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Forge Real Name: unknown
Status: undetermined

It was under Forge’s tenure as leader of X-Factor, when renowned criminals Mystique and Sabretooth were forced by the government to join. Finally Forge found his suspicions to be justified after Sabretooth ran amok, almost killing the whole team. [X-Factor #136]. It took Forge quite a while to recover from his injures, and when Havok approached him shortly afterwards about re-organizing the team, Forge declined, as he was disgusted by Alex, who caused the team much grief while he pretended to have switched sides. [X-Factor #145] Sometime later Multiple Man and Forge followed Xavier’s request to investigate the situation on Genosha. [Uncanny X-Men Annual 1999] After returning from this undercover mission, Forge came back to the X-Men, where he acted as „staff“, designing tools, equipment and doing research. [X-Men (2nd series) #103] This job did not last long, and Forge seemed to just disappear from the mansion without anyone noticing or caring overly much. Much later, Xavier has approached him and asked him to work for him once again, but with the more specific task of designing technology for the one of the deadliest and most unpredictable of undercover agents - Mystique. [Mystique #1] Impressed with Mystique’s work, Forge recently asked her out on a date, but of course it ended in them having to work together in stopping a mind-controlling young mutant. [Mystique #11-12] Forge also set up a relay tower in Westchester so that Xavier, who currently resides on Genosha, can still maintain contact with his secret agents. [Mystique #14] Ironic, that Forge would later have to travel to Genosha to prevent Mystique from killing Xavier, in a twisted tale full of lies and double-crossings. With Xavier safe, and Mystique ending her troubles once and for all, she and Forge said their goodbyes, but not without Mystique up to her usual tricks, in that she switched the transmitter Forge uses to trace her with a dud. [Mystique #20-24] Presumably, Forge is going to continue his tech work.

Freeman, Spike Status: deceased

Billionaire Spike Freeman was X-Statix’s owner and funder. He wanted to make even more money out of X-Force and has no scruples. When his company were developing a video game based on the team, he tried to arrange some inner team conflicts to better promote the game, and also he advised Vivisector and Phat how to draw more attention to themselves. Freeman promised his team free reign when it comes to choosing new members, yet when they tried to reject the Spike, he „suggested“ that they let him in. [X-Force #120-122] When the Orphan took some downtime, and a new villain appeared calling himself Bad Guy, most people assumed it was the Orphan gone bad. Freeman named the Anarchist new team leader and urged him to kill Bad Guy, as membership in X-Statix is a life one and quitting not allowed. Freeman showed no remorse when it later turned out that the Orphan was framed and Bad Guy had been someone else pretending to be him. [X-Statix #6-8] Freeman’s manipulations didn’t stop there, and when X-Statix learned that not only had he sold chemical weapon components to Saddam Hussein, but also that he set up an assassination attempt on their friend and almost-member Lacuna, the Orphan broke his neck. [X-Statix #16]

Frenzy is listed under Cargill

Friedlander, Sharon
Status: deceased

Police officer Tom Corsi and nurse Sharon Friedlander were transformed into red Indians during the Demon Bear Saga. [New Mutants (1st series) #20] To deal with their changed bodies, they were invited to stay at Xavier’s mansion and acted as staff. When the house was overcrowded with injured Morlocks from the Mutant Massacre, they helped to ship the patients to Muir Island. Both were still there when the Reavers attack Moira’s lab complex and helped to fight them off. [Uncanny X-Men #254-255] Later Tom and Sharon worked as nurse and bus driver for a school near New York, and watched over a young mutant child who was also suffering from the Down syndrome. Sharon was killed when the Acolytes tried to recruit the boy. [Uncanny X-Men #298]

Gaia Real Name: unknown
Status: inactive

Gaia was rescued by Generation X from being trapped in another dimension, but for her centuries on Earth had passed. After a short stay at the Massachusetts Academy, Gaia decided that re-adjusting to the world was more important to her than honing her mutant powers. She left the school to explore the world by traveling around. [Generation X #51]

