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U-Go Girl Real Name: Edith ”Edie“ Sawyer
Status: deceased

Edie had always wanted to become X-Force’s leader, and the chance provided itself when most of her teammates got killed. However, the Coach chose the Orphan, one of the new replacement members, over her and she was quite annoyed. Still, over time, she found herself attracted to the Orphan and they started a relationship. He even helped her to come to terms with her troubled past and she visited her parents, who are raising Edie’s illegitimate daughter as their own. Because being part of X-Force meant she could die anytime, Edie did not tell little Katie that she was really her mom. [X-Force #123] When X-Force went into space to fight the Bushrangers, she took a spike into the gut and slowly died of internal bleeding. Before she passed away, she asked to be given a space burial, not wanting her gravesite to become tourist trap like Graceland. The team respected her wish and the body was ejected into the black void of space. [X-Force #128] Edie still has a strong fanbase, though, and it’s her, not her replacement Venus Dee Milo, who is featured in the X-Statix movie.

Venus Dee Milo Real Name: Venus
Status: deceased

Being cast as the replacement for U-Go Girl, X-Force’s most popular member, Venus Dee Milo had a bad start with the group’s leader, the Orphan, who also happened to be the lover of the deceased U-Go Girl, as he believed her to be nothing more than a pretty face with lots of ambitions. However, Venus managed to convince Guy that she had experienced as much pain as he, since, on the day she first manifested her mutant powers, her entire family was teleported away and never seen again, and her body transformed into a state of energy that needs a special suit, shaped in her old features, to maintain form. [X-Statix #1] Soon, Venus established herself as the most devoted member of the group, now renamed to X-Statix, and she helped Guy coming to terms with himself and Edie’s death. With the help of Charles Xavier, Venus began searching for her family in regular intervals, until accidentally releasing an alien entity, which based itself on Venus’ inner fears. Only after facing these demons that have been troubling her since earliest childhood, could the alien be defeated. When Venus and Guy had sex for the first time, she fully relaxed, thus allowing her body to teleport to the strange place where her family had been sent, all of them being still alive. [X-Statix #6-8] Though Venus seemed perfectly happy, she was still troubled by the late Edie Sawyer, as she couldn’t compete with a dead woman for her lover’s affection. Also, despite being gone for several months, Edie still had such a strong fanbase that it was her, and not Venus Dee Milo, who is featured in the X-Statix movie. [X-Statix #9-10] After a battle with the Avengers, [X-Statix #21-25] Venus revealed that she had been offered a record contract, and learned that many of her teammates also wanted to pursue other avenues. However, on their final mission, Venus and the rest of X-Statix were all brutally killed. [X-Statix #26]

Vindicator I is listed under Guardian I

Vindicator II Real Name: Heather McNeil Hudson
Status: active member of Alpha Flight, currently in space

As a mainstay of the former incarnations of Alpha Flight, Heather was also recruited when Department H recently re-started the Flight program, although against her will, as she would have preferred to try and lead a normal life. Yet, once at the Department, she was confronted with an over a decade younger version of her husband, Guardian, now barely 19 years old. The scientists claimed that they have used a devolving machine to remove Guardian’s alien technology, however the process overshot and regressed him to a much younger state than anticipated. Actually, though, Guardian had discovered the dark secrets behind the Department and, after they tried to get rid of him, he was replaced with this younger synthoid duplicate. Heather was given a new suit with geo-thermal powers, which she mastered as well as the electro-magnetic Guardian armor. Heather was at odds with being married to a teenager, as she could almost pass as the mother of this young Mac, but the situation resolved after the original Guardian returned with several other original Alphans. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1, 18-20] Heather eventually retired from active duty to become the team’s official liaison to Department H, [Wolverine (2nd series) #142] but this retirement did not last long, as shortly after Heather gave birth to her and Mac‘s daughter [X-Men Unlimited #45] she was seen again in her geothermal costume alongside Alpha Flight when they battled the X-Men. [Uncanny X-Men #423] It seems that having a child of her own made Heather realize the wish to fight for a better future. Heather and most other active Alphans were captured by the Plodex, but later rescued by Sasquatch and his All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #1-6] After being rescued, Heather collected her daughter before leaving for space with the original Alphans to return the Plodex eggs to their homeworld.

