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Summers Family Tree

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Sinister Beginnings
In the year 1859, an English scientist named Nathaniel Essex employed a group of mercenaries known as the Marauders to kidnap unusual people from London’s freakish and forgotten populace. Nathaniel was obsessed with natural selection and mutation, though he possessed even more extreme views than his contemporary, Charles Darwin. Nathaniel’s beliefs were so extreme that he attracted the attention of the ancient mutant En Sabah Nur, otherwise known as Apocalypse. Intrigued as to where his theories might lead, Apocalypse offered Essex longevity and the ability to conduct his experiments for years to come.

As this alliance arose, the newlyweds Scott Summers and Jean Grey, who had been dispatched back in time by a member of the Askani order named Madame Sanctity, arrived on a mission to thwart the rise of Sinister. Though they failed to prevent Essex from actually becoming Sinister, they did accomplish what Sanctity had originally intended. Witnessing the abilities of Scott and Jean proved all of Essex’s theories correct. As a result of Sanctity’s actions, Sinister became obsessed with the couple and their bloodlines.

Before they returned to the future, the two X-Men freed Sinister’s prisoners. Among these was a boy named Daniel, who hadn’t spoken since the death of his parents though he was physically just fine. Daniel was also impressed with the heroic couple, as he believed they had saved him from Sinister’s influence. Young Daniel was inspired to go to America with a reformed member of the Marauders named Oscar. The two posed as father and son and took on the name “Summers” in honor of Scott and Jean. Unwittingly, Scott and his wife Jean had been responsible for the creation of the Summers family. [Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1-4]

Although Daniel believed he was now free of Sinister, nothing could be further from the truth. Sinister dispatched a woman named Amanda Mueller to become Daniel’s wife. Mueller falsely believed she was the first mutant that Sinister had met. Her mutant ability provided her with near immortality but she continued to age normally. By 1891, the young couple had had many pregnancies, but Amanda had suffered many miscarriages and only one child had survived. She gained such notoriety for these miscarriages that she was dubbed the “Black Womb” by the newspapers. Eventually, Daniel grew suspicious of his wife and took their only surviving child, a boy, and departed to parts unknown. [Gambit (3rd series) #20, X-Men Legacy #213-214]

For the best part of the following century, Amanda continued to work with Sinister and was the chief scientist on his ironically-named Black Womb project. She also had another child named Gloria Dayne by an unknown mate. Many years later, following Sinister’s apparent death, Gloria resurfaced. Calling herself Fontanelle, she attempted to use Sinister’s technology to claim his powers in an attempt to rejuvenate her now very aged body. However, she was ultimately thwarted by the trio of Professor X, Gambit and Sebastian Shaw and fled to parts unknown. [X-Men Forever #5, Gambit (3rd series) #20, X-Men Legacy #213-214]

The Summers Brothers
Daniel’s son went on to have a child of his own named Philip, who married a woman named Deborah. These two had one son whom they named Christopher. When Christopher grew up, he joined the United States Air Force, eventually advancing to the rank of major. During a routine flight down the western coast of Alaska with his pregnant wife, Katherine, and their sons, Scott and Alex, their plane encountered a Shi’ar starship. Not wanting their presence on Earth discovered, the Shi’ar attacked the Summers’ plane. Christopher valiantly attempted to save his family but the plane was hit and caught fire. Christopher strapped his sons into the only remaining parachute on the plane and threw them out hoping that they would both survive. [Uncanny X-Men #156, X-Factor (1st series) #39, 115]
Note: It’s not known when the Summers settled in Alaska.