Gambit Real Name: Remy LeBeau
Status: active member of the (Adjectiveless) X-Men

When Storm asked various X-Men to join her quest for Destiny’s diaries, Gambit wanted to accept, but Rogue vetoed his decision. She begged him not to join this group since her powers were going haywire and she could not stand the thought of hurting or even killing her lover by accident. [X-Men (2nd series) #109] Not much later both Storm’s group and Gambit both left the mansion in Westchester. When the X-Treme X-Men learned that Gambit was accused of murder in Australia, they immediately investigated and helped uncover evidence that he was framed. Shortly afterwards Gambit was kidnapped by aliens who use his mutant energy to empower a warpgate through which their invading forces try to conquer Earth. [X-Treme X-Men #5-10] The team managed to save Gambit, and Madripoor, though not without a price - Gambit and Rogue both lost their powers. However this is also a blessing, as they can now fully explore all aspects of a relationship. They left the team for a road-trip. [X-Treme X-Men #19, X-Treme X-Men: X-Pose #2] Eventually Gambit and Rogue rejoined the X-Treme X-Men when they moved to Valle Soleada, and continued in their relationship, [X-Treme X-Men #35] and due to Sage jumpstarting him, he has once more access to his powers. With the X-Men’s decision to return to the Xavier Institute, Cyclops restructured the teams, and while most of the X-Treme team were placed together, Gambit and Rogue were placed on Havok’s squad, something they are not happy about. [X-Treme X-Men #46, X-Men (2nd series) #157] Tragedy struck Gambit on the new team’s first mission, for while his powers are slowly returning, he was trapped by an enemy in China and one of his cards blew up in his face, blinding him, and putting both he and Rogue out of action for most of the battle. [X-Men (2nd series) #158-160] Upon returning to the Institute, Gambit was hostile to Rogue and blamed her for his being blind, but he discovered in place of his eyesight, he could see „visions“ in his charged playing cards. [X-Men (2nd series) #161] During a Christmas celebration, Sage treated Gambit with a gift by restoring his eyesight, [X-Men (2nd series) #165], but his problems are far from over, as he and Rogue grow further apart. During a confrontation with Golgotha, their emotions were manipulated so much so that Gambit admitted he is glad they cannot touch and Rogue kissed Wolverine. [X-Men (2nd series) #166-170]

Gateway Real Name: unknown
Status: inactive, in the Australian outback

The mysterious aborigine mutant aided the X-Men when they were based in a ghost town in the Australian outback. Although never saying a single word, he teleported them wherever they needed and also sometimes entered their dreams. Gateway also seems to have a yet to be explained connection to the St. Croix family, he liberated Penance from Emplate’s base [Generation X #1] and M I, the merged sisters of Monet, referred to him as mentor. [Generation X #7] Since then he has alerted the X-Men of imminent dangers from time to time. Gateway recently contacted the X-Treme X-Men to reveal in a Dreamtime sequence that he and Bishop are related, he is his great-grandfather. [X-Treme X-Men #4] Shortly afterwards he met the team again, this time needing their help as he had been attacked by the Reavers and the Shadow King. [X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001]

Ghazikhanian, Annie Status: inactive, whereabouts unknown

Annie worked at a convalescent hospital in upstate New York, one of her patients being a comatose "John Doe“. Upon discovering that he was actually Alex Summers, aka Havok, who was believed dead by his teammates, Annie contacted the Xavier Institute, and when Alex‘ brother Cyclops came to collect him and return him to the mansion, Annie asked to come along as Alex would need a full time nurse. Her son Carter, a young boy with undefined psionic powers, came too. [Uncanny X-Men #411-412] Being in love with her patient, Annie was distressed over Polaris‘s inevitable return to the mansion, and on the day Lorna was due to arrive, Carter attempted to bring Havok out of his coma, though he got trapped inside. Annie was trying to help her son out, when Lorna arrived and saw this, she thought they were attacking Alex, so she lashed out with her mutant powers at Annie. [Uncanny X-Men #418] This was resolved when Xavier managed to pull Alex from his coma. While Havok spent most of his time with Polaris or Cyclops after his awakening, he admitted to Annie there was something about her that he couldn’t quite place. [Uncanny X-Men #421] Turned out that Carter had been using his powers to link the minds of Alex and Annie during the whole time she was taking care of him, and really being in love with each other, Alex called off the wedding with Polaris. [Uncanny X-Men #426] Though she has remained with Alex, Annie’s loyalties are somewhat dubious, as she kissed Iceman, not Alex, when her son was rescued from an alternate dimension. [Uncanny X-Men #434] With the emergence of a new Brotherhood, Annie feared for the safety of she and her son, Carter, so left the Institute without saying goodbye to Havok, only telling Polaris. Northstar apprehended Annie before she left, and later told Havok, but Alex already guessed she had departed. [X-Men (2nd series) #161-164] However simply leaving the Institute and abandoning her boyfriend do not mean Annie's troubles are over, for her son Carter revealed he had a new friend, and that she was not imaginary.

