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Kylun Real Name: Colin McKay
Status: inactive, living with his parents in Scotland

Young Colin was transported by Widget to a parallel universe, where time moved a lot faster. After coming back as an adult he spent some time with Excalibur, until he decided to tell his family he about his return [Excalibur #55] Shortly before he reached his parents house he was captured by a group of Warpies and got entangled into Excalibur business again, only to depart a second time determined to find his parents, who were apparently missing. [mentioned Excalibur #71] Kylun got in touch with his teammates again at the wedding party of Brian and Meggan. He explained that his parents had only be visiting relatives in Australia and that he was living with them in Scotland now. [Excalibur #125]

La Nuit Real Name: unknown
Status: deceased

La Nuit was among the casualties when most members of X-Force were killed trying to save the pop group Boys R Us from a hostage situation. It was later discovered that team leader Zeitgeist and the Coach had secretly planned the Boys R Us massacre; they wanted most of the team to die as the media was about to loose interest in X-Force and they thought getting in some new faces would help. [X-Force #116, 120]

Lacuna Real Name: Woodstock
Status: host of her own TV show

Lacuna used her power to shift between the moments in time to enter the X-Force compound and steal things, write her name on the walls or cause other kinds of trouble to get the team’s attention and to demonstrate that she would make a worthy addition. When she was turned down, she threatened to commit suicide, though she didn’t go through with her announcement. She kept on bothering X-Force until they were willing to let her in. However right then, Lacuna realized what she really wanted nothing more than embarrass her parents, so she decided to become a TV show host, using her power to slip into celebrities‘ houses and expose whatever obscure and embarrassing things she learns there. [X-Force #121-122] From time to time, Lacuna aided X-Force, or X-Statix, as the team renamed themselves. After she exposed the identity of Fanboy to the media, Lacuna also helped the team to deal with him, by injecting a lethal injection into his already strained heart before the boy could use his reality warping powers to cause further harm to anyone. Afterwards though, she felt guilty about it and blamed Guy Smith, aka Mr. Sensitive, for asking her to aid in murder. [X-Statix #5] Lacuna crossed paths with X-Statix again when they were forced to accept the resurrected Henrietta Hunter as new team leader. As Lacuna also uncovered documents that linked team owner Spike Freeman to Saddam Hussein, he ordered an assassination attempt on her, which Mr. Sensitive failed to prevent. Guy at least avenged the situation by breaking Freeman’s neck, and shortly afterwards Lacuna awoke from her coma. [X-Statix #16-17, 19]

Leech Real Name: unrevealed
Status: captured by the Weapon X program

Generation X’s younger charges Artie and Leech were sent off to the St. Croix estate in Morocco, when the academy’s secret of training mutants was exposed and the school was attacked by mutant haters. [mentioned in Generation X #70] Off-panel, Leech was kidnapped by the new Weapon X program, who use the boy to empower a special canon designed to negate mutant powers. Despite it’s usage being very straining for Leech’s body, the canon was fired twice in a short time, but he survived the ordeal. [ Wolverine (2nd series) X #173, 175] The Weapon X staff continued to use the young Morlock to generate a no-powers energy field all over Neverland, the mutant concentration camp run by the Director of the Weapon X project. [Weapon X (2nd series) #5] In a series of unexplained events, the entire Neverland concentration camp has recently vanished, along with its prisoners. [Weapon X (2nd series) #21] As Leech was located at Neverland, it is safe to assume he vanished with everyone else.
Note: Leech’s fate might be revealed in the current Weapon X: Days of Future Now limited series.

Legion III Real Name: David Haller
Status: deceased

The illegitimate son of Professor Xavier was a split personality, and his vast mutant talents were divided between these identities. However after awakening from a long coma, Legion was able to use his powers in synchronism and time-traveled 20 years into the past. He tried to alter the timeline by killing Magneto at an early age, but by accident his blast hit Xavier. The death of Xavier created an alternate timeline called Age of Apocalypse. Bishop, who as a temporal anomaly was unaffected, too went back in time to stop Legion. He absorbed the psiblast and hurled it back at David, who then died. The timeline was properly restored, though some AOA beings crossed over. [X-Men (2nd series) #41, X-Men Omega] Legion’s multiple personalities reappeared as psychic ghosts, but Meggan’s empathy convinced them to let go of the physical world. [Excalibur #121]

