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22nd July 2003

What happened to Rachel in the Mojoverse ? A Graphic Novel was promised, but never released. Two flashback panels in Excalibur #64 only show her capture and her escape. The strongest hints are actually to be found in Excalibur : The Sword is Drawn. Rachel sends Kitty a nightmare of the X-Men being snotty actors in a film studio. Later when she really escapes, Rachel crash-lands into a costume party. At first she still believes to be in one of Mojo’s filmstudios. Also she mentioned to have been chained. It would be nice to see the full story.

Are Dazzler and Longshot married ? Yes, they have been mentioned as husband and wife of each other various times. For example in X-Force #60 : “ - and abandoning the life she knew as Dazzler, she now fight alongside her husband for the freedom of his homeworld.“

There was never a wedding shown in any comic book so it must have happened off-panel, and to be accurate the ceremony must have been held in the Mojoverse. In X-Men (2nd series) #5-7 the amnesiac Dazzler and Longshot re-united and teleported to Mojoverse; since then she has always been there, (except for two short guest appearances). Since the "wedding" took place in an alternate dimension, and her husband is also considered an alien, the legal status of that wedding in the main Marvel Universe is questionable.

What became of Dazzler’s baby / pregnancy ? In X-Men (2nd series) #11, Xavier mentally discovers an unborn child within Dazzler.
Alison next appeared in X-Men (2nd series) #47. The issue seems still to be within pregnancy range in Marvel time, though the timeflow of the Mojoverse might be faster. However from the way the situation was handled, the solution is not as simple as her having given birth between the two issues. Iceman wants to ask her about the baby, but Jean prevents him. After Alison left, they talk :

Bobby : "I was just going to ask how her baby is doing."
Jean : "That's just it, Bobby. I ... I didn't sense another life within her."
Bishop : "It seems obvious to me that she was distressed."

Obviously something happened to Dazzler's baby or at least Dazzler believes to have happened something (which Jean senses).
-> miscarriage / abortion
-> baby was taken in utero from Dazzler, Alison only believes to have miscarried

Is Shatterstar the child of Dazzler and Longshot ? When they learned of the pregnancy, Longshot suggested “Shatterstar“ as a name. Also Shatterstar’s mutant power of transforming sound into a vibrational shockwave (channeled through his sword) seems to point at him being related to Dazzler who has the similar ability of transmuting sound into light.
On the other hand, Dazzler seems to have lost the baby, and Shatterstar has been clearly named to be from 100 years in the future. (New Mutants #100 and X-Force #60)

What is the connection between Benjamin Russel and Shatterstar ? And how does Spiral fit into it ? Benjamin Russel was revealed as a mutant from earth, looking exactly like Shatterstar (or Shatterstar like him). He was comatose and held at the Weissman institute. Spiral, which not everybody might know, too originates from earth. She was a stuntwoman called Ricochet Rita and was one of the first Earth people that Longshot ever met. Once she was captured by Mojo, tortured and modified into Spiral. In X-Force #61, Shatterstar’s body is dying and so his essence is placed into the comatose body of Benjamin Russel. Spiral knew where to find the boy :

Cable : "Spiral, how did you know to come to this place (Weissman Institute) ? How did you know about this particular boy ?"
Spiral : "Is it not enough that Shatterstar will live again to fulfill his destiny ? Is it not enough that both young men mean more than all the world to me .. ?" (tears in her eyes)
Shatterstar : “I ... live And for the first time in a long while ... I feel whole. Thank you."

Sounds like the resemblance between the two is more than coincidence, almost as if they were once separated and now are made whole ? Maybe Spiral's body shop is involved (somehow Revanche / Psylocke come to mind). Maybe Spiral split the baby's DNA into a more human and more Longshot-race version ?

Theory : Spiral was jealous of Dazzler and Longshot. She used her magics to steal the baby from Alison's belly, leading to the assumption of a miscarriage, while the child was placed in Spiral’s own utero. Timedancing she escaped ca. 80 years into the future where she carried and received the baby and after it was born she left him there to be raised into the legendary warrior that would one day end Mojo's dictatorship.
Quite unexpected, Spiral developed maternal feelings and wanted to be near the child; so she cloned the boy, altered the DNA in the body shop to make him more human, and placed him with a nice family on earth. Whenever she wanted to, she could pop up and observe him growing up as Benjamin Russel. Jumping to the future of the Mojoverse every now and then to check on the original boy would be too dangerous with the many TV cameras around.
(Sounds too much like Cyclops - Phoenix - Cable - Stryfe, doesn't it ?)