Vindicator III Real Name: James MacDonald Hudson (clone)
Status: deceased

When Guardian I discovered some dark secrets behind the newly started Department H and its Alpha Flight program, the scientists involved created a semi-organic synthoid replica of him and downloaded his memories into it, while attempting to get rid of the real deal by ejecting him into space. The copy looking about 12 years younger than he actually should have been was explained away with having removed Guardian’s alien technology implant with a devolving machine. However, the process overshooting and regressing him to a much younger state than anticipated [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1, 19-20] With the original Guardian and most other original Alphans returning to the fold, it was decided that the newer recruits would be placed into a reopened Beta Flight program with Guardian IV, now using the Vindicator name, as their leader. Shortly afterwards, both Macs were kidnapped by forces of AIM and, when Wolverine and the rest of Alpha Flight attempted to rescue them, they got into trouble as well. In the end, Vindicator III remained behind in the exploding base to fight Modok, covering the other’s escape. He nobly sacrificed his own life. [Wolverine (2nd series) #142-143]

Vivisector Real Name: Myles Alfred
Status: deceased

To join X-Force, Myles left behind a promising career at Harvard. When he said his goodbyes to his mother, Myles took it very hard that his father did not find the time to be present too. [X-Force #118] Since he and Phat were kind of overlooked by the media who always focus on the more prominent members of X-Force, Vivisector and Phat pretended to be a gay couple to get more attention. However, soon they were confused by their own act. [X-Force #126-127] After sleeping together, Phat acted rather harsh towards Vivisector and then left on a short vacation. [X-Force #129, X-Statix #1] Left alone, Myles took to drinking but, upon Phat’s returned they sorted out their feelings, understanding that although both of them were gay, they were not attracted towards each other. [X-Statix #3-4] Later on, Myles dated gay soap star Brandon Cody, but it turned out that the actor was only in it for publicity reasons, for when Vivisector was offered and underwent a mutant "cure“ Brandon quickly dumped him. The loss of his powers was only temporary, though, and Myles couldn’t help but be amused when, in a strange twist of fate, Cody’s TV show was canceled. [X-Statix #19-20] After a battle with the Avengers [X-Statix #21-25], Myles expressed interest in leaving the team to spend more time writing, and learned that his teammates were also considering other avenues. However, on their final mission, the entire X-Statix team was killed. [X-Statix #26]

Warbird Real Name: Carol Danvers
Status: Chief Field Leader of Homeland Security, reserve member of the Avengers

Back then when she was still known as Ms. Marvel, Carol was attacked by Rogue of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. By accident, the villainess permanently absorbed Carol’s powers, personality and memories. [Avengers Annual #10] After she awoke from her coma, Carol was brought to Charles Xavier, who used his mental powers to at least restore her memories, but not the emotional ties attached to them. She was still with the X-Men when they were abducted by the Brood and, through genetic experimentation by her captors, Carol gained access to the limitless energy of a white star. [Uncanny X-Men #164] Calling herself Binary, Carol fought the aliens along the X-Men and helped them to get back to Earth. Shortly afterwards, Xavier took in Rogue, Carol could not stand to live with her under one roof and decided to accept membership in the Starjammers. [Uncanny X-Men #171,174] For years, Binary was a member of their group till during Operation Galactic Storm, when she received major injuries when she cleaned the sun of dangerous sunspot activity. [Quasar #34] She was brought back to Earth to recover and soon discovered that her link to the white star had been severed, making her less powerful. Keeping her declining powers secret, Carol rejoined the Avengers as Warbird, but soon she tried to drown her concerns and insecurities in alcohol. Not before long, she was kicked off the team but, after joining A.A. and staying sober for more than three months, she was welcomed back onto the team. [Avengers (3rd series) #27 onwards] During the Kang War, Carol killed longtime Alpha Flight nemesis, the Master of the World, and voluntarily wished to be court-martialed, though all present Avengers agreed no charges were needed. [Avengers (3rd series) #47, 55]. Carol continued to serve the group until, following the Red Zone incident, she was offered the position of Chief Field Leader of Homeland Security, due to her organizational skills. [Avengers (3rd series) #70] Carol accepted, but also maintained a reserve Avenger status.