Lifeguard Real Name: Heather Cameron
Status: active member of X-Corporation Singapore

The X-Men met Heather and her brother Davis when they were investigating the murders of two Australian crimelords, and she soon revealed to be a mutant too. Her yet ill-defined powers allow her to do whatever necessary to save lives. So far she has manifested metallic skin, wings, two extra sets of arms and the ability to control the current of the ocean. The siblings got dragged along into the X-Men’s next fight, and tried to help to fight off an alien invasion in Madripoor. Heather was part of a strikeforce that went after the aliens to rescue the kidnapped Storm, however once in outer space, her appearance began to change again and her face transformed and displayed strange markings. [X-Treme X-Men #13] These alien features are actually those of royal Shi‘ar, though her blood connection to the imperial aliens has yet to be revealed. Following the battle, Heather‘s brother Davis quit the X-Treme X-Men because he could not handle what his sister has become, as she can apparently not turn back into her human form. Davis is unaware that Lifeguard and Thunderbird III have quit the team too, and are in search of him. [X-Treme X-Men #18-19] However the search for Heather's brother has apparently been put on hold, as she and Thunderbird have joined the Singapore branch of X-Corporation, who recently had their headquarters blown up. [Excalibur (2nd series) #5]

Lockheed Real Name: Lockheed
Status: residing at the Xavier Institute

After being separated from Kitty in a battle, Lockheed experienced some adventures on his own, but then returned to Kitty and was staying at her apartment in Chicago. [X-Men Unlimited #43, X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001] With Kitty rejoining the X-Men full time, Lockheed has accompanied her to the Institute, where he single-handedly defeated the X-Men's new enemy, Ord. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #1-2]

Longshot Real Name: Longshot
Status: undetermined, presumably died on Mojoworld

Longshot’s luck powers only work when he has a pure motive. Shortly after Inferno Longshot began to question himself, because during the demonic invasion he let himself get influenced by the demons. Finally he decided to leave the team to embark on a quest for his inner peace. [Uncanny X-Men #248] Later, with his faith restored, Longshot asked former teammate and lover Dazzler to aid him in the rebellion on his native Mojoworld [X-Men (2nd series) #5-7]. Apparently the couple married and Dazzler was even pregnant, though something seems to have gone wrong as Dazzler never gave birth. Recently Alison returned to Earth with terrible news. The media-run dimension tried to combine two popular treatments and created the AOA-babies. The miniature versions of Apocalypse, Holocaust, Dark Beast and Sugarman devastated the whole dimension and even claim to have killed Longshot. If Longshot is really dead is unconfirmed so far. [Uncanny X-Men #393] Note:Though (a) Longshot appeared in Exiles #18-19, this could be an alternate version of him, Mojo’s claim of their being just one version of himself and the Mojoverse probably being a lie, or, given the nature of the Mojoverse, it could have happened prior Longshot’s „death“.

M I is listed under Penance II

M II Real Name: Monet St. Croix
Status: active member of X-Corporation Europe

M always acted very snotty, but seemed to soften up after her teammate Synch died, with whom she had just started a relationship. Following Generation X’s break-up, Monet headed back home to Morocco. She promised to stay in touch but gave none of the others her phone number. [Generation X #75] However Banshee still found a way to contact her and asked her to become part of his new militant X-Corps. Monet agreed though only out of concern for Banshee. When Mystique and her allies who had infiltrated the group revealed themselves and caused major destruction in Paris, M helped the X-Men to defeat them. [Uncanny X-Men #403-406] Monet has since joined the Europe branch of Xavier‘s X-Corporation, (possibly to make up for the destruction caused to Paris, her favorite city in the world) and took part in the fateful evacuation of the Channel Tunnel where Monet became quite disturbed by Darkstar‘s death. [New X-Men #128-130] Monet was back to her old self when she took part in an X-Men mission to Scotland, and spent most of it fighting with Stacy-X. [Uncanny X-Men #410-412] She has since returned to Paris.
Note: Monet is set to appear in the upcoming X-Factor series which debuts later this year.