Ghost Girl Real Name: Lilli
Status: undetermined

Shortly after manifesting her mutant power of phasing, Lilli was recruited by Department H to receive proper training. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #4] With most of the original Alphans returning to the fold it was decided to place the group’s newer recruits into a reopened Beta Flight program. [Wolverine (2nd series) #142] Although she wasn’t directly seen or mentioned, Ghost Girl was probably assigned to this group too. The current status of the team is unknown. With their leader Guardian III dead and Radius having left to join the X-Corps there was not much of a team left. Besides, they apparently were no longer active by the time the original Alpha Flight got kidnapped, prompting Sasquatch to assemble an all-new, all-different Alpha Flight. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #1]

Gin Genie Real Name: Beckah
Status: deceased

Gin Genie was among the casualties when most members of X-Force were killed trying to save the pop group Boys R Us from a hostage situation. It was later discovered that team leader Zeitgeist and the Coach had secretly planned the Boys R Us massacre; they wanted most of the team to die as the media was about to loose interest in X-Force and they thought getting in some new faces would help. [X-Force #116, 120]

Goblyn Real Name: Goblyn Dean
Status: inactive

Goblyn was part of Department H’s training team Beta Flight. When Canada had it’s own wave of anti-mutant / superhero hysteria, Department H decided to shut down the Flight programs and lay low for a while. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #130] Several months later, Alpha Flight was restarted, however Goblyn and her twin sister Pathway were not part of it. Probably they are living with Persuasion and her mother, like already once before when the three girls took a leave of absence.

Greystone Real Name: unknown
Status: deceased

Greystone was one of the three X.U.E. officers that traveled to the present and joined X-Factor to alter their future timeline. Not before long he developed a serious case of temporal insanity caused by the fact that he could never be sure if the future was really changed. Even though he knew that a journey back to the future could erase whatever changes they accomplished, he was determined to find out and constructed a (malfunctioning) time machine. Greystone seems to have been killed in the device’s explosion. [X-Factor #149]

Groundhog Real Name: Sean Benard
Status: retired

Police officer, Sean Benard was recruited by Department H to wear a new terra-forming exoskeleton. He became part of Department H’s Flight program using the codename Groundhog. However when one member of the team died in the Flight’s first mission, Sean quit. The armor was further modified and improved and later became the electromagnetic Vindicator / Guardian suit. [Alpha Flight Special #1] The current whereabouts of Benard are unknown.

Guardian I Real Name: James MacDonald Hudson
Status: active member of Alpha Flight, currently in space

When Guardian discovered some dark secrets behind the newly started Department H and it’s Alpha Flight program, the scientists involved created a semi-organic synthoid replica of him and downloaded his memories into it, while attempting to get rid of the real deal by ejecting him into space. However he crashed down in Antarctica where he was found by Sasquatch, who was there on an expedition. Together they contacted several other original Alphans and confronted Alpha Flight and Department H, learning that the scientists responsible had already being discovered and expelled from the Department. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #13, 18-20] It was decided that the original Guardian would take charge of the reunited veteran Alpha Flight, while his younger duplicate took over leading Beta Flight, which consisted of the newer recruits. However both Macs were soon kidnapped by forces of AIM which ultimately ended with Guardian III sacrificing his life so that the original Guardian and Alpha Flight could escape. [Wolverine (2nd series) #142-143] Recently Guardian‘s wife Heather gave birth to a baby girl, though Mac almost died on the same day when an insane Department H worker obsessed with the Hudsons almost succeeded in killing him. [X-Men Unlimited #45] Just like most other members of Alpha Flight, Guardian was captured by the alien Plodex under mysterious circumstances. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #1] Mac, Heather and the other original Alphans were rescued by Sasquatch's All-New, All-Different team, and decided to return the Plodex eggs to their homeworld. After collecting his daughter, Mac and the original Alphans departed for space. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #6]