Though they were presumed to have been killed in the crash, Christopher and Katherine were actually beamed aboard the Shi’ar ship. The Shi’ar emperor, D’ken was aboard the vessel and took a liking to Katherine, taking her as a concubine. Christopher was imprisoned but later broke free and saw D’ken attempting to rape his wife. He tried to save her but his efforts were in vain. D’ken killed Katherine and ripped her unborn baby from inside her to make Christopher suffer. Miraculously, the baby survived and was artificially grown to maturity. Kept as a slave, the boy was named Gabriel. Unaware that the infant had survived, Christopher was again imprisoned and believed that his wife and all his children had perished. Christopher swore to exact revenge upon the Shi’ar for what they had done to him and his family . With the aid of a group of other prisoners, he eventually escaped captivity. Christopher and his fellow escapees called themselves the Starjammers. As leader of the Starjammers, Christopher took the name Corsair. [X-Men (1st series) #154, Uncanny X-Men #477]
Note: It has been heavily implied that D’Ken and Katherine had a child of their own named Adam-X. Eric the Red confirmed that Adam is the son of D’Ken in Captain Marvel (2nd series) #3. Given that Katherine was the only human female known to be in Shi’ar space at the time he would have been conceived, it is highly likely that she is his mother. Considering Katherine was pregnant the entire time she was in Shi’ar space, her DNA must have been extracted at some point to create Adam, rather than him being the result of a typical pregnancy.

Back on Earth, Mister Sinister had learned of the Summers boys’ survival and, suspecting there was more to the story than reported, arranged for the two to be brought to an orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska, which he secretly ran. Sinister quickly decided to separate the boys, believing that without the support of each other they would be more malleable. He arranged for the younger boy Alex to be adopted by the Blanding family. He chose to have Scott remain in the orphanage as he believed Scott had the greater potential of the two boys.

The Blandings had issues of their own and were dealing with loss of their son Todd, who had died in a car accident. The family treated Alex well but he was uncomfortable as they seemed to be trying to turn him into Todd. Despite this, Alex formed a very close relationship with his adoptive sister, Haley. Later, both Alex and Haley were kidnapped by the boy who had killed Todd. When the boy threatened to kill them and their parents, Alex manifested his mutant powers for the first time. He lashed out, incinerating the boy. Luckily for Alex, Sinister hadn’t forgotten about him and was on hand to clean up this mess. He wiped Alex and Haley’s memories of the incident and remarked that it was actually Alex who had the most potential of the Summers boys but that he had even less control than Scott. [X-Factor (1st series) # -1]
Note: The Blandings have never again been referenced since their appearance in X-Factor # -1.

Back in the orphanage, Sinister tormented Scott under a variety of guises, each an attempt at either experimentation or psychological control. [Classic X-Men #41-42] Eventually Scott had had enough and ran away. Luckily, he was found by Professor X, who offered Scott a place in his school. Scott became Xavier’s first X-Man and for the first time in years, he had a true home. Scott took on the identity of Cyclops and eventually met the woman who would become his future wife, Jean Grey. Scott was soon reunited with Alex, who also joined the X-Men under the identity of Havok. [back-story in X-Men (1st series) #38-42, X-Men (1st series) #1]

Around this time, Gabriel had managed to escape from the Shi’ar and found himself on Earth, where he was found by Professor X and Moria MacTaggert. Instead of being brought to the school, Gabriel was left in the care of Moria, along with a group of other mutant children for training. Gabriel took on the identity of Vulcan as his “superhero” name and eagerly trained with Moira to become an X-Man. At a later point, Professor X introduced Gabriel to Scott. Once the Professor saw them together, he instantly knew of their connection but decided to keep this information a secret for the time being.

Later, when all the original X-Men were imprisoned on the living island Krakoa, Professor X dispathed Gabriel and his team to rescue them. It was at this point that Xavier also revealed to Gabriel that Scott and Alex were his brothers. Gabriel’s team managed to battle their way through Krakoa and rescued Scott. Gabriel immediately told a very disorientated Scott that he was his brother. At this point, the mission turned into a complete disaster. Cyclops powers had been nullified by Krakoa so it was decided that he needed to get to the safety of the jet while Gabriel’s team went to rescue the rest of the original X-Men. The young and untested team were no match for the ferocity of the island’s attacks and soon two of Vulcan’s teammates were killed and it was believed that Vulcan had died along with them.

