Glossary: Characters

The Character Glossary section provides basic information for every x-related character that has appeared in the comics. All Superpowered characters are added, though supporting characters should have appeared a few times before they are included.
We also include characters from alternate realities, though only major or drastically changed characters. In two categories, "Others" and "Non-Canon", we collect characters that don't fit anywhere else, with the continuity they belong to easily identified by the brackets behind their names: (movie), (novels), etc.
Please do not send any updates that refer to recently released issues. Not all people receive their comics at the same time, and you might accidentally spoil the events of these issues to the people responsible for this section! As new characters frequently don't have much information available on them, we normally wait for more detail before creating an entry. Only information released in the comics or official material is relevant to the bios. Anything mentioned or discussed on-line will NOT be added, so don't send us something a writer talked about on their message board or in an interview!
If you find any errors that need correcting, please use the feedback section of our Forum, where you may also post suggestions on character and format additions.

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