Guardian III is listed under Vindicator II

Guardian V is listed under Vindicator III

Havok Real Name: Alex Summers
Status: active member of the (Adjectiveless) X-Men

Alex was about to reorganize X-Factor, but apparently was killed when he was aboard an exploding aircraft. as Greystone, one of the X.U.E. officers from the future, developed a severe case of temporal insanity. [X-Factor #149] While most of his friends believe him dead, Alex was actually transported to a parallel reality where his consciousness took over the body of his counterpart.[Mutant X #1] In this reality Havok successfully led the Six, a team made up by counterparts of some X-Men. Time passed and finally that Earth’s heroes battled Dracula, the Beyonder and the Goblyn Queen. Most superbeings in Mutant X-verse died in this final battle, while Havok departed to another plane of existence, after he freed Madelyne of the evil influences. [Mutant X #32] While Alex‘ mind was in the other reality, his comatose body was apparently retrieved from the crashsite and taken to a convalescent hospital in upstate New York as a „John Doe“. One of the nurses, Annie Ghazikhanian, took care of him for about a year and developed a crush on him. [Uncanny X-Men #411] Once his identity was discovered, Alex was transferred to the Xavier Institute and Annie came along. Alex remained in his coma for some time, and Annie’s son Carter used his growing psionic powers to link the minds of Alex and Annie from time to time, though it seemed like dreaming for them. [Uncanny X-Men #419] After he awoke from the coma, Alex felt like he knew Annie from somewhere, but at the same time, Alex‘s long time girlfriend Polaris had returned to the mansion, and sporting a new attitude, she proposed to Alex. [Uncanny X-Men #421] While everyone else took his agreement for granted, Alex never really said yes. Just when Polaris walked down the altar, Havok realized his feelings for Annie and called off the wedding. [Uncanny X-Men #425-426] Back among the X-Men, Alex slowly assured himself as leader, not that the true leaders, Nightcrawler and Archangel minded. With the recent restructuring of the teams after, Alex has been placed as the official leader of one team, however most members of his group are not happy about being placed on his squad. After a minor battle with a new Brotherhood in which the Brotherhood escaped, Havok discovered Annie was increasingly paranoid about the evil mutants coming to the Institute, and with her son Carter, Annie left the Institute without saying goodbye. Havok was dealt further blows in the aftermath of a large-scale battle with the Brotherhood in which a teammate and two allies departed. [X-Men (2nd series) #161-164] Single again, Alex now has to deal with his former fiancée Polaris and Iceman as an item, something he is obviously not happy about.

Hunter, Henrietta Status: deceased

Henrietta Hunter was a pop-star sensation with the mutant power of empathy. She could reach out to the people and address their needs and concerns. As she was becoming too popular, and many people kept donating money to her charity projects, her government had her killed by rigging her microphone, so that Henrietta was electrocuted on stage. Her spirit floated around for years until it found a suitable body of a recently deceased person to inhabit. Back from the dead, she was even more popular than before, and X-Statix had no choice but to not only accept her as a new member, but also to make her team leader. However, secretly planning her death, they sabotaged Henrietta’s tactics at every turn. Eventually, when the team were opposed by a suicide bomber, Henrietta was caught in the blast and perished a second time. Still with her original killers not brought to justice, Henrietta’s spirit could not rest, and used a record released after her death, created from some outtakes and her interview statements, to make her presence felt. The record was cursed, and everyone who hummed along would either have to cite the song’s entire lyrics or die. Visiting Henrietta in the afterlife, Dead Girl uncovered her motives, and to stop the series of deaths, X-Statix made the President of her native country sing along the song, so that Henrietta’s spirit could exact revenge on him. [X-Statix #13-18]

Hunter, Stevie Status: runs a dance studio in Salem Center, Westchester

Stevie first got involved with the X-Men when Kitty Pryde took ballet classes at her studio. Over time Stevie became a good friend of the students at Xavier’s and also worked as the New Mutants physical instructor. When the younger members like X-Force or Jubilee departed, Stevie’s job became kind of redundant, but she is still running her studio in Salem Center. [mentioned in Uncanny X-Men Annual #18] Recently, several students of the Xavier Institute have been attending Stevie's Dance Studio, most notably Wind Dancer, who used to dance a lot in Venezuela. [New X-Men: Academy X #12]