MacTaggert, Dr. Moira Status: deceased

Moira had allowed her Muir Island to be used as headquarters for Excalibur, but with the team disbanded she devoted all of her time to search for a cure against the Legacy Virus. Even though she was one of the world’s leading geneticists, Moira was not able to develop an antidote for the deadly disease, that she herself had contracted too. Posing as MacTaggert, Mystique gained entry to the labs and was able to create a variety of the Virus that would only target humans. Having accomplished her goal, the shapeshifter ordered her Brotherhood of Mutants to blow up the Muir Island Complex. Moira sustained major injuries, but was still conscious as the X-Men tried to get her medical attention. During the flight, Moira realized that a clue to the Virus‘ cure lay in the way how Mystique was able to alter it. Before the Blackbird was able to reach it’s destination, Moira succumbed to her internal injuries, but at least she could share her knowledge with Professor Xavier in a telepathic conference. [Bishop The Last X-Man #16, X-Men (2nd series) #108]

Maddicks, Artie (often misspelled Maddox)
Status: undetermined, last in Morocco with the St. Croix family

Generation X’s younger charges Artie and Leech were sent off to the St. Croix estate in Morocco, when the academy’s secret of training mutants was exposed and the school was attacked by mutant haters. [mentioned in Generation X #70] Since then Leech has been seen as a captive of the new Weapon X program, if Artie is still in Morocco is unknown.

Maggott Real Name: Japheth
Status: deceased

Following a suggestion from the Beast to get more education and training, Maggott decided to check out the Massachusetts Academy. [X-Men (2nd series)79] Shortly after his arrival his two slugs were caught by a trophy hunter called Slaughter, but together with Generation X, Maggott could get back his mutated digestive system. Even though Maggott got along well with the other students, he decided to leave and hunt down the escaped Slaughter; he couldn’t stand the thought of someone else getting hurt by a villain he let escape. [Generation X #49] Maggott later showed up for Joseph’s funeral, but immediately left again. [Uncanny X-Men #368] What Maggot was doing in the meantime is unknown, but later he was captured by Weapon X operatives and was one of the many mutants gassed in the mutant concentration camp dubbed Neverland. However a part of him lives on, as one of his slugs was given to two mutant children who have subsequently escaped from the camp. [Weapon X (2nd series) #5]

Magik I Real Name: Illyana Rasputin
Status: de-aged and deceased

Illyana’s demonic upbringing caused her many problems, as she was constantly forced to wield black magic to defend her throne on Limbo. Finally she was tricked by N’astirh and S’ym into opening a giant stepping disk over Times Square, unleashing an Inferno over New York as demons rained down on the city. Magik saw the only chance to end this threat by casting a spell to alter reality as if she never existed. All the demons were sucked away and after the smoke cleared Magik was gone - in her place was the seven year old child that had been kidnapped to Limbo in the first place. [New Mutants (1st series) #73] Illyana was brought back to the Rasputins, but when Russian agencies learned about her they killed her parents to experiment on the girl. She was rescued by the X-Men and taken to the mansion in Westchester, where she was diagnosed with the Legacy virus. Shortly afterwards she passed away. [Uncanny X-Men #303]

Magik II Real Name: Amanda Sefton / Jimaine Szardos
Status: guardian of Limbo

All of a sudden Daytripper left Excalibur, and did not even tell her boyfriend Nightcrawler goodbye. [Excalibur #108] In actual fact it was not really Amanda, but her mother Margali. The sorceress had been captured by Belasco, and from afar switched minds with her daughter so that she could recuperate and win back her freedom and her position on the Winding Way. Eventually Margali, using Amanda’s body, made her way to Limbo, where mother and daughter switched back and defeated Belasco with Nightcrawler’s help. Since Belasco escaped and Margali left in a hurry, Amanda was forced to stay behind in Limbo as it’s new ruler. To leave the spot open would have been to dangerous considering that Limbo is a place where time and space have no meaning. Whoever rules the dimension might gain access to any place and time. [X-Men Unlimited #19] Although she only reluctantly stayed behind, over time Amanda came to accept her new task and she took on the codename Magik II to confuse her many enemies into thinking her to be Illyana Rasputin, the first Magik, a former ruler of the place. Since then she has also mastered to magically control the stepping disks and practiced to wield the Soul Sword. [X-Men Black Sun #1-5, X-Men Magik #1-4] Now comfortable with her responsibilities, Amanda has recently helped Nightcrawler on some of his solo missions, where her vast magical abilities have been instrumental in aiding her former lover. [Nightcrawler (3rd series) #3-4]

