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22nd July 2003

In the beginning the people of the Mojoverse have no spines and can only crawl in the mud. These creatures can mentally receive television programs from earth, which drive them crazy. The beings in these visions are seen as nightmare demons and are the basis for many myths. The mutant Arize is born and creates exo-skeletons for his people. Several refuse his artificial spines and somehow they become the rulers. They are from now on known as the Spineless Ones. [flashback in Longshot #5, flashback in X-Factor Annual #7]

Arize creates a race of creatures with a spine, taken their images from Mojoverse mythology (that is the reason why they resemble earth people). The Spineless Ones want these creatures as slaves, but secretly Arize gives his creations the will to rebel against their oppressors. The man who will later be known as Longshot is one of these slaves and the first words he says to his 'owner', is that nobody owns him. Mojo, his master, uses Longshot as a stuntman in his movies. Around the same time Arize is ordered by the Spineless Ones to create weaponry for them, but he refuses and is exiled. The Spineless Ones don't have to work anymore, now that they have slaves and they quickly become television-addicts. Mojo's movies and television-programs are seen by all Spineless Ones and they worship him for it. Mojo gains power from their worship, so that he can control the entire universe and renames it the Mojoverse. A society is created in which the person with the highest ratings becomes the leader of the Mojoverse. Longshot's friend Jackson dies during a movie. Grief and anger consume Longshot and he escapes and goes in search of his creator. Arize welcomes him and explains to him that he didn't meant for his creations to be slaves and that they should fight for their freedom. Longshot joins a group of rebels and during a ritual he gains his supernatural luck. Although the rebels

have their luck-powers, they rebellion fails, since their luck has a flipside: for all the luck they create, someone else gets bad luck. Also the servants of the Spineless Ones have superior weapons. Longshot has learned too much of freedom, so he is mindwiped in public. He regains some of his consciousness and he can escape, although he can't remember who he is and what he has done. Mojo sends his forces after him, led by the creature Gog. [flashbacks in Longshot #1-6]

Longshot falls through a dimension-portal to earth and Mojo's forces follow him through the portal. The creatures get stuck between dimensions and can become intangible at will on earth, although they don't seem to enjoy the situation. Longshot befriends one of them, Gog's son Magog, who tells Longshot that they are friends. Mojo's troops want to use a baby as a sacrifice in a magic ritual to return home. Longshot is able to save the child and Gog and his troops retreat. Magog joins Longshot and both go on their way. During the trip Magog is slowly growing and mutating. Longshot accidentally disrupts a movie shooting, but he's hired as a stuntman and he meets the stuntwoman Ricochet Rita. Magog returns, but he isn't friendly anymore and leaves after an argument with Longshot. Longshot turns out to be an exceptional stuntman, but when he discovers that his motives aren't pure, he loses his luck and nearly dies. The director knows Longshot's contract is illegal and dumps the dying man in a river. A man, who calls himself Jinx (due to his bad luck), finds him there. Longshot wants to help the depressive Jinx and thinks an adventure will raise his spirit. In the Power Company they want to rob, they are attacked by Gog and his troops who use diamonds to return home. Magog returns and has another argument with Longshot, who senses that Magog becoming more and more evil. Gog and his troops return to the Mojoverse with the help of some diamonds and report to Mojo. When Mojo learns that there is a world filled with slave-like creatures, that are free, he knows that he cannot allow Longshot to return. This knowledge would inspire the slaves to rebel, so Mojo and one of Gog's helpers, a six-armed sorceress called Spiral, return to Earth. Spiral and Mojo find Ricochet Rita and want to use her to find Longshot. Rita is left catatonic. At the same time Longshot confronts Magog, who has changed into a powerful, constantly mutating monster due to his nature as a magical magnet. Magog defeats Longshot, but then another soldier of Gog turns up: a creature with a goat's head. He also has the same luck-power as Longshot and he fights Magog. Longshot leaves and meets Dr. Strange who has felt the mystical disturbances. Longshot and Strange together defeat Magog and the goat-headed creature, introduces himself as Quark. Quark was also a rebel against Mojo. Longshot goes back to find Rita and he finds her in a mindless state. He reads her memories and discovers that Mojo is on Earth.

