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18th September 2014


XMU #27 older brother Sanjit goes missing; investigates disappearance with his girlfriend and police officer, Karima Shapandar; being captured by Bastion activates his mutant powers, while Karima is turned into a Prime Sentinel, forcing him to flee India and end his relationship with her; meets X-Men on Muir Isle and accepts the offer to join them
X-Men: Black Sun #2 mild flirtations with Psylocke earn him animosity from Archangel
XM #100 first appearance
XM #103 fears that he might injure or kill someone with his powers, reprimanded by Archangel for hesitating too long
XM #104, UXM #385 captured by the Goth and used against some of his fellow X-Men
XM #109 starts relationship with Psylocke, joins Storm’s team of X-Men to find Destiny’s diaries
XXM #2-3 Psylocke gets killed on mission, learns from Bishop that he is destined to become an important person in the future
XXM #5-9 meets and befriends Heather and Davis Cameron during an undercover mission
XXM #10, 12 is against Davis’ powers being jumpstarted by Sage
XXM #13-16 comforts Heather when she undergoes transformation to Shi’ar hybrid creature
XXM #19 leaves together with the transformed Heather to search for her brother
EXC (2nd series) #5 has joined X-Corporation, apparently stationed in Singapore