current and Back Issues.

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Total Number of Summaries 8,056
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Comic Title Total No. Of Summaries Category
Sabretooth & Mystique 4 Limited Series
Sabretooth & the Exiles 5 Limited Series
Sabretooth (1st series) 4 Limited Series
Sabretooth (3rd series) 5 Limited Series
Sabretooth : Mary Shelley Overdrive 4 Limited Series
Sabretooth: Back To Nature 1 One Shots & Specials
Sabretooth: In the Red Zone 1 One Shots & Specials
Sabretooth: Open Season 4 Limited Series
Saga of Crystar Crystal Warrior, the 1 Canceled Titles
Savage Hulk 4 Ongoing Titles
Savage Wolverine 3 Ongoing Titles
Scarlet Spider 3 Canceled Titles
Scarlet Witch (1st series) 4 Limited Series
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) 15 Ongoing Titles
Scarlet Witch (3rd series) 10 Ongoing Titles
Secret Avengers (1st series) 20 Canceled Titles
Secret Defenders 12 Canceled Titles
Secret Empire United 1 Limited Series
Secret Invasion: Dark Reign 1 One Shots & Specials
Secret Invasion: X-Men 4 Limited Series
Secret War 6 Limited Series
Secret Warriors (2nd series) 1 Limited Series
Secret Wars 12 Limited Series
Secret Wars (2nd series) 10 Limited Series
Secret Wars II 9 Limited Series
Secret X-Men 1 One Shots & Specials
Sensational Spider-Man (2nd series) 3 Canceled Titles
Sentinel Squad O*N*E 5 Limited Series
Sentry (2nd series) 1 Canceled Titles
Sentry: X-Men 1 One Shots & Specials
Shatterstar 5 Limited Series
She-Hulk (2nd series) 3 Canceled Titles
Silent War 2 Limited Series
Silver Sable & the Wild Pack 1 Canceled Titles
Sins of Sinister 1 One Shots & Specials
Sleepwalker 2 Canceled Titles
Soldier X 12 Canceled Titles
Solo Avengers 1 Canceled Titles
Son of M 6 Limited Series
Soviet Super-Soldiers 1 One Shots & Specials
Spectacular Spider-Man UK 1 Canceled Titles
Spider-Island: Avengers 1 One Shots & Specials
Spider-Island: Cloak and Dagger 1 Limited Series
Spider-Man (1st series) 6 Canceled Titles
Spider-Man / Marrow 1 One Shots & Specials
Spider-Man / Wolverine 4 Limited Series
Spider-Man 2099 1 Canceled Titles
Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four 1 Limited Series
Spider-Man and X-Factor: Shadowgames 3 Limited Series
Spider-Man versus Wolverine 1 One Shots & Specials
Spider-Woman (1st series) 2 Canceled Titles
Star-Lord (1st series) 3 Canceled Titles
Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde 3 Limited Series
Starblast 4 Limited Series
Starjammers (1st series) 4 Limited Series
Starjammers (2nd series) 6 Limited Series
Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier 1 Canceled Titles
Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants 3 Limited Series
Storm (1st series) 4 Limited Series
Storm (2nd series) 6 Limited Series
Storm (3rd series) 11 Ongoing Titles
Strange Tales (1st series) 1 Canceled Titles
Strange Tales (2nd series) 2 Canceled Titles
Strong Guy Reborn 1 One Shots & Specials
Sub-Mariner (2nd series) 2 Limited Series
Sunfire & Big Hero 6 3 Limited Series
Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain 17 Canceled Titles
Super-Villain Team-Up 1 Canceled Titles
SWORD (1st series) 5 Limited Series
SWORD (2nd series) 11 Limited Series