Husk Real Name: Paige Guthrie
Status: retired from active duty

During her time with Generation X, Paige has matured quite a lot. Cannonball’s younger sister, who dreamed about becoming an X-Man one-day, no longer wants to wait for Xavier asking her to join. Instead she wants to make a stand in the world herself. Following Generation X’s break-up, Paige decided to help some environmental protesters in the north, which was some sort of dilemma, since her former teacher Emma Frost owns the oil company responsible for clearing the forests. [Generation X #75] Like some other Generation X members, Husk was asked by Banshee to become part of his new militant X-Corps, and she agreed though only out of concern for Banshee. When Mystique and her allies who had infiltrated the group revealed themselves and caused major destruction in Paris, Husk helped the X-Men to defeat them. [Uncanny X-Men #403-406] Though some of Banshee‘s X-Corps members went on to join the X-Corporation, Paige ended up at the X-Men‘s mansion, having developed a crush on Warren Worthington, a.k.a. Archangel. [Uncanny X-Men #413] She soon joined the active squad, and not much later, Warren admitted his similar feelings for Paige after resurrecting her with his new healing blood when she was killed by some werewolves. [Uncanny X-Men #419-420] The couple had to overcome several differences, like their huge age gap, a jealous teammate in Stacy X, Husk's ex-boyfriend Chamber also living at the mansion, and Warren’s fear of yet another lover dying in the line of duty. However their love came out stronger from each these trials. [Uncanny X-Men #421, 423, 440] During a restructuring of the X-Men, both Warren and Paige were removed from the active rosters, against Warren's will, to assist Xavier in Genosha. [X-Men (2nd series) #157] However the couple took a well-deserved vacation in California, during which they began setting up a new organization called up „Mutantes Sans Frontieres“. [X-Men (2nd series) #165] While celebrating the opening of an office in Zanzibar, Warren came into conflict with Viper who had orders from „Courtney Ross“ to take over Zanzibar. This forced Warren to strike up an uneasy alliance with Xavier's ally Callisto, who happened to be the woman who crucified him long ago. Husk and several of Xavier's associates were caught up in battle with the Weaponeers while Archangel dealt with Viper. [Excalibur (2nd series) #11-13]

Iceman Real Name: Robert ”Bobby“ Drake
Status: active member of the (Adjectiveless) X-Men

Iceman left the X-Men after his father was beaten up by followers of the Friends of Humanity for standing up for mutant rights. Bobby was proud of his father, especially because he usually blamed Bobby of never doing anything right. Iceman decided to help his father to recover from his injuries and quit the team. [Uncanny X-Men #340] However he helped out from time to time, such as when the most powerful X-Men were captured by Bastion’s forces during Operation Zero Tolerance. [X-Men (2nd series) #66-69] Eventually Iceman was recruited by Prosh for a special mission involving mankind’s future. During a journey through time, Bobby learned about the full extent of his powers and decided to use them again as an active member of the team. [X-Men Forever #6] During a mission to Scotland, Bobby was seriously injured by the Black Tom Cassidy, who because of a secondary mutation was more plant creature than man. [Uncanny X-Men #410-412] With his chest wound healing slowly, Bobby discovered first signs of him undergoing a secondary mutation of his own. His whole body was permanently turned into ice, with him being unable to transform it back. For a while Iceman tried to keep this condition secret from his teammates until he could not deny it anymore. [Uncanny X-Men #415, 429] Just like school nurse Annie, Bobby was not too pleased when Havok and Lorna planned their wedding, and after a big argument about Bobby’s homophobia and Annie’s mutant racism, they hooked up briefly. However, during the ceremony itself, Havok declared his love for Annie and called off the wedding. Bobby felt that this was the second time Alex “stole“ a girl from him. [Uncanny X-Men #425-426] Following the restructure of the X-Teams, mush to his annoyance, Bobby was placed under the leadership of Alex. [X-Men (2nd series) #157] Bobby proved a useful teammate on both the mission to China and the Brotherhood's attack, [X-Men (2nd series) #158-164] but since he and Polaris have started going together again, he has got on his teammates nerves, particularly Havok, as Bobby seems to keep rubbing the fact that he and Lorna are together in Alex's face. However, there may be more to Bobby and Lorna's “relationship“ than Bobby is letting on. [X-Men (2nd series) #166-170] Recently, Northstar was killed, something Bobby seemed quite upset about. [New X-Men: Academy X #13]