Scott was devastated by this and naturally blamed himself, believing that he should have stayed and protected his little brother. Professor X decided to mind-wipe Scott of his knowledge of Gabriel to help him cope with the trauma. Eventually the other X-Men were rescued, including Alex and Jean, by a team of older, more experienced mutants Xavier recruited to save them. [X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6, Giant-Size X-Men #1]

Loves, Losses and Reunions
Later, during a shuttle accident, it was believed that Jean had become the cosmic entity known as Phoenix. Afterwards Scott, Phoenix and the X-Men traveled to space to save the universe. During this trip, Phoenix encountered Corsair and became aware of his connection to Scott. Corsair surprisingly begged her to not tell Scott at the time, as he believed Scott had gotten on with life and didn’t need the burden of this revelation. Phoenix gave her word and promised to never tell Scott that Corsair was his father.

Eventually, the Phoenix began to be consumed by her own power and, in a bout of temporary insanity, destroyed a star around which orbited an inhabited world. Though Scott and the X-Men managed to help her regain her sanity, the entire affair attracted the attention of the Shi’ar, who returned to Earth to kill Phoenix, believing her a threat too severe to be left unchecked. Realizing that she could never truly control her power, Phoenix told Scott she loved him and took her own life, devastating Scott.

“Jean Grey’s” death wasn’t just a loss to Scott and the X-Men but also to Mister Sinister, who had spent years manipulating not only the Summers but the Greys, all in a breeding program designed to create a weapon against his old master, Apocalypse. Refusing to allow all his hard work to be undone, Mister Sinister cloned Jean Grey. He named the clone Madelyne Pyror and dispatched her with the intent of her meeting and falling in love with Scott Summers.

[X-Men (1st series) #137] During this time, Corsair returned to Earth and finally told Scott of his true identity. This time, Corsair remained on Earth briefly getting to know both his boys again and tried to help Scott deal with his loss of “Jean.” He also decided to take the boys on a trip to their grandparents, as they hadn’t seen them since they were children. While there, the Summers were shocked to meet Madelyne Pyror, a woman who looked identical to the deceased Phoenix. [Uncanny X-Men #154, 156, 158, 168]

Despite the fact that Madelyne was totally unaware of her mental programming, she managed to do it in an exemplar fashion. Almost instantly after Scott and Madelyne met, they fell in love, quickly married and, in next to no time, welcomed a son into the world; a son they named him Nathan. [Uncanny X-Men # 176, 197, and 241, X-Factor (1st series) #38]

Funnily enough, it turned out Mister Sinister had gone to all this trouble for nothing. Had he waited, an heir of both Cyclops and Jean Grey would have materialised for him. Rachel Summers was a refugee from the so called reality called “the Days of Future Past.” On this world, both Cyclops and Jean Grey had died when Rachel was young and Rachel was placed in a concentration camp by the Sentinels, which had overrun her world. Eventually Rachel, with help from the Phoenix Force, managed to escape to the 616 timeline. Upon arriving to this reality, Rachel was shocked to discover that her mother was “dead” and her father was married to another woman who looked just like her. Rachel initially decided to keep her true identity a secret from Scott,as she found it hard to deal with his marriage. [Excalibur (1st series) #52, New Mutants (1st series) #18] Despite this, she was instantly smitten with her new baby brother upon meeting him and said in her own words. “I’ll protect you. Whatever it takes, I’ll find a way to save you.” [Uncanny X-Men #201]

A short time after the birth of Nathan, it was discovered that Jean hadn’t died (or been reborn) so long ago at all, but had been in a regenerative cocoon in Jamaica Bay the whole time. Scott instantly left both his wife and son to reunite with her. [Avengers (1st series) #263, Fantastic Four (1st series) #286] In his absence, Madelyne and Nathan were left vulnerable, so Sinister instructed his modern Marauders to both kidnap the baby and kill Madelyne, now viewing her as redundant with the reappearance of the original Jean Grey. However, Madelyne managed to survive thanks to the intervention of the X-Men. Keeping close to the team, she was among their number, along with Havok, when they sacrificed their lives to stop the Adversary in Dallas. [X-Factor (1st series) #38, Uncanny X-Men #206, 215, 221-227]