Magma Real Name: Amara Aquilla
Status: teacher at the Xavier Institute

During the New Mutants’ many battles with the Hellions, Magma came to realize that she was in love with the Hellion known as Empath. She decided to transfer to Emma Frost’s Massachusetts Academy to be with him. [New Mutants (1st series) #57] Shortly thereafter, the pair left for Nova Roma, because Amara wanted to introduce Manuel to her father. When the majority of the Hellions were killed by Trevor Fitzroy, her former teammates, Firestar, Warpath and Cannonball, paid her a visit to deliver the sad news. Once there, they discovered that apparently Nova Roma was a lie. All its citizens were people kidnapped and brainwashed by Selene to keep them at a low technological and theological level, so they would worship and sustain her. Amara turned out to be Allison Crestmere, the daughter of a British ambassador. [New Warriors (1st series) #31] Magma called off her relationship with Empath and embarked on a search for her parents in England, though was exiled from Great Britain. [X-Force #34] When she next appeared, Magma was part of King Bedlam’s team, dubbed the New Hellions, and wanted to use her abilities for personal profit. However, when King Bedlam unleashed the Armageddon Man on the U.S., Magma did not leave with him. Instead, she stayed and helped X-Force to stop the Armageddon Man. [X-Force #87-90] It is unknown what Magma did in the months after that, but much later she was among a group of mutants captured by the Church of Humanity and crucified in front of the X-Men‘s home. While Magma was able to be resurrected with Archangel‘s healing blood, other victims were beyond help. [Uncanny X-Men #423] Amara remained in a coma, however, [New Mutants (2nd series) #3] until Josh Foley, a new student at the school, wanted to show off by using his healing powers on her. It worked but, shocked and confused, Magma blew up part of the Institute before running away. [New Mutants (2nd series) #7] The incident also shook Amara back to her senses. While the exact circumstances are still unclear, she now knows for sure that her Nova Roma origin is valid, and the kidnapping story was a lie. Having calmed down, Amara traveled to Los Angeles, where she had decided to join her former teammate Sunspot in the X-Corporation, but to her surprise, her former boyfriend, Empath, was working there too. Empath, under the influence of Elias Bogan, used his powers to make Amara and Bobby kiss, though it was wiped from their short-term memory. [X-Treme X-Men #34-35] The X-Corp members also helped the X-Treme X-Men fighting Elias Bogan, who during the battle tried to use Magma’s dubious past against her, but she overcame him. [X-Treme X-Men #42, 45] As Bobby and Amara seem somewhat closer than usual, it might be the case that they retained some of Empath’s manipulated emotions. [X-Treme X-Men #46] At the request of Dani Moonstar, Amara has returned to the Institute to teach, at a time when there is a lack of both X-Men and faculty, though she was reluctant to do so. [New X-Men: Academy X #15]