  • Absorbed Persona:
    Carol’s stolen memories and identity tormented Rogue for a long time. There were times when she couldn’t sort out the two psyches and, later on, both identities shared the body, giving each personality an equal amount of dominance while the other had to ride in the backseat [Uncanny X-Men #236, 244] When Rogue entered the Siege Perilous, the mystic crystal tried to separate the two souls by giving each a body of its own; however there was not enough lifeforce to sustain two individuals. The two females fought to the death and, right as the Ms. Marvel entity was winning, both were struck from behind by Magneto. He favored Rogue to survive and destroyed the Carol entity. [Uncanny X-Men #269]

Warlock Status: inactive

The techno-organic alien member of the New Mutants was captured by Genoshan forces during the X-Tinction Agenda. Cameron Hodge, stuck in an ugly, mechanical body, planned to transfer his shapeshifting ability into himself by deliberately infecting himself with the techno-organic virus. Even though her powers were blocked, Warlock’s teammate, Wolfsbane, destroyed the device before the transfer was completed, but Warlock did not survive the process. [New Mutants (1st series) #95] Much later, however, his ashes, scattered on Doug Ramsey’s graves, were used by people determined to create a techno-organic army. Warlock was resurrected in a form resembling that of Doug and he also had some of his memories. Believing himself a completely new individual, he joined the British mutant team Excalibur, as Douglock and stayed on Muir Island once the group disbanded. [Excalibur #78-80, 125] One day, he was captured by the Red Skull, who tried to purge his personality traits and used him as the processing unit of a SHIELD Heli-Carrier. Warlock overcame this deprogramming with the help of Kitty Pryde’s phasing [X-Men Annual ‘99] and separated himself from the Red Skull. Thanks to his core programming being tampered with, Warlock was able to see through the later added personality traits of Doug and realized that deep down he was „only“ Warlock. [Warlock #1] Since then, Warlock seems to be traveling around the world with his friends, Hope and Psimon.

Warpath is listed under Proudstar, James

Weapon Alpha is listed under Guardian I

Weapon Alpha is listed under Wildchild

Weapon X I is listed under Wolverine

Wheadon, Evangeline Status: lawyer, member of the Mutant Rights Coalition, spokesperson of the X.S.E.

Evangeline first got in contact with the X-Men when Bishop and Sage were trying to solve a mystery murder case, apparently linked to the mysterious Elias Bogan. [X-Treme X-Men #21] As a member of the Mutant Rights Coalition, she was later asked by Bishop to defend young Marie D’Ancanto, a human girl who lost all of her family to a mutant attack, and herself was brutally maimed. At first, Evangeline, a mutant herself, was hesitant, but then accepted the case to make Marie see that not all mutants are evil. Successful before the court, Marie was put on probation and now works as Evangeline’s assistant. [X-Treme X-Men #40] She has also accepted the job to act as the spokesperson for the X.S.E. [Uncanny X-Men #445] Evangeline recently defended the Academy student, Wither, against murder charges and won the case, though that may also have something to do with the White Queen's mental manipulations. [New X-Men: Academy X #6]

White Queen Real Name: Emma Frost
Status: active member of Astonishing X-Men

When the Massachusetts Academy’s secret of harboring mutants was outed by Adrienne Frost and Emma’s students were attacked by mutant haters, she killed her sister with a gun, because her telepathic powers did not work on Adrienne. Since then, Emma has been using Adrienne’s fortune as her own and avoided the police’s questions by mindwiping the interrogating detectives. Upon finding out about the murder, Generation X disbanded, as they did no longer want to be taught by her. [Generation X #70, 75] Afterwards, Emma was contacted by Xavier and took over teaching a class of telepaths in Genosha. She was present when the island was attacked by a new breed of Sentinels and, although over 16 million people died, Emma survived. The experience triggered a so-called secondary mutation and she is now able to transform into living, organic diamond – however, in this form, she is unable to use her telepathy. [New X-Men #115-116] Emma joined the X-Men and started teaching the many new students at the academy. Her prime pupils were five girls called the Stepford Cuckoos, who were quintuplets and could link their minds together. [New X-Men #120, 126] However, after Sophie, one of the Cuckoos, was killed during the Riot at Xavier‘s, the other four girls attempted to leave the Institute because they did not feel Emma was doing an adequate job of training them. [New X-Men #138] At the same time, Emma‘s psychic affair with Cyclops reached new heights, the two were finally caught by Cyclops‘s wife, who subsequently tore apart Emma‘s mind with the power of the Phoenix, torturing her by making her relive her painful past. [New X-Men #139] The same day, Emma was shot and shattered by a bullet as she changed into diamond form. Hoping for the slim chance of her psyche having survived, the Beast collected all fragments and Phoenix telekinetically fused Emma‘s body back together, thus saving her life. It was revealed that Esme, another of the Cuckoos, was behind the murder attempt, working for the mysterious impostor Magneto. [New X-Men #140-141] With Jean being killed by the same imposter Magneto, the way is now open for a happy future for Emma and Scott, and they started their new relationship right after Jean’s funeral. [New X-Men #154] With Xavier departing to rebuild Genosha, the Institute was about to be closed down, but Emma convinced Scott of them continuing it as co-headmasters. As such, not only have the X-Men teams been reorganized, but Emma and Scott also broken down the entire student body into squads of six. The one squad that Emma is responsible for has been dubbed the “Hellions.“[New X-Men: Academy X #2] However, the couple also continue to serve as X-Men on an active roster, and Emma particularly asked for Shadowcat to be included on their team, for she felt she needed someone to prove to that she has redeemed. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #2] Emma seemed to be proving herself well on her „road to redemption,“ standing by her lover's side during the battle against a new enemy, Ord, joining forces with the X.S.E. to investigate the reformed Hellfire Club, including going up against the new White Queen – “Courtney Ross“ and even aiding Havok's squad in their ordeal with Golgotha, during which Emma was forced to confront her greatest fear, looking old. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #3-6, Uncanny X-Men #452- 454, X-Men (2nd series) #166-170] When Jean Grey was resurrected by the Phoenix, Emma fought for Cyclops and even offered herself as a host. However, after taking on the Phoenix, Emma admitted that she was not strong enough for it and had to let go, before helping Jean Grey realize that she was loved by the X-Men, providing her with the strength to put herself back together. [X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #4-5]