The Fires of Inferno
However, Havok and Madelyne had only died for an instant and were resurrected by the goddess Roma. Unaware of this and believing Madelyne dead, Scott and Jean became much closer. Seeing Scott and Jean together on television and already distraught by the loss of her child, Madelyne was highly susceptible to manipulation by two demons named Sym and N’astirh. The demons triggered Madelyne’s nascent powers and she managed to track down her son and Sinister, who revealed her true origins. Finding out she was a clone caused Madelyne to suffer a complete mental breakdown. Now totally under demonic influence and totally insane, Madelyne was responsible for an event called Inferno, which sought to open a portal between Earth and the demonic part of Limbo. During this, she attempted to kill the X-Men, Scott, Jean and even her own son but this was prevented at the cost of Madelyne’s life. [Uncanny X-Men #230-243, X-Factor (1st series) #37-38]

After Inferno, despite Madelyne’s tragedy, Scott was overjoyed to be reunited his son. Even Jean bonded with him and adopted the role of surrogate mother. Unfortunately, their newfound family bliss didn’t last, as Nathan was kidnapped by Apocalypse, who infected Nathan with a techno-organic virus. His belief was that if Nathan was “fit” he could fit fight off the infection and Apocalypse would use him as his next host. This was ironic considering Mister Sinister’s original intention was to use Nathan as a weapon against Apocalypse. Scott and X-Factor managed to defeat Apocalypse but all hope seemed lost for Nathan until the appearance of a time travelling member of the Askani sisterhood. The woman offered to take Nathan into the future and cure him of his affliction. Seeing no choice, Scott accepted. [X-Factor (1st series) #65-68]

The Future that was
Note: The following section involves a paradoxes, which has been told from various points of view. As this article depicts the 616 Summer’s family, we will recount the story from their perspective i.e Although the events of Cable’s childhood occur for him, naturally enough, before the X-Cutioners Song for the 616 Summers family the X-Cutioner’s song occurred earlier and Cable’s childhood later.

Scott would soon meet Nathan again, although at the time he would be totally unaware. Having grown up in the future, Nathan had traveled back in time and adopted the identity of Cable. Operating for years under this alias and even working together with Xavier prior to the formation of his X-Men [Cable (1st series) #45], Cable hid his relationship to Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Cable was likewise unaware that his clone, Stryfe, had also traveled back in time to sow his chaos. Eventually, the identities of Cable and Stryfe came to light during a battle on the moon, just before Stryfe and Cable were both believed killed. [X-Cutioner’s Song]

Shortly thereafter, Scott and Jean finally married in X-Men (2nd series) #30. The couple’s honeymoon was interrupted when the minds of both were pulled through the timestream 2000 years into the future, where they were greeted by an elderly Rachel Summers, who had inserted their minds into waiting bodies.

After becoming lost in the timestream, Rachel had emerged 2000 years in the future and it was she that had crafted the Askani movement, the cornerstone belief of which was that Rachel’s little brother would become a kind of messiah figure who would defeat Apocalypse and free the people of that era. It was she who had created the Askani and dispatched the woman to the past months before in order to save baby Nathan from Apocalypse’s virus. Rachel had kept the promise she had made to Nathan all those years ago. However, having been afraid of being unable to stop Apocalypse’s virus, she had also engineered a clone of Nathan to ensure that if anything happened to Nathan that the Askani would still have a savior. [Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1, Excalibur (1st series) #75, X-Men: Phoenix 1-2]

Just as Scott and Jean had arrived into the future, the Askani compound came under attack. During the battle, Rachel was sent into a coma, one in which she would remain in for the rest of her life within this timeline. Managing to escape with both Nathan and Rachel, Scott and Jean took on the aliases Slym and Redd Dayspring respectively. For the next twelve years, Redd and Slym posed as Nathan adoptive parents.