Joseph Real Name: none
Status: deceased

Long thought to be a de-aged Magneto, it was revealed during the Magneto War, that Joseph was a younger clone of the Master of Magnetism with unlimited potential. In the end, Joseph and Magneto battled each other at the magnetic north pole. Joseph won and was able to repair Earth’s magnetic field, but the enormous energy levels burned his body out. Joseph rapidly aged and died. [X-Men (2nd series) #87]

Jones, Charlotte Status: NYPD detective

Charlotte is a former nurse whose husband, a policeman, was killed on duty. Since then she lived with her son and her mother and followed her husband’s footsteps, finally becoming a detective of the NYPD. [X-Factor #59] Mrs. Jones first got in contact with the X-teams, when Archangel rescued her from falling out of a helicopter. [X-Factor #51] The mutual attraction turned into a stable relationship that stood up against all racial and social differences. Some time after Warren rejoined the X-Men, he got involved with his teammate Psylocke and kind of forgot Charlotte, which she later complained about. [Uncanny X-Men #322] However Detective Jones remained a worthy ally for Xavier’s students, she often alerts them to imminent dangers of which she hears through her police contacts. The X-Men could finally repay her many favors when they reversed a process, caused by the interaction of two of the Neo’s powers, that merged Jones and a criminal named Delgado into some kind of gestalt monster. [X-Men (2nd series) #106] Underneath her uniform Charlotte wears the basic X-outfit, designed by Forge, since it is a better shield than usual bulletproof vests.

Jubilee Real Name: Jubilation Lee
Status: inactive

Jubilee seems to be the one student of Generation X who has not improved her powers at all. Only once she let loose of her fireworks and exploded a whole building, but for the rest of the time she held back, too afraid of hurting anyone. When the team disbanded she and Angelo, a.k.a. Skin, decided to go back to their native L.A. [Generation X #75] Jubilee tried a career in the movie business but was only cast for stereotype roles because of her Asian looks. [X-Men Unlimited #34] Like some other Generation X members, Jubilee was asked by Banshee to become part of his new militant X-Corps, and she agreed though only out of concern for Banshee. When Mystique and her allies who had infiltrated the group revealed themselves and caused major destruction in Paris, Jubilee helped the X-Men to defeat them. [Uncanny X-Men #403-406] Following the break-up of X-Corps it seemed that Jubilee returned to live with Angelo, until they were captured by the Church of Humanity and crucified on the X-Men‘s front lawn along with other affiliated mutants. Some of the crucified mutants, including Jubilee, could be resurrected with Archangel‘s healing blood, however her close friend Angelo was not as fortunate and the healing factor ran out before it could help revive him too. [Uncanny X-Men #423] After the funeral for Skin [Uncanny X-Men #427] Jubilee remained with the X-Men for a while, but with the recent restructuring of the X-Teams, she was not placed on any active squad. [X-Men (2nd series) #157] Frustrated with the changes at the Xavier Institute, Jubilee departed for California to live with her Aunt Hope and attend a regular school. [Jubilee #1-6] However, Jubilee returned to the Institute briefly at Christmas time. [X-Men (2nd series) #165]