Magneto Real Name: Magnus / „Eric Lehnsherr“
Status: residing on Genosha

The New Mutants parted with their second teacher, Magneto, when they witnessed that he was part of the Hellfire Club, made a deal with the demons responsible for Inferno. [New Mutants (1st series) #77] Shortly afterwards, he turned to the „villains’“ side again, when he learned that Moira MacTaggert once tampered with his DNA to erase any criminal behavior, making him question his every „heroic“ decision. [X-Men (2nd series) #3] Although originally Cortez’s idea, Magneto surrounded himself with a group of loyal, fanatical followers, the Acolytes, and recreated Asteroid M as a safe haven for all mutants who would want his protection. [X-Force #24] Shortly after Magneto crashed the funeral of Illyana Rasputin to demonstrate his superiority, Xavier performed a complete mindwipe. It took him long months to recover and, in the meantime, his Asteroid was destroyed by Holocaust. [X-Men (2nd series) #43] In seclusion Magneto prepared devices around the magnetic north pole that amplified his power to near-invincible levels. Without warning, the master of magnetism sent an EMP wave around the world, rendering all electrical devices useless. The X-Men battled his forces to get to him, but it was Joseph, a younger clone of Lehnsherr, who wrested the magnified magnetic energy away from him before discorporating. Not knowing that his power levels were permanently damaged by the outcome of battle, the UN offered Magneto to rule the island nation of Genosha in exchange for not repeating his EMP stunt. They thought that the civil war and the Legacy epidemic on the African island would keep him busy. [X-Men (2nd series) #87] For about six months, Magneto relied on either Cortez’s power boosts to cover his diminished powers or used Polaris to tap into Earth’s magnetic field, but finally he found the Sugarman’s secret labs and used the equipment to restore himself. [Magneto: Dark Seduction #4] With the Legacy Virus cured overnight, Lehnsherr had an entire superhuman army at his hands and prepared to launch an attack on the rest of the world. His plans were cut short by a team of interim X-Men, who kept him distracted by an illusionary fight. Finally, Wolverine stabbed his claws in Magneto’s gut. [X-Men (2nd series) #113] Magneto barely survived and, as he was still recovering from his wounds when Genosha was attacked by a new breed of Sentinels, he was not powerful enough to save any of the 16 million people who died that day. [New X-Men #115-116] It’s unknown what Magneto was up to afterwards, though he probably went to one of his many hide-outs to recover in seclusion. Recently having returned to Genosha to rebuild the island with his old friend Charles Xavier, Magneto was somewhat shocked to learn that, in his absence, a man called Xorn had infiltrated the X-Men, only to eventually reveal himself as "Magneto.“ This imposter not only destroyed major parts of New York, but also killed Jean Grey before Wolverine decapitated him. Apparently, for now, Xavier thought it wiser to let everyone else believe that Magneto is dead. [Excalibur (2nd series) #2] To complicate matters further, as the X-Men later learned, this „Xorn“ was not even the real Xorn, but a double impostor, pretending to be both Xorn and Magneto. [X-Men (2nd series) #162] Working side by side with Xavier, Magneto and his best friend started work on rebuilding Genosha, but many obstacles got in their way. For Magneto, none more so than the apparent madness of his daughter, the Scarlet Witch, who suddenly snapped after years of manipulation, heartache and her unpredictable powers. [Avengers (1st series) #500-503] Somehow creating a wormhole in the fabric of space-time, Magneto arrived at Avengers Mansion to liberate his daughter from the madness she had unleashed upon her friends in the Avengers, and he took her back to Genosha, where he locked himself up with Wanda in seclusion. [Avengers (1st series) #503, Excalibur (2nd series) #8] Magneto became totally preoccupied with finding some way to help his daughter, and even became cruel and uncaring to the youngsters whom he and Xavier had gathered. No longer interested in rebuilding Genosha, Magneto became distant even to Xavier, who began to psychically treat Wanda, to no avail. Yet Magneto managed to create some false reality for the unstable Wanda to live in, which disturbed Xavier a lot. [Excalibur (2nd series) #9-14] What happens next remains to be seen.

Major Mapleleaf II Real Name: Edmond ”Lou“ Sadler
Status: inactive

The abused son of WW II hero Major Mapleleaf, Edmond joined the RCMP police, where he and his unique, moralistic point of view became a Sergeant. Eager at protecting and serving, he was among those on Sasquatch’s list for a new Alpha Flight to rescue the original team who have been captured by the Plodex, but Walt decided against him after first seeing him in action. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #4, #1] However, with the codename Major Mapleleaf, Lou sought out Walter and, albeit reluctantly, Sasquatch agreed to let him join the All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight, where his rather innocent personality often came to blows with his teammates. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #2] After rescuing the original Alpha Flight, the All-New, All-Different team were given some time to decide whether they would remain as a team, something Mapleleaf was interested in doing, and he started a relationship with teammate Zuzha Yu. Zuzha was the first to discover that Major Mapleleaf's powers are derived from his horse, Thunder, and he is powerless when he is separated from the horse. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #7-8] With the disbanding of the All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight, presumably Sadler has returned to his duties with the R.C.M.P. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #12]

Manbot Real Name: Bernard Lachenay
Status: undetermined, mentioned to have been downgraded to Beta Flight

Manbot became part of a reorganized Alpha Flight program by Department H, yet with most of the original Alphans returning to the fold it was decided to place Manbot and the other newer recruits into a reopened Beta Flight program. [Wolverine (2nd series) #142] The current status of the group is unknown. With their leader Guardian III dead and Radius having left to join the X-Corps, there is not much of a team left.