Nathan’s clone had a far worse fate befall him, as he was taken by Apocalypse’s chief attendant Ch’Vayre. Apocalypse named the clone Stryfe, all the while believing him to be the true son of Scott Summers. Against Ch’Vayre’s objections, Apocalypse amplified his new “son’s” abilities. This, in conjunction with Apocalypse’s teaching, completely warped the young boy’s mind. It was these actions that caused the loyal Ch’Vayre to turn against his master and he and the family “Dayspring” managed to kill Apocalypse as he attempted to take possession of Stryfe’s body. Afterwards, Ch’Vayre claimed he would raise Stryfe and attempt to undo the damage that Apocalypse had done to his mind. At this point, the now very elderly Rachel Summers died. As Jean and Scott were only to able to remain in the future by Rachel’s power, both started to fade away, leaving the twelve year Nathan alone.
[Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1-4]

As Nathan grew, he began to fall into the messiah role that Rachel had intended for him. He also met a woman named Aliya, with whom Nathan fell in love and married. Aliya was an ardent Askani follower and later took on the name Jenskot to honor Cable’s parents. At some point, Cable’s wife had a son named Tyler, though it has never been very clear whether Tyler was the biological son of Cable. Meanwhile, Ch’Vayre had failed in his attempts to cure Stryfe of his madness and was eventually killed by Stryfe. It was hinted that perhaps Stryfe was Tyler’s father and that he may have raped Aliya. Whatever his origin, Cable took Tyler on as his own. Later, Aliya was killed by Stryfe’s forces and Tyler was kidnapped and brainwashed. After this loss Cable travelled back in time to prevent Apocalypse from ever coming to power but was followed by Stryfe [Askani‘Son #1-4, Cable (2nd series) #1-2] The result was the “X-Cutioners Song” conflict, which ended in a climactic battle on the moon.

It wasn’t long thereafter that Cable resurfaced, revealing that he had not died after all. [Cable (2nd series) #1-2]. Stryfe also resurfaced. However, when he, along with Cable and the X-Men, Gambit and Bishop, entered into battle with supremely powerful entity named La Bete Noir to prevent the entity from destroying the Earth, Stryfe sacrificed himself, apparently seeking redemption. However both Gambit and Bishop wondered if Cable had telepathically forced his clone into taking this action. [Bishop and Gambit: Sons of the Atom #1-6]
Note: A Styfe appeared recently in a possible reality of Earth 616 during the Messiah War event, again hinting at a possible resurrection.

Tyler also resurfaced in the past, having renamed himself Genesis and was now leading the Dark Riders, a group composed of fervent Apocalypse worshippers. Tyler masterminded an attempt to give the X-Man Wolverine his adamantium in an overall attempt to turn him into a Horseman of Apocalypse. However, during the process, Wolverine became berserk and killed Genesis. [Wolverine (2nd series) #99-100]

Age of Apocalypse
Rachel Summers wasn’t the only members of Summers family to enter Earth-616 from another reality. Nate Grey was the genetically engineered son of Prelate Scott Summers and the former X-Man Jean Grey in the harsh reality known as the Age of Apocalypse. He was created by Mister Sinister, who had actually been the adoptive father of Prelate Summers. Eventually, Nate managed to escape from Sinister and was found by the renegade mutant Forge, who raised the boy as his own, training him for his eventual battle with Apocalypse. Mister Sinister later tracked down Nate and killed Forge. Incensed, Nathan fought Sinister off and falsely believed he had killed him. Wanting to stop all the death and suffering, Nate decided to seek out Apocalypse in an attempt to kill him, briefly meeting his biological parents along the way. During the final battle between Magneto’s X-Men and Apocalypse’s forces, Nate was accidentally transported to Earth-616. [X-Man #-1 and 1-4, X-Men: Omega # 1]

