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9th October 2005


CB (2nd series) #1 born in Malden, England, with twin sister Betsy, studies physics at Thames university, graduates ahead of his age
CB (1st series) #14 blames himself for his parents’ death
CB (1st series) #1-2 is transformed into Captain Britain by Merlyn and Roma after choosing the Amulet of Right
CB (1st series) #3 makes an enemy of Chief Inspector Dai Thomas
CB (1st series) #10 reveals his secret identity to his older brother Jamie
CB (1st series) #13 learns that his Quarterstaff can produce a forcefield
CB (1st series) #14-15 faces off against the Mastermind computer and learns that it murdered his parents
CB (1st series) #16-27 teams up with Captain America against the Red Skull
CB (1st series) #33-37 meets Merlyn and Roma face to face, passes their tests and is given a Star Sceptre with flight capability
off-panel starts relationship with Courtney Ross, reveals his secret identity to her
Marvel Team-Up #65-66 travels to the United States, meets Spider-Man and
fights Arcade
Hulk UK #42-43 plane attacked on the way back, jumps outside, ends up amnesiac in Cornwall
Hulk UK #1-6 found by the Black Knight, teams up with him
Hulk UK #21 killed by the White Rider
Hulk UK #26-29 saved and revived by Merlyn
Hulk UK #60, MSH UK #377 sent to parallel Earth 238 together with his elfin friend Jackdaw, costume magically transforms, meets Mad Jim Jaspers
MSH UK #380-381 temporarily devolved by the Status Crew, is given an evolutionary push by a mutagenic life-enhancing fluid, first meets Saturnyne
MSH UK #387 the Fury murders his partner Jackdaw
MSH UK #388 fails against Mad Jim Jaspers, ends up killed by the Fury too
Daredevils UK #1 rebuilt and revived by Merlyn and Roma, is transported back home to his own Earth
Daredevils UK #2 returns home and faces off against Mastermind computer
Daredevils UK #3-4 reunited with twin sister Betsy, learns that she has manifested psi powers, faces off against the Slaymaster to save her and her friends
Daredevils UK #9-11 faces off against the Fury again, as it has followed him across the dimensions, learns of there being a James Jaspers on his Earth too
Mighty World of Marvel #9 fights Jaspers and fails again
Mighty World of Marvel #10-11 inadvertently leads the Fury to Jaspers and thus causes end of both of them
Mighty World of Marvel #14-15 meets and fights Meggan, their battle causes the death of a teenager, invites Meggan to stay at Braddock Manor
CB (2nd series) #6 tricked by his counterpart Kaptain Briton, kidnapped to Earth 839 where he meets the crazy tyrant Sat-yr-9
CB (2nd series) #7 Mastermind computer informs him and Betsy of their father’s Otherworld origin
CB (2nd series) #9 learns that his brother Jamie is a gunrunner and killer; abandons him to his fate
CB (2nd series) #10 falls in love with Meggan
CB (2nd series) #12 gives up being Captain Britain when he learns Betsy has taken up the mantle
CB (2nd series) #13 takes up the job again when Betsy is blinded by the Slaymaster, kills him in revenge, learns that he can access his powers without the suit
CB (2nd series) #14 buries the hatchet with Dai Thomas
EXC The Sword is Drawn depression over Betsy’s apparent death (together with the X-Men); reluctantly joins Excalibur
EXC #1 meets Courtney Ross again
EXC #5 begins an affair with Sat-yr-9 who has secretly killed and replaced Courtney
EXC #8-9 experiences power shortages in the United States after losing his uniform
EXC #13 is given a substitute uniform that originally belonged to Captain Marshall of Earth 1193
Knights of Pendragon (1st series) #4-5 possessed by the Lancelot Pendragon, fights Dai Thomas to the death
EXC #43 attacks Nightcrawler in a jealous rage over Meggan
EXC #44-47 Put on trial before Captain Corps court, learns more about Otherworld and his duties as Captain Britain
EXC #50 destroys Merlyn’s lighthouse and thus his energy matrix together with Meggan to foil his former mentor’s plan
EXC #55-56 learns that Courtney Ross is dead, faces Sat-yr-9 and Jamie Braddock
EXC #61 proposes to Meggan
EXC #65 Roma adjusts the Captain Marshall costume to his body
off-panel, after EXC #67 gets lost in the timestream and becomes Britannic
EXC #75 returns to the present because Phoenix trades places with him
EXC Annual #2 enters the mind of comatose Jamie together with Psylocke in order to help their brother
EXC #87 learns that his father provided ammunition for the tyrannic human government of Genosha that suppressed mutants
EXC #96-100 joins the London Hellfire Club as Black Bishop to expose a killer; discovers that his father was innocent, returns to the Captain Britain costume/identity
EXC #107-110 loses his powers to save Earth from the Dragons of Crimson Dawn; quits the team and starts traveling to find himself
EXC #124-125 returns, he and Meggan get married as Excalibur disbands
EXC (2nd series) #1-4 learns of Otherworld being under attack by Mastermind, travels there and embarks on a quest for the Sword of Might, Excalibur, regains his powers and becomes monarch of Otherworld in Roma’s stead after Mastermind’s defeat
AVE (3rd series) #77-81 saves English woman named Kelsey Leigh from death and turns her into the new Captain Britain
UXM #462-465 demoted from his position by Roma, sent back to Earth 616 as Captain Britain to save the universe, loses Meggan when she sacrifices herself against the chaos wave