The combined power of Quark and Longshot, who get reinforcements from Rita and Strange, is enough to destroy Mojo's citadel on earth and drive him back to the Mojoverse. Spiral follows Mojo, when he offers her power. Longshot, Rita and Quark follow them to restart the rebellion. [all from Longshot #1-6]

In between

  • Longshot‘s rebellion fails and Rita is captured. Mojo ties Rita to his airship, where she becomes the figurehead and navigator.
  • Spiral is sent to earth, where she becomes a member of the government mutant team Freedom Force.
  • Rachel Summers developed a personal grudge against Selene. Finally she decided to kill her, but was hindered by her teammate Wolverine, who chose to pop his claws into her heart before she would become a killer.
  • Betsy Braddock shortly took her brother’s place as Captain Britain, but she is beaten by the Slaymaster who cuts her eyes out. To recover from her injuries she travels to Switzerland. [Captain Britain (2nd series) #13-14.

History continued Though mortally injured Rachel Summers survived and is found and saved by Spiral, who transports her to the Mojoverse. [Uncanny X-Men #209]

Betsy Braddock is abducted into the Mojoverse and receives bionic eyes, which also serve as cameras. Mojo and Spiral create a TV animation with Psylocke (their new name for Betsy) being the star, and worldwide the series becomes an instant success. Enslaved to Mojo’s will, Betsy has to use her telepathy to lure more mutants and X-related characters into his services. Even some of the New Mutants are involved; the rest of the team follows them to the Wildways but they get regressed to children, will bound to Mojo, and then are re-grown into loyal adults. In the end Warlock and Cypher are able to break the link between Psylocke and Mojo, and after Betsy frees everyone from the mindcontrol and reverts the aging processes, the team returns to Westchester. Betsy realizes that she has kept the bionic eyes and now enjoys visual sight again; she knows that coming from Mojo they have to be tainted, but she can’t bring herself to remove the implants. [New Mutants Annual #2]

Longshot is capable of escaping and falls through a dimension portal to earth, again losing his memory. (Mojo probably engineered his escape) When he arrives in the Danger Room of the X-Men, a burst of strange plasma follows, that covers the X-Men, Psylocke and Longshot. This plasma turns them overnight into X-babies and they go to Mojo, who controls them and turns them into adults again. The adult X-Men are now Mojo's servants and in a theatre the New Mutants confront them. The New Mutants are capable of undoing the mindcontrol and together they defeat Mojo and force Spiral to return the X-Men to normal. Mojo filmed the whole adventure through Psylocke's eyes and it's broadcasting is a great success in the Mojoverse. [Uncanny X-Men Annual #10]

In between

  • Longshot and Psylocke are both accepted as members of the X-Men, actually they help to fill their ranks, as the team lost some members during the Mutant Massacre.
  • The X-Men die in Dallas, but are restored to life by Roma. Psylocke's bionic eyes lose their function as cameras.
  • Spiral acts more and more insane, she turns her back on Freedom Force though never officially quits. Still she remains on earth.

History continued

Rachel Summers escapes from the Mojoverse, but Mojo sends his Warwolves to retrieve her. By coincidence also another group tries to hunt down Rachel, the interdimensional group of bounty hunters known as the Technet, who are working on Opal Luna Saturnyne’s order. Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Meggan and Captain Britain are able to help Rachel and manipulate the pursuing teams into fighting each other. Together the five heroes form Excalibur, and later track down and incarcerate the Warwolves. [Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn, Excalibur #1-2]

Without the X-Men Mojo has lost his greatest TV hit show. In order to fill the void, he holds auditions to find some replacement X-Men. Many different groups, all dressed as an X-Men variation show up (reversed genders, robots, prostitutes, animals), but all are rejected. The winners are a group of infants, calling themselves the X-babies. The X-babies refuse to work for Mojo and escape together with Ricochet Rita. [Uncanny X-Men Annual #12] The X-babies escape to earth and are followed by a creature called the Agent. Shadowcat runs into them and wants to help them escape from their follower, but the Agent is able to capture most of the X-babies, gaining their powers in the process. Eventually Excalibur is capable of stopping him. Phoenix burns the Agent‘s disguise and it turns out to be Rita, who is being controlled by Mojo. The X-babies offer to return if Mojo frees Rita. Mojo agrees, but Rita then follows them back to the Mojoverse. Mojo hasn't won, since the X-babies have returned but refuse to work until several changes are made in his behavior towards them. [Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem]