Widget Real Name: Kate Pryde & Sentinel parts
Status: in the company of Kang the Conqueror

The mystery around the cute little robot head was finally resolved when Widget built himself a body and Excalibur traveled to the year 2015 of the alternate timeline Days of Future Past. There, they learned that a Sentinel had scanned the captured Kate Pryde for residue of a timewave in which Rachel originally escaped. Kate’s power of disrupting electricity interfered with robot, right as it found the timewave, and they merged into Widget. Excalibur helped to end the Sentinel reign in DOFP and returned home, leaving Widget behind. [Excalibur #66-67] However, it appeared at the wedding of Meggan and Captain Britain and was recently spotted working for / with Kang the Conqueror.[Excalibur Sword of Power #4]

Wildchild Real Name: Kyle Gibney
Status: active member of Weapon X

During his time with Alpha Flight, Kyle’s physical status was already unstable. After X-Factor was betrayed and assassinated from within by Sabretooth [X-Factor #136], Wildchild quickly healed from his injuries, but his healing factor seemed to have kicked into overdrive and activated his mutation again. Kyle was able to hold off the changes long enough to give Val Cooper a goodbye, but then mutated into more of an animal than ever before. He was walking on all four legs, and evidently no longer capable of speech. [X-Factor #142] Eventually, Wildchild was found by the new Weapon X program, which were able to reverse and upgrade his mutation. He now has a "Nosferatu“ look and his sense of smell is so keen that he can tell if somebody is lying by changes in the person’s sweat and pheromones. [Deadpool: Agent of X #1 / Deadpool (3rd series) #57] During a mission, Wild Child mocked his teammate. Sabretooth, who then ripped out his vocal chords. Somewhat later, Kyle, now mute, was ordered to retrieve Aurora from a mental asylum. Though thankful in her disoriented state, Aurora rejected her former lover once the scientists of Weapon X restored her sanity and modified her powers. [Weapon X: The Draft: Wildchild] Lovesick, Wildchild has been coerced by Agent Jackson into joining his coup within the program, to get his revenge on the Director for taking Aurora away from him. [Weapon X (2nd series) #8] During an attack of Cable’s Underground on the Weapon X compound, Jackson switched sides, causing the Director to flee, though he took Aurora along. Still, as Wild Child remained loyal to Jackson the whole time, he was rewarded by being promoted to the compound’s Head of Security right after Jackson proclaimed himself as the new Director of Weapon X. [Weapon X (2nd series) #13, 15]
Note: Wild Child currently appears in the Weapon X: Days of Future Now limited series.