Upon his arrival on Earth 616, Nate’s need for a mother figure and his omega level mutant abilities resurrected the long-dead Madelyne Pryor. Nate and Madelyne had a ying and yang relationship for months; while one was strong the other would be weak etc. Additionally, their relationship grew much closer and had significant incestual undertones. At some unknown point, Madelyne was replaced and killed by an alternate Jean Grey called the Red Queen, whom Nate eventually managed to defeat. A short time after this, Nate himself seemingly died when he was forced to bond with the Earth itself to stop it from being destroyed. [X-Man #67-70 and 75]
Note: It’s possible that Nate may have had a child. During his time in the core reality, Nate entered into a relationship with a woman named Threnody. Threnody had a baby and the father was never revealed. Given their relationship, there is a possibility that Nate is the father but as Threnody hasn’t appeared since the cancellation of the X-Man Series, save a mention in Civil War: Damage Report #1, it is a question that is unlikely to be answered.

Nate recently resurrected himself during the Dark X-Men series and attempted to take possession of Norman Osborn. However, he was defeated by Osborn's own team of X-Men and placed into custody of H.A.M.M.E.R.[Dark X-Men #1-5]

Hyperstorm, The Great Dictator
Another visitor with far less altruistic motivations was Hyperstorm. Hyperstorm’s real name was Jonathan Reed Richards and he was the son of an alternate Rachel Summers and Franklin Richards in a reality similar to the “Days of the Future Past.” Eventually using his immense powers, Hyperstorm conquered his planet and all known space within his reality. At some point after this, Hyperstorm became fixated with the stories about his grandparents in the Fantastic Four and decided to travel back in time to Earth-616’s past and “test” them in their youth. After a number of manipulations, the Fantastic Four came up with a way to defeat Hyperstorm. The four recovered Galactus, who at the time was trapped within a dimensional void. Galactus instantly saw the powerful Hyperstorm as a “food source” and attempted to feed on him. However, Hyperstorm and Galactus fought and both became trapped within the dimensional void. As Galactus has since reappeared, there is a chance Hyperstorm survived this but his fate is currently unknown. [Fantastic Four #406 (1995)]

Mutant X
Although the Earth-616 seems to get a lot of traffic when it comes to the Summers family on occasion, members of the 616 Summers have “vacationed” on other worlds too. While attempting to prevent his teammate Greystone from operating a faulty time machine Havok was sent to Earth-1298 otherwise known as the Mutant-X reality. [X-Factor (1st series) #149/Mutant X #1] During his time trapped within his counterpart’s body, Havok couldn’t believe how different this world was from his native one, particularly regarding his family.

On this world, Alex led the mutant team the Six with his “wife” Madelyne. The two also had a son named Scotty. Soon after Alex’s arrival, Madelyne’s persona was usurped by the evil Goblyn Force and Alex and Scotty were forced to fight her and, for a time, Madelyne was lost. After this incident, Alex and Scotty bonded and Scotty started to refer to Alex as his father even though he wasn’t his biological parent. Alex’s stay in this world wasn’t too lengthy, however. The Goblyn Force resurfaced shortly after its initial defeat and Alex managed to defeat the Goblyn Force, freeing Madelyne and reuniting her with her son. [Mutant X #1-32, Mutant X Annual 2000-2001]

However, after this battle Havok resurfaced on Earth 616 with no recollection of his time or the relationships he formed on the Mutant X world. [Uncanny X-Men #411-413] It was revealed that Havok's Mutant X counterpart had been trapped in Earth-616's Havok's body. Eventually the “evil” Havok managed to assume control of his counterpart's body but was defeated by the combined efforts of the X-Men and the Exiles and his essence was eventually dissipated by the Timebroker.

