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9th October 2005

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1) When Captain Britain was given his powers, he was first decked out with a predominantly red suit, with a large golden lion rampant on his chest (interestingly enough, the lion rampant is the symbol of Scottish royalty). He wore a red and blue mask, with tiny Union Jacks that covered his entire face, but left his hair free. Small Union Jacks also adorned his lower arms. Combined with the uniforms, he wore the Amulet of Right, the source of his powers, around his neck. [Captain Britain (1st series) #1]

2) The amulet was transformed into his second uniform - a skintight suit, which displayed a Union Jack pattern on his torso combined with white tight pants and knee-high dark blue boots and white gloves. The entire ensemble seemed more military than his previous suit and was in part inspired by the Royal Horseguard. The most important part of the suit was the predominantly red (with small Union Jack patterns) helmet. [Marvel Super Heroes #377]

-) As the suit’s helmet was destroyed during Inferno, Brian had no more costume to wear. In the middle of a crisis, he had no choice but to wear a simulacrum of his original uniform, the problem being that he had grown much since back then, and it didn’t fit him anymore. [Excalibur (1st series) #9]

3) During the Cross-Time-Caper, Excalibur visited many alternate realities, including Earth 1193. There, Brian was given the costume of his counterpart, Captain Marshall, who had died a long time ago. The uniform had the same cut and color scheme as Brian’s previous look, but instead of patterns it displayed simply panes and stripes of color. [Excalibur (1st series) #13]

4) After a trip through the timestream, Brian Braddock returned a changed man, a change that was also shown in his new look. Wearing longer hair and sometimes displaying white eyes, Brian now wore a skintight red suit with a spider-web pattern of dark-blue filaments centered on his chest. [Excalibur (1st series) #75]

5) Trying to become his ordinary self again (and having need of its forcefield) Brian returned to a version of the Union Jack Captain Britain outfit again. However, it was a darker version. The previously white elements were now black. He also wore short fingerless gloves and shorter boots. [Excalibur (1st series) #100]

6) On Otherworld, Brian was given the Captain Britain Corps uniform his father used to wear, a uniform that combined several elements of his previous suits. A mainly blue outfit, it displayed the lion rampant (however, white this time), while the Union Jack pattern was displayed in stripes on his arms. In addition, when he used his powers, Brian displayed a flaming Union Jack pattern on his forehead. [Excalibur: Sword of Power #4]

-) Returning to Earth as Captain Britain, Brian has also returned to wearing the Captain Marshall uniform.