Wildheart is listed under Wildchild

Windshear Real Name: Colin Ashworth Hume
Status: retired, runs a hard-air store in London

The former Roxxon operative joined Alpha Flight after learning about his employer’s involvement in the events that led to Guardian I becoming partially machine and being exploited by the corporate. Among Alpha Flight it became clear that Windshear actually preferred administrative tasks over field duty and he also oversaw Beta Flight’s training. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #102, 109, 112] When Canada had it’s own wave of anti-mutant / superhero hysteria, Department H decided to shut down the Flight programs and lay low for a while. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #130] Colin decided to completely retire from superheroing and moved back to his native Great Britain. He uses his mutant power to create hard-air sculptures and sells them in his own store in London. [Thunderbolts #43]

Wisdom, Pete Status: undetermined, believed deceased

Cannonball contacted Pete Wisdom, because he felt that X-Force no longer had an edge or a direction. Not all former members stayed under the new leader, but those that did benefited a lot from his half year of training. Not only did Wisdom teach them new usages for their powers, he also gave them an inside view to espionage, undercover operations, needed strategies and hardware, etc. [X-Force #106-107] When hundreds of citizens in San Francisco were mutated and battling each other, X-Force investigated. While the team managed to destroy the energy source responsible for the mutations, Pete Wisdom, who was watching them from a secret base, was shot by Dr. Miles Roman, the mastermind behind the riot. [X-Force #105] Pete Wisdom has been spotted alive, though no explanation was provided. (On the other hand that might have been Cannonball in disguise). During the time X-Force pretended to be dead, Sam dressed up as Wisdom to avoid recognition) [X-Force #115] Note: Wisdom is set to appear in the upcoming New Excalibur series.

Witchfire Real Name: Anamyn
Status: inactive

Witchfire was part of Department H’s training team, Beta Flight. She was troubled by the fact that she is the daughter of Belasco and, slowly, the dark side of her was taking over, yet her teammates helped her to reject the influence of Limbo’s ruler. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #123-124] When Canada had it’s own wave of anti-mutant / superhero hysteria, Department H decided to shut down the Flight programs and lay low for a while. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #130] Several months later, Alpha Flight was restarted, however Witchfire was not part of it. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Wiz Kid Real Name: Takeshi ”Taki“ Matsuya
Status: unknown

After Inferno, the teenage members of the X-Terminators joined the New Mutants, while Artie, Leech and Taki went back to boarding school. [X-Factor #40] Artie and Leech were later taken in by Generation X, but whatever became of Wiz Kid is unknown.

Wolfsbane Real Name: Rahne Sinclair
Status: active member of X-Factor Investigations

When Excalibur disbanded at the wedding of Brian and Meggan, Rahne chose to stay at Muir Island to help her foster mom Moira MacTaggert in her lab work and research for a Legacy cure. [Excalibur #125] During the Dream’s End crossover, the lab complex was destroyed by the Brotherhood and Mystique used a permanently power canceling ray gun on Wolfsbane. Following Moira’s death, caused by injuries received in the same battle, Rahne seems to be the sole heir of her fortune and the remains of Muir Island. [Bishop The Last X-Man #16, X-Men (2nd series) #108] Rahne made a dramatic entrance back into the lives of her friends by single-handedly defeating the mutant villain Avalanche, and sporting a new look. Her friends were surprised by Rahne’s change of attitude, which was explained by the loss of her mother, Moira MacTaggert, and her secretly missing her powers. Attracted to Josh Foley, one of the newer students at the mansion, Rahne opened up to him about her problems and kissed him. Josh then used his healing powers to reactivate her wolf-powers but, confused and in a state of shock, she lashed out at him, nearly killing him. Moonstar helped Rahne to get her inner beast under control again, and Rahne then hoped to be given the chance of teaching at the Institute too. However, Cyclops was against it, thinking she was still too young and immature for such a responsibility. [New X-Men Academy X #3] But despite Cyclops' claims, Rahne did her best to show her maturing in starting to act like a member of the faculty, until she could no longer resist Josh Foley and continued to spend time with him. [New X-Men: Academy X #6] After finally getting her own squad, the Paragons, things seemed good for Rahne. She ended things with Josh, but a student who knew of the affair informed Cyclops and Emma, who were angry with Rahne as they saw the relationship as improper. A frustrated Rahne and her torn best friend, Moonstar, had heated words, before Rahne up and left the Academy. [New X-Men: Academy X #12] Rahne has since rejoined her good friends from X-Factor, Madrox and Strong Guy as private investigators. [Madrox #1-5] Note: Wolfsbane is set to appear in the upcoming X-Factor series which debuts later this year.