Emperor Vulcan
Alex’s return wouldn’t be the only reunion Scott would soon enjoy. Due to the events of the Twelve storyline, the Askani future was erased. This resulted in Rachel emerging at a different point in the timestream, young again with next to no recollection of her time in the Askani timeline. She was soon found by her brother Cable. [Cable (2nd series) #84-86] Rachel wasn’t long back in Earth-616 before another tragedy would befall the Summers family. Her mother, Jean, was killed by a rampaging Magneto-impostor named Xorn. [New X-Men (1st series) #150]

After the death of her mother, Rachel returned to the X-Men. Rachel’s return to the X-Men couldn’t have come at a better time, as they would soon need her power. A very angry Gabriel Summers was awoken by energies unleashed by M-day. Now rejuvenated to godlike levels by the energies, he attacked the X-Men, blaming them for his “death.” This shocked both Scott and Alex, as neither was aware of him due to Professor X’s meddling. After battling the X-Men, Vulcan decided to fly to Shi’ar space to take his revenge on Emperor D’Ken for all the suffering he had caused him. A team of X-Men decided to pursue him, including Havok and Rachel. [X-Men: Deadly Genesis 1-6, Uncanny X-Men #475]

The X-Men met up with the Corsair and Starjammers and told Corsair of his youngest son. Corsair couldn’t believe that his youngest son had survived and hoped he could reach him. Meanwhile, Vulcan had cut a bloody swath through Shi’ar space before being defeated and imprisoned by the Imperial Guard. Eventually freeing himself, he met Deathbird who convinced him to use his powers to heal the mind of her brother, D’ken, the man who had murdered Vulcan’s mother. Soon after, D’ken foolishly offered Vulcan his elder sister's hand in marriage and make him an heir to the Shi’ar throne, which Vulcan accepted. Immediately after his marriage to Deathbird, Vulcan killed D’Ken and assumed the Shi’ar throne. The X-Men and the Starjammers arrived and Corsair attempted to reason with son only to be killed by Vulcan himself. As Vulcan began conquering numerous worlds in the name of his new empire, Havok and Rachel decided to remain in Shi’ar space, viewing Vulcan as unredeemable and, as such, vowed to kill him. [Uncanny X-Men #479-486, X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1-4]

Havok and Rachel, along with their allies the Starjammers and Lilanda, continued to plot against Vulcan but to no avail. During a battle between Deathbird and Lilandra, Deathbird was stabbed in the spine, rendering her comatose ever since. [X-Men: Emperor Vulcan, X-Men: Kingbreaker 1-4] Vulcan became even more irrational after his wife’s injury and, in his madness, attacked the Inhumans, who had recently conquered the Kree. The Inhumans proved to be better tacticians than Vulcan and the Shi'ar Empire was soon in ruins. [War of the Kings #1-5] At the height of the conflict, Vulcan faced the Inhuman king Blackbolt one-on-one and both appeared to perish. [War of the Kings #6]

The Messiah Baby
Back on Earth, when the first mutant child since M-Day was born, various parties and interests did their best to procure or eliminate the baby girl. Ultimately, the one successful was Cable, who believed her to be the messiah-like child told in the history books from his timeline. Sanctioned by Cyclops to do so, Cable took the girl to the future, in an effort to raise her there until she was old enough to protect herself. Despite being under hot pursuit by the renegade X-Man, Bishop, Cable managed to find some respite in a future reality dubbed “New Liberty.” In this reality, Cable met a human woman named Hope and married her. When the little girl, still unnamed, was about four or five years old, the settlement was attacked and Cable and his family fled. Though they eventually found another settlement, they were met with hostility and, during the ensuing fight, Hope was killed. As Hope had had such an impact on both their lives, Cable finally named the little girl, choosing “Hope” in her adoptive mother’s honor. [Cable (2nd series) #1-10]

Cable and Hope spent years on the run, jumping through time, all the while bonding and becoming a true father and daughter. When Hope finally grew old enough, the two returned to the present day in Cable (2nd series) #24. Upon their arrival, Hope and Cable were targeted by Bastion’s forces. Having prepared for their return, Bastion created a time portal and dispatched Nimrods from a future to kill Hope and wipe out the mutant race. In an attempt to save Hope, Cable journeyed yet again to the future along with X-Force. The team were successful in preventing further Nimrods from venturing into the past but, in order to travel back to the present day, Cable was forced to sacrifice himself to save X-Force. [X-Force (3rd series) #28] Hope was grief stricken at the loss of the only family she'd ever known and decided to seek out her biological famliy in Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age.