Manikin Real Name: Whitman Cody Knapp
Status: inactive

Manikin was part of Department H’s training team Beta Flight. Inexperienced as he was, he was himself injured in battle when the Jackal scratched him with his poisonous claws. Instead of dying, Manikin’s body weaved a protective cocoon around itself and inside Whit was healing. Shortly after emerging, it turned out that he had undergone a metamorphosis and instead of summoning the different evolutionary aspects along his genetic timeline (Proto, Apeman, and Highbrow), he could now he now transform into them. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #114-116, 120, 124] When Canada had it’s own wave of anti-mutant / superhero hysteria, Department H decided to shut down the Flight programs and lay low for a while. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #130] Several months later, Alpha Flight was restarted, however Manikin was not part of it. Probably, he has returned to pursue a career as medical doctor.

Marrina Real Name: Marrina Smallwood MacKenzie
Status: in the Master’s base, used as genetic template for his Plodex creatures

Shortly after Marrina married Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner was forced to reject the Atlantean crown, so the couple came to live with the Avengers. Though she had no official membership, she aided the team several times until her body’s alien genetic code once more betrayed her. Like already twice before, she her reproductive system activated, causing Marrina to spawn three egg, and triggering her transformation into a monstrous Leviathan to protect them. As this time the effects could not be reversed, Namor was finally forced to slay her, using the Black Knight’s Ebony Sword. [Avengers (1st series) #293] Later, the being known as Llan the Sorcerer informed the Master that Marrina was merely sleeping a false death beneath the waves, [Alpha Flight (1st series) #78] and he acquired her body to use her as genetic template for creating his Plodex creatures. [Avengers (3rd series) #47] However, Namor, the Avengers and Alpha Flight don’t know about this and she is still presumed dead.

Marrow Real Name: Sarah
Status: (sole) member of Gene Nation

Marrow left the X-Men during the so-called Six-Month gap. The specific circumstances of her departure have yet to be revealed, but speculations are that she either found out about Gambit’s involvement in the Mutant Massacre or that her bone growth went out of control again. Shortly afterwards, Marrow was found by SHIELD, who drugged and brainwashed her to become an assassin of rogue LMDs (Life Model Decoys). Thanks to her mind being tampered with, Marrow had developed a split personality: human Sarah and mutant terrorist Marrow. Spider-Man tried to help her, but Marrow jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, letting both SHIELD and Spider-Man think her dead. However, she has made her way back to the Morlock tunnels, where she was welcomed by her former teammate, Hemingway, of Gene Nation. [Spider-Man / Marrow One-Shot] Since then, Marrow was successfully recruited into the Weapon X program, where she, like everyone else, received a power upgrade, and again looked permanently looked pretty. However, she had to find that beauty isn’t everything, as she found herself raped by Mesmero in hypnotic disguise. [Weapon X: The Draft: Mesmero] Afterwards, as Marrow became much more concerned with herself, she eagerly accepted a mission to hunt down Sabretooth in order to make him pay for the Mutant Massacre, but their fight ended in a draw. When Cable and his Underground members were captured by Weapon X, Marrow defected to help them escape, at the price of her slowly reverting to her old looks. On their way out, she coerced Cable into handing her a disk containing information about the remaining Underground cells, which she then transformed into a renewed Gene Nation. After several successful terrorist attacks in the name of mutant superiority, however, Marrow was hunted down by Agent Zero, who killed every single Gene Nation member but her – to humiliate her and to avoid her becoming a martyr. [Weapon X (2nd series) #13, 19-21]

Marvel Girl I is listed under Phoenix IV

Marvel Girl III Real Name: Rachel Summers / Rachel ”Grey”
Status: active member of the X.S.E. (in Uncanny X-Men)

