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31st October 2009


NMU (1st series) #13 first appearance, has befriended Kitty Pryde
UXM #180 excited over being invited to join the Massachusetts Academy (which turns out to be a trap for Kitty Pryde)
NMU (1st series) #21 recruited by the New Mutants to communicate with Warlock; first learns that he is a mutant
NMU Special Edition #1, UXM Annual #9 travels to Asgard with New Mutants, partners with Warlock as the “Team Supreme” and first merges his body with Warlock’s techno-organic form
NMU (1st series) #37 killed by the Beyonder
Secret Wars (2nd series) #9, NMU (1st series) #38-40 resurrected by Beyonder, temporarily transfers to the Massachusetts Academy and joins Hellions, is snapped out of lethargy by Magneto and Emma Frost working together
NMU Annual #2 physically merges with Warlock again to rescue Psylocke and the New Mutants from Mojo’s clutches
NMU (1st series) #50 proves instrumental in defeating the Magus
NMU (1st series) #53 unaware of actually having been infected with Warlock’s Transmode virus
NMU (1st series) #55 starts a romantic relationship with Wolfsbane
NMU (1st series) #60 takes a bullet meant for Wolfsbane and dies unnoticed by his teammates as they battle the Animator