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15th February 2009


X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #8 first appearance, trained by the X-Men in the use of his powers, diagnosed with the Legacy virus, starts dating Donna Fumaro
X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #15 feels neglected by the X-Men, befriends Maverick, moves to Florida under an assumed name when he becomes a target of the Friends of Humanity
Maverick #3-4 runs away to New York, meets Donna, hunted by the Friends of Humanity again, brought back to Florida by Maverick after faking his death
Maverick #9-11 helps his doctor to defend himself from a burglary, adopts the codename “Bolt”
New Warriors (2nd series) #0-1 leaves his family to become a super-hero in New York, joins the New Warriors
New Warriors (2nd series) #6 moves in with his teammate, Namorita
New Warriors (2nd series) #10 informs the New Warriors of his infection after Zeus himself said he was unable to cure him
off-panel New Warriors disband, restored to full health when the airbone cure to the Legacy Virus is released
WX (2nd series) #21 learns of Maverick's supposed death, and begins a crusade for vengeance
WX (2nd series) #6-7 first seen as Maverick II, has joined Cable’s Underground
WX (2nd series) #12-13 only member of the Underground not captured by Brent Jackson when he betrays the Underground, escapes from the Weapon X compound after a brief encounter with Agent Zero
WX (2nd series) #19 learns that Marrow has taken over the remains of Cable’s Underground and turned them into a revamped Gene Nation, forced into joining them
WX (2nd series) #20-21 wants to prevent one of Gene nation’s terrorist acts, but is confronted by Agent Zero a second time, dies without knowing that Zero is the man he wanted to honor - Maverick