Wolverine Real Name: “Logan“ / James Howlett
Status: active member of Astonishing X-Men, the X.S.E. (in Uncanny X-Men), the (Adjectiveless) X-Men and the New Avengers

In recent times, Logan has been both staying at the school to help recruit and train new students, but also performed missions with the X-Men’s „Away Team.“ In one such incident, he encountered the mysterious mutant known as Fantomex, who claimed to hold some keys to Logan‘s dubious past, and who also revealed that the "X“ in the "Weapon X“ project responsible for giving Logan the adamantium was, in fact, referring to the Roman numbering system, with X meaning 10. The project was part of an entire series of Weapon Plus programs, with Logan being the prime success of the 10th installation of the program. [New X-Men #128-130, 133] Around that time, Logan also re-established with Storm’s team, the X-Treme X-men, at first to help Ororo from some near-fatal injuries and later on to assist them against Reverend Stryker and Lady Deathstrike. [X-Treme X-Men #25-30] When Fantomex and Cyclops, Fantomex and Logan traveled to "the World“, a Weapon Plus installation, more of Logan’s past was revealed to him, and this information caused him to give the current installation of the Weapon X program a closer look. In fact, it was his idea to use Chamber as a mole within the program and act as the young man’s go-between. [Weapon (2nd series) #15] When a mutant terrorist, claiming to be Magneto, was on a rampage throughout New York, it took the entire might of the X-Men to stop him, and it was still not enough to prevent him from killing Jean Grey. Outraged, Logan decapitated "Magneto“, not knowing that this imposter was not the real deal. As such, Logan has no sympathy for Xavier, who apparently thought it more important to give "Magneto“ a decent burial on Genosha than continuing the X-Men. [New X-Men #150, Uncanny X-Men #442-443] During the restructuring of the X-Men teams, Logan actually was placed on all three squads, apparently having the role of some trouble-shooter, always helping out where he is most needed. [X-Men (2nd series) #157] However, he was also still on the trail of Weapon X and, with the entire program packing up and vanishing to who knows where, Logan was concerned for Chamber. Trying to get a decent lead on their current whereabouts, Logan ran into Agent Zero and, once more, into Fantomex. Whatever dark schemes they will uncover can only be speculated at, but it probably won’t be pleasant. [Weapon (2nd series) #23-25] During his solo adventures, Wolverine was recently brainwashed into becoming an agent of Hydra and, in a series of twisted events, killed Northstar, and fought the X-Men. [Wolverine (3rd series) #19-25] SHIELD has since reversed the programming Hydra had done on him, and Logan helped SHIELD to take down Hydra, even capturing the similarly brainwashed (and resurrected) Northstar. [Wolverine (3rd series) #26-31] While the mystery of Weapon X continues [Weapon X: Days of Future Now #1] Wolverine continues his adventures with the X-Men, while also becoming a member of the New Avengers. [New Avengers #1] Logan was also part of the X-Men that dealt with Jean Grey's recent return, in which Logan had to kill her over and over again to stop the Phoenix from taking over. [X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #1-5]

Wraith Real Name: Hector Rendoza
Status: inactive

After helping out the X-Men during Eve of Destruction, Hector decided that he is not cut out for superhero life. He left Xavier’s school, even though he admitted that he needs to learn more control over his power of invisibility. [X-Men (2nd series) #113]

Wyre Real Name: unknown
Status: inactive

Years ago, Department H used Wyre’s DNA to turn several subjects into savage beasts, one of them being Wildchild. Wyre felt guilty about having played a certain part in the destruction of these people’s lives and thought he could make up by hunting them down and killing them, yet Alpha Flight and Wildchild showed him the wrongness of that assumption. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #115-118] Working together with Alpha Flight as an ally, he was slowly on his way to redemption. However, when Canada had its own wave of anti-mutant / superhero hysteria, Department H decided to shut down the Flight programs and lay low for a while. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #130] Several months later, Alpha Flight was restarted, but Wyre was not part of it. His current whereabouts are unknown.