Shortly after her teammate, Captain Britain, was lost in the time-stream, it was discovered that he might be rescued, however Rachel had to trade places with him. On the happiest day of her life (the marriage of Scott and Jean), Rachel entered the time-stream to a fate unknown. [Excalibur #75] She wound up nearly 2,000 years in the future in the timeline where Cable was raised. There, she grew old to become Mother Askani and finally died. [X-Men: Phoenix #1, Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #4] The outcome of the Twelve Saga deleted that particular future from existence and Phoenix III wound up somewhere else in the timestream. She was hurled towards the end of all time and, halfway through, she felt the Phoenix Force abandon her for reasons unknown. Thereafter, Rachel fell into the hands of a man called Gaunt, who was imprisoned on an apocalyptic world. Cable rescued her and brought her back to the present. Rachel preferred that her return is kept secret and, for a short, while she tried to lead a normal life attending college. [Cable (2nd series) #85-86] Yet, when the Dark Sisterhood started rallies at the campus, she returned to help Cable defeat their Dark Mother. [Cable (2nd series) #94-95] In circumstances not yet revealed, Rachel was captured by the villain Elias Bogan and used to antagonize the X-Treme X-Men over a period of time. In a final battle with him, though, the X-Treme X-Men and Kitty Pryde, helping them out, freed Rachel from her tormentor. [X-Treme X-Men #44-46] Having returned right in time for the restructuring of the X-Men teams, Rachel was assigned to Storm’s X.S.E. squad. Apparently not too please about her father, Cyclops, starting a relationship with Emma Frost right after her mother’s death, Rachel now uses ”Grey“ as her last name and has taken on the codename “Marvel Girl“ in honor of Jean. [Uncanny X-Men #444] Rachel's telepathic powers continued to be an asset to herself and the team. However, some things she choose to keep to herself, like seeing the mad Jamie Braddock. [Uncanny X-Men #448] After facing off against her arch-foe, the Black Queen Selene, when the X.S.E. went up against the new Hellfire Club, Rachel found the strength to defeat Selene, determined never to become a slave again. [Uncanny X-Men #453-454] However, it wasn’t long before Rachel did become a slave once more, when the X.S.E. were attacked by evolved Saurians known as the Hau'k'ka, Rachel's mind was suborned so that she believes she was one of the Hau'k'ka, and she fought against her teammates, until she was freed by Psylocke's powers. The whole experience left Rachel somewhat traumatized. [Uncanny X-Men #456-459]

Meggan Real Name: Meggan Braddock
Status: deceased

Meggan married her long time love, Brain Braddock, and at the wedding party Excalibur disbanded. [Excalibur #125] After honeymooning, Meggan helped her husband in his scientific work, until they were contacted about a disaster on Otherworld. They quickly assembled a small team and journeyed to the place, but arrived too late, as most of Brian's companions in the Captain Britain Corps had already been slaughtered. After they defeated the villain behind this scheme, Roma stepped down as guardian of Otherworld and named Brian her successor. Of course Meggan stayed at her husband’s side to help him master this new task. [Excalibur Sword of Power #4] Meggan and Brian were recently captured by villainess Morgan LeFay and, in the process of being freed by the Avengers, they passed the mantle of Captain Britain on to someone else, Kelsey Leigh, a young mother of two who had died while the Avengers fought a group of villains. [Avengers (3rd series) #80-81] Eventually though, the Scarlet Witch’s reality warp during the House of M began endangering the multiverse, and Roma sent Brian and Meggan back to Earth and get rid of the threat, as otherwise she would have been forced to erase Earth 616 and all its inhabitants. In the end, Meggan had to sacrifice herself to keep the reality - altering wave from spreading. [Uncanny X-Men #462-465]

Meltdown Real Name: Tabitha Smith
Status: inactive

Thanks to Jesse Aaronson, X-Force survived being in the center of a vibranium bomb explosion. The team decided to let the world believe them dead, and used this status to secretly infiltrate and destroy anti-mutant organizations around the world. After half a year of this hit-and-run strategy, they learned of a great underground complex where Romany Wisdom was infecting helpless people with alien DNA to alter the human race. Fighting thousands of hybrids was a suicide run, but again Jesse’s powers were the key in destroying the whole bio-organic complex. Although the team seemed to have died in the explosion that left nothing but a huge crater, most of them, including Meltdown, showed up alive short while later, opposing the new X-Force for mis-using their name. [X-Force #113-115, 117] After that, the old X-Force members seemed to go their separate ways. Meltdown was recruited by Cable for his Underground movement with the aim of taking down Weapon X. [Weapon X (2nd series) #7] However, during the Underground’s final attack against the Weapon X compound, during which they were aided by several Weapon X operatives, they were double-crossed by Agent Jackson, who also mind-wiped them of all information regarding Neverland. Marrow defecting from the program and liberating the captured Underground members, prevented them from further being experimented on. [Weapon X (2nd series) #11-13] It seems that after her mission with the Underground, Tabitha attempted to lead a normal life, until she was contacted by her former leader, Cable, who needed her help against Jon Spectre. Reluctantly, Tabitha agreed, and served alongside other former X-Force members. [X-Force (2nd series) #2-6] Since the mission’s completion, Tabitha has presumably gone back to what she was doing before Cable contacted her.
Note: Meltdown is set to appear in the upcoming Next Wave series which debuts next year.