Juggernaut Real Name: Cain Marko
Status: guest of the X-Men

Professor Xavier‘s step-brother, Cain has been a constant thorn in Xavier and the X-Men‘s sides, mostly working together with Black Tom Cassidy. However when Black Tom underwent a secondary mutation that turned him into a plant creature that was trying to drain everyone’s life energies, Juggernaut realized he was in over his head and asked the X-Men for help. [Uncanny X-Men #410-412] Juggernaut aided the team in stop his best friend, and having nowhere else to turn, he accepted Xavier‘s offer to return with then to the Institute, much to the horror of the X-Men. Cain didn‘t really know his place at the mansion, and the X-Men, especially Iceman and Wolverine made it quite clear he was not welcome by them. However, remembering his own abusive father Kurt Marko, Cain started a close friendship with Squidboy Sammy, until the boy was forced to return to Canada, since his mother did not agree with him hanging out with an established super villain. [Uncanny X-Men #422] This upset Cain and he lashed out at Charles for not stopping Sammy from leaving as he was going back to an environment hat did not care about him, and mistreated him for being an obvious mutant. The friendship with Sammy changed Cain so much that he petitioned for full membership of the X-Men, and while Cyclops ignored him when he asked, Havok welcomed him to the „Away“ team, making him one of the few non-mutant X-Men. [Uncanny X-Men #425] Juggernaut participated as a member of the X-Men, but went to Canada, with Northstar, to visit Sammy. He arrived right when Sammy’s father was beating up the boy, and always one to sport a bad temper, Cain lashed out against the man. Alpha Flight was called in to put the Juggernaut into custody, and he was put on trial. Able to convince his lawyer, the She-Hulk, of him being sincerely trying to redeem himself, the two had a brief relationship, and eventually Cain was pardoned when Sammy’s mother finally stood up for him. The court’s single condition was that he has to undergo anger management therapy. [Uncanny X-Men #436] His biggest problem, other than most of the X-Men still not trusting him, is his declining strength. Apparently the Cyttorak deity, who bestowed him his powers, is not satisfied with Cain’s performance, and he even already had one replacement Juggernaut come after Cain, though that guy was easily dealt with. Cain remained with Havok's squad after the restructuring of the X-teams, though not for long, as his believed dead best friend Black Tom returned along with an all-new Brotherhood. Cain pretended that he was with the Brotherhood, that he was a plant among the X-Men, when really he was a plant among the Brotherhood. Things got ugly however when Black Tom killed Squidboy, and Juggernaut's cover was blown. In the final showdown, Juggernaut, Nocturne and four members of the Brotherhood were sucked into the black hole of Xorn's mind, with no indication of where they would end up. [X-Men (2nd series) #161-164] Some months later, Juggernaut and Nocturne wound back up at the Institute, revealing that they were sent to Mojoworld, where they manipulated Spiral into bringing them home - except it was a trick which enabled Mojo and Spiral to capture several members of the X-Men. [Uncanny X-Men #460]
Note: Juggernaut is going to appear in the upcoming New Excalibur series which debut's later this year.

Karma Real Name: Xi’An Coy Manh
Status: teacher, librarian and over-seer of the younger children at the Xavier Institute, temporary squad mentor to the Paragons and Alpha Squadron

Xi’An left the New Mutants to search for her missing siblings. [New Mutants (1st series) #54] After her search was fruitless, she accepted to do some dirty work for her uncle General Nguyen Coy, who runs a crime-ring in Madripoor. In exchange Karma was allowed to use his vast resources for her search. [Wolverine (2nd series) #6] Later she followed a promising lead and discovered that the children were now in the hands of Viper and Spiral. Even though she got the Beast and Cannonball to help her, they arrived too late to prevent the twins getting altered in the Timedancer’s bodyshop. [Beast #3] Some time later Karma met X-Force by coincidence during the Burning Man festival in Arizona. She mentioned to have placed the children in a special doctor’s care and was strongly hinted to be a lesbian. [X-Force #75] With the children back to normal, Karma moved to Chicago, where she worked as a librarian and enrolled in the University, and also happened to meet Kitty Pryde who too was taking classes there. [Mekanix limited series]. Having graduated, Karma agreed to return to the Xavier Institute, bringing her younger siblings along. Besides acting as the school librarian and teaching French, she has also become an advisor to the students. [New Mutants (2nd series) #5, 7] Her old teammate Moonstar seems intent on hooking up Xi’An with Luna DePaula, the owner of a local coffee shop, who is also lesbian, but so far they have just become friends. [New Mutants (2nd series) #8, 13] Recently a lot of responsibility has fallen on Xi'An, not only does she mentor the students who are too young to be put on squads, [New X-Men: Academy X #7], but she also has taken over as temporary advisor to both the Paragons and Alpha Squadron after Wolfsbane quit and Northstar's tragic death. [New X-Men: Academy X #12-13]