X-Man Real Name: Nate Grey
Status: discorporated / deceased

Following his short guest stint with the Astonishing X-Men, Nate returned to explore the world, and finally decided to become Earth‘s Shaman. In Native American tribes, the shaman was an outsider, watching over his people, and X-Man intended to do the same for humanity. [X-Man #70] Finally, Nate discovered that an alien had been preparing the planet for harvesting by his race in outer space. Since this Anti-Man had already interweaved his own energy with every living being, Nate could not simply kill the alien. Instead, he discorporated both the Anti-Man and himself into pure energy, which was displayed through the Anti-Man‘s net, into every being on Earth. [X-Man #75]

Xavier, Professor Charles Francis Status: residing on Genosha

Several months ago, it was discovered that Professor Xavier has actually had a twin sister. However, the two babies fought in the mother’s womb and the sister, later calling herself Cassandra, tried to strangle her brother, forcing Xavier to instinctively unleash a powerful psychic blast to kill her. However, Cassandra survived and was born without a body. Formless, immense and totally unique, Cassandra was composed of living emotional energy. Though it took her decades, she eventually created herself a body consisting of copies of Xavier's cells, merely mimicking human traits. Right under the X-Men’s eyes, she managed to switch bodies with Xavier and, posing as the Professor, she outed his secret of being a mutant to the media, before she went vacationing to the Shi’ar Empire. Mentally controlling Lilandra and the forces of her empire, she returned to Earth, intending to eradicate the X-Men, but the team managed to outsmart her and Xavier regained his body. Because of the new student Xorn using his apparent healing powers on the body, Xavier apparently had use of his legs again. [New X-Men #116, 121, 126] His secret of being a mutant now public knowledge, Xavier set up several branches of his worldwide X-Corporation and, shortly afterwards, when the X-Men met the Juggernaut once more, Xavier reached out to his stepbrother and asked him to live at the mansion. Together, they managed to work up their troublesome childhood and gained a new respect for each other. [Uncanny X-Men #412, 429] Being caught off-guard, first by a riot among the student body and then by Xorn taking away his cure and unmasking himself as "Magneto“, only to destroy large parts of New York and kill Jean Grey, Xavier resigned both from the X-Men and the Xavier Institute completely, leaving it in the hands of others whether to continue or not. [New X-Men #135-138, 146-150] Xavier then traveled to Genosha, wanting to give "Magneto“ a decent burial and planning to rebuild the island nation. Banding together with the few survivors wandering around will be not an easy task, especially with several of Magneto’s old followers being on Genosha too and openly opposing Xavier at every turn. Most surprisingly, though, is that the real Magneto is on Genosha too, secretly living at Xavier’s place and working together with him towards their common goal. [Excalibur (2nd series) #1-2] Things have not been easy for Xavier on Genosha; while the youngsters he has gathered to help him are eager, they are untrained in the use of their powers, although the arrival of Callisto has eased his burden somewhat, as she takes up a leadership role. However, the unexpected return of the Dark Beast, the constant battles with Unus' gang, violence against X-Corp offices around the world and human resistance have all got in the way of Xavier and Magneto's rebuilding of Genosha. Xavier also had to contend with an assassination attempt from Mystique, but was aided by Forge [Mystique #21-22] After Magneto retrieved his unstable daughter the Scarlet Witch from the States, Xavier found his friend a very different and distant man. However, Charles has been doing everything he can to help the Scarlet Witch, enlisting the help of Dr. Strange, and even facing some of his own inner demons. [Excalibur (2nd series) #11, 13-14]

”Xorn” Real Name: unknown
Status: deceased

During a visit in Hong Kong, the X-Men first learned of a Chinese mutant Xorn, who had spent several decades locked up in a prison, just for being a mutant. [New X-Men Annual ‘01] Naturally, they liberated him and, after he briefly resided in a monastery to find some inner peace, he joined the X-Men. Making use of his healing powers, he even restored the Xavier’s use of his legs, and he was given the "Special Class“ to teach about self-acceptance and fitting in. [New X-Men #126, 135] However, it turned out that Xorn was an imposter and he only joined the X-Men to undermine them and to lure Xavier’s students away from him. After having trapped the X-Men in several different scenarios, he took away Xavier’s cure again (actually a result of magnetically controlled Nano-Sentinels) and claimed to be Magneto. He sure looked the part, and with the Special Class serving him as some new version of the Brotherhood of Mutants, „Magneto“ caused mass destruction all over New York. Eventually, though, the X-Men freed themselves and returned, but they couldn’t stop the terrorist from killing Jean Grey with a magnetic stroke. For that, he was decapitated by Wolverine. [New X-Men #146-150] While the world still believes that it was Magneto who performed these crimes and got killed, the real deal had never left Genosha, and was now secretly residing on there with Charles Xavier. The true identity of the imposter has yet to be revealed. Things took an odd turn when Havok's squad of X-Men discovered a second Xorn in China, who is Shen Xorn, the brother of Kuan-Yin Xorn, the man „Magneto“ was apparently posing as. [X-Men (2nd series) #157-160] However, according to Shen Xorn, it was not Magneto posing as his brother, but someone different. As the mystery deepens, the plot thickens. [X-Men (2nd series) #162]

