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7th March 2013


Incredible Hulk (2nd series) #259 origin revealed, taken by the KGB at birth, raised and trained by Prof. Phobos at the Super-Soldier School
Champions #7 first appearance, helps capture the Black Widow
Champions (1st series) #10 sides with the Champions but allows her lover, the Crimson Dynamo to escape
Champion #11 remains in the States and joins the Champions
Spectacular Spider-Man (1st series) #17 Champions disband, tells Iceman she only thinks of him as a friend and returns to the Soviet Union
Iron Man (1st series) #109 reunited with Vanguard, again serving the Russian government >
Incredible Hulk (2nd series) #259 learns her true origin and that the Presence is her father and Vanguard is her brother
Contest of Champions #1-3 selected to compete in a cosmic contest between two powerful beings
Rom #45-46 defeats the Dire Wraiths and establishes a new base in the Dead Zone of Russia
X-Men vs. Avengers #1-3 seeks to bring Magneto to justice for crimes against the Soviet people and battles the X-Men and Avengers
MCP (1st series) #70 reunited with the Black Widow, battles a mind-controlled Starlight who attempts to capture them both to be with the deranged Presence
Captain America (1st series) #352 seeks asylum in the States, beaten to near-death by the Supreme Soviets
Captain America (1st series) #353 subconsciously seeks vengeance against the Supreme Soviets, remains in the States to recuperate while lobbying for political asylum
Soviet Super-Soldiers deported to Russia, rescued by Blind Faith’s Exiles and joins their underground team of rebel mutants
XM #17-19 attacked by the Soul Skinner, rescued by Iceman and the X-Men
Starblast #3 Vanguard is killed while on a cosmic quest led by Quasar, Darkstar avenges his death by killing the alien responsible
Quasar #56 returns to Earth with Vanguard’s body, vows to bring him back somehow
Quasar #60 with her father’s help, seeks vengeance against Quasar for Vanguard’s death
Daredevil (1st series) #369-370 abducted and tortured by ex-KGB General Tskarov , rescued by a resurrected Vanguard and Ursa Major
Iron Man (3rd series) #9 has joined Russia’s new official super team, the Winter Guard
NXM #128 serves the European branch of X-Corporation
NXM #130 infected by the Weapon XII bacteria, killed by Fantomex
Darkstar & the Winter Guard #3 returned to life by the power of Immortus, rejoins the Winter Guard