In between

  • Feeling tainted after he was manipulated by demons during Inferno, Longshot leaves the X-Men to figure out more about himself and his past. [Uncanny X-Men #258]
  • After emerging from the Siege Perilous, Psylocke is discovered by operatives of the Hand. They make a deal with Spiral, and turn both her and a their comatose prime assassin Kwannon over to her Bodyshop, to gain the ultimate assassin with both a superior mind and well-trained body. Spiral places Psylocke's mind in Kwannon's body and vice-versa, but some fractions of their minds remain in the original bodies so that both are mentally almost identical. [revealed in X-Men (2nd series) #31] Soon the new Asian Psylocke is met by Wolverine and he helps her leave the Hand. [Uncanny X-Men #256-258] Much later Kwannon in the British body will awake and come after the X-Men for revenge.
  • Arize has joined the rebellion against Mojo.
  • Shatterstar arrives in the Danger Room of the destroyed X-mansion. Several fighters follow him from the Mojoverse. X-Force helps him and he joins them. He reveals that he is from 100 years in the Mojoverse’s future and that he want to recruit the help of the X-Men in overthrowing Mojo V. Cable offers him to join his team in exchange for his help. [New Mutants #99-100]
  • Longshot is tracked by Spiral, when he reaches the house of Lila Cheney, where Dazzler is. Lila transports Dazzler, Longshot and herself into safety, but arrives in the Mojoverse. Mojo waits for them, but the three can escape and are greeted by the resistance. The rebellion fails again and Lila and Longshot are captured. [X-Men (2nd series) #5-7]

History continued

A rival station is threatening Mojo's status as most popular TV-station by showing documentaries. Mojo tries to keep up with a documentary about the X-Men's daily life (despite being incredibly bored by it), but due to his mishandling of the camera, he only films himself. His new show, the Mojo Face Show is an incredible hit. [Marvel Comics Presents #89]

A rebel base where Quark and Arize remain is under attack by Mojo's forces. Arize escapes, but Quark is captured. Arize escapes to earth, but without Spiral to stabilize the trip, he loses his memory. Mojo sent Gog, a resurrected Magog, a brainwashed Quark and some other soldiers after Arize, but Arize is saved by the blue team of the X-Men. He is brought back to the mansion, where the gold team takes over. A group that works for a pirate station tries to retrieve Arize. Bishop defeats this group, but Arize is hit by an energy-blast, which causes his memory to return. [X-Men (2nd series) Annual #1, Uncanny X-Men Annual #16] Arize leaves the X-mansion and tries to cure the insanity of his people by sending television programs into the Mojoverse, showing the best side of mankind. His television programs go back in time and ironically cause the insanity. Mojo sends Spiral to capture Arize, but Spiral is defeated by X-Factor. Spiral tells to X-Factor how she is really Ricochet Rita from another timeline. After Longshot failed, she got captured and received extra arms and became insane. Spiral tells Arize that Longshot will always fail, but that there is someone who can change the Mojoverse: Shatterstar. [X-Factor Annual #7]

Mystique is on the run for a crazed Spiral and asks Wolverine for help. Spiral arrives and asks them to help her against Mojo: Mojo wants to stop the end of the universe to ensure that his Mojoverse will exist for all time; however end and beginning of the universe are connected and so his actions endanger the very existence of everything that is. Wraiths and an alternate-future version of Jubilee aid Mojo, but with an anti-matter bomb Wolverine is capable of stopping Mojo's plan. [Wolverine (2nd series) #51-53]

Dazzler and a teleporter called Meek go to the X-mansion to enlist the X-Men, but Meek turns out to be a traitor. He teleports all of them back to the Mojoverse, where Mojo enslaves the X-Men except Dazzler, who is shot; and then uses them for a reproduction of the “Wizard of Oz“. Dazzler is saved by Mojo II, the Sequel. The X-Men free themselves and Mojo II and Dazzler come to their aid. Together they defeat Mojo who escapes. Xavier tells Dazzler that she is pregnant. Mojo II becomes the ruler of the Mojoverse, because Longshot and Dazzler want to take care of their child. [X-Men (2nd series) #10-11]

In between

  • Quark's brainwash is reversed
  • Mojo II orders the death of everyone who represents the old order of Mojo