Xorn II Real Name: Shen Xorn
Status: inactive

Investigating a mutant signature that Cerebra had detected in China, Havok and his X-Men team came across this second Xorn. Unsure what to make of him, due to the first Xorn apparently having been a cover identity of Magneto, the X-Men debated what to do with him. Ultimately, they decided to bring the mysterious second Xorn back to the Institute for further evaluation. [X-Men (2nd series) #157-160] After Emma Frost telepathically investigated Xorn, it was revealed that he was Shen Xorn, the brother of Kuan-Yin Xorn, the man Magneto was posing as. However, Shen Xorn had some startling news for the X-Men when he claimed that it was not Magneto posing as his brother, and that their was still a traitor at the Institute. [X-Men (2nd series) #162] After aiding the X-Men against the new Brotherhood of Mutants, Shen Xorn left, claiming that, as he just sucked several people away into a black hole, he needed time to meditate on the immensity of his actions. His current whereabouts are unknown. [X-Men (2nd series) #163-164]

Yashida, Mariko Status: deceased

Mariko, who also happens to be the cousin of Sunfire, was the true love of Wolverine. Their imminent wedding was interrupted when Mastermind manipulated Mariko into rejecting her lover. [Uncanny X-Men #173] Later, the couple got back together again, and Mariko agreed to raise Logan’s foster daughter Amiko for him. [Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #6] Having inherited the Yashida crime empire, Mariko was always dealing with rivaling clans, who were not inhibited by Mariko’s sense of morals and honor. She was poisoned by the Hand and, as the toxin started to show its painful effects, it was too late to save her. Mariko’s last request of Wolverine was to not have to suffer for long. SNIKT. [Wolverine (2nd series) #57]

Yukio Status: presumably back in Japan, raising Amiko

Yukio is a very skilled Japanese thief and material artist. She first met the X-Men when they came to Japan for the wedding of Wolverine and Mariko. Since then, she has developed a deep friendship with Storm and Wolverine and has become the guardian of Logan’s foster child, Amiko, after Mariko passed away. Yukio and the child have been kidnapped various times to blackmail Wolverine, most recently by Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike and Omega Red. Since her spine was broken and she is now paralyzed, Yukio asked Logan to mercy-kill her – but he did not. [Wolverine (2nd series) #174] After recovering, Yukio met up with her close friend, Storm, who was investigating something in Tokyo known as "the Arena“. Things seemed to take a turn for the worse when Storm began competing in the arena herself, ending up a slave of Masque, but eventually the villain was defeated. [X-Treme X-Men #36-39] Yukio has presumably returned to looking after Amiko.

Yukon Jack Real Name: Yukotujakzurjimozoata
Status: inactive

The heir to an ancient civilization, hidden deep within Canada, the stroppy Native American was among those selected by Sasquatch to form the All-New All-Different Alpha Flight, to rescue the original Alphans, who had been captured by the Plodex. Yukon Jack's ways sometimes confused his teammates, but he proved himself to be an adequate fighter. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #1-6] When the original Alphans were rescued, Yukon Jack had no intention of remaining with the new team and, once the originals departed for space, he returned to his homeland, only to discover that his people were all celebrating his absence. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #7] Yukon Jack agreed to stay with the All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight. A skilled fighter, he served well, however he lacked skill in the relationship department, and proclaimed Zuzha as his wife. However, Zuzha was more interested in Major Mapleleaf II. Following the All-New All-Different Alpha Flight's time-traveling adventure, the team disbanded. [Alpha Flight (3rd series) #9-12]. Yukon Jack's current whereabouts are unknown, assuming that he didn’t return to his home knowing that his people did not like him.

Zeitgeist Real Name: Axel Cluney
Status: deceased

X-Force’s former leader, Zeitgeist, was among the casualties when many team members were killed trying to save the pop group Boys R Us from a hostage situation. It was later discovered that Zeitgeist and the Coach had secretly planned the Boys R Us massacre; they wanted most of the team to die as the media was about to loose interest in X-Force and they thought getting in some new faces would help. Apparently, Axel was having second thoughts and he allowed himself to get killed among his team when the lethal weapon was released on them. [X-Force #116, 120]