History continued Mojo II turns out to be just as bad as Mojo and orders the death of everyone who worked for Mojo. Gog and Magog are sent after the X-babies, but Dazzler saves them and takes them home. When Iceman wants to ask Alison about the baby, Jean makes him stop. After Dazzler and the babies left, Jean explained that she could no longer sense a life within her womb. [X-Men (2nd series) #47]

Major Domo is ordered for execution, but Longshot and his friends are capable of saving him and he aids them against Mojo II. [Marvel Fanfare (2nd series) #4-5]

In between

  • Mojo returns and no longer deals in movies, but in war. Mojo II is dethroned off scene and Mojo regains the loyalty of Gog and Magog.
  • Shatterstar has had strange memories of his life as a human, named Benjamin Russell. Also there is a police record with this name and a photo resembling Shatterstar. Rictor rejoins X-Force after earlier problems with Cable's increased use of telepathy to help Shatterstar.

History continued

Mojo receives video-images from the future in which he is killed by Shatterstar. Determined to change that future, he sends Gog and Magog the kidnap Shatterstar. Cable and Shatterstar get abducted into the Mojoverse. Longshot helps X-Force to reach the Mojoverse. X-Force, together with Dazzler, Longshot and Spiral are capable of saving Shatterstar's spirit, after he has been lethally injured, by placing it in the comatose body of Benjamin Russell. Benjamin awakes and claims for the first time, he feels whole. Spiral's motives remain unclear, but it is obvious she cares deeply for Shatterstar. [X-Force #59-61]

Longshot leaves the Mojoverse in search for his lost innocence. He is transported to earth where he defeats a demon and makes some friends. Then he travels on foot from Kansas to New York. [Longshot One-Shot]

In between

  • Longshot apparently returns to the Mojoverse.
  • Mojo creates new X-babies in the form of Apocalypse, Sugar Man, Holocaust and McCoy (all AoA versions). These are so powerful they destroy the Mojoverse. According to the four babies, even Longshot was killed. Dazzler can escape to earth.

History continued Dazzler arrives on earth and tells Jean about the destruction of the Mojoverse. [Uncanny X-Men #392-393]

Unplacable ?

Mojo interrupts the dimension-hopping Exiles' mission and brings them to the Mojoverse. Almost all Exiles' members recognize Mojo and have fought him at one time or another. Mojo claims that there is only one Mojoverse in the entire omniverse and he doesn't have any alternate reality counterparts: they all have fought him personally. Most Exiles manage to escape but he captures Morph and Nocturne. It turns out that Morph's life was filmed by Mojo and was one of his biggest hits. By torturing Nocturne, Mojo forces Morph to work for him as the star of his newest TV project. Nocturne manages to escape her cell. She and Morph try to escape Mojo, but he re-captures them. However by then, the other Exiles have found Longshot in a local prison, restored his hope of defeating Mojo and inspired a new rebellion. The Exiles and Longshot break into Mojo’s place and Morph finally defeats Mojo. He intends to permanently end the threat he poses, but the Time-broker appears and takes the Exiles with him, warning Mojo not to mess with the time-continuum again. [Exiles #18-19]
Note :There are several problems with this story. Mojo claims that there is only one Mojoverse in the omniverse, which would mean there is only one Longshot. Yet he was a member of the X-Men in the main Marvel Universe and of those of the Mimic’s native reality. Most of the other Exiles knew Longshot too, which would mean Longshot needs to have traveled to all their realities. Possibly it was just Mojo’s ego speaking, and he lied about him being unique; after all he is not the most credible source.
Also the timing of this story is rather uncertain. Due to the Mojoverse’s unique temporal status, especially with timedancer Spiral involved, this incident could have occurred at a point before the AoA babies went on their rampage, as that incident or it’s ramifications aren’t mentioned at all. The story could even take place before Longshot was transported to Earth the first place.

Possible Future / about 100 later

In the timeline Shatterstar came from, Mojo V was the ruler. Gladiators were bred for the entertainment of the masses. Shatterstar was meant to breed with a woman called Windsong. In an alternate future, Shatterstar became ruler of the Mojoverse. Instead of ruling wisely, he let the Spineless Ones now fight for their lives in the arena. Arize asked X-Force for help and together they convinced Shatterstar to strive for equality between both species. [X-Force Annual #1, X-Force #29-30]