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7th March 2013

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1) Laynia’s first costume consisted of a loose-fitting blue top with large, billowy sleeves closed in by cuffs around her wrists, skin-tight high-wasted light purple pants with a blue belt, dark boots that reached just below the knees, and a blue tiara which held her long blonde hair out of her eyes. [Champions #7]

2) Darkstar’s most well-known costume was a black one-piece spandex outfit with a thick yellow line running down the sides of her body and her arms. These bold lines connected down the arms to yellow gloves and down her legs to matching yellow boots. The outfit was complimented by a yellow star on her chest and a black tiara with a yellow centerpiece. This is the costume that Laynia would wear the longest. [Incredible Hulk (2nd series) #258]

3) When she accepted membership in the original Winter Guard, Laynia donned a skin-tight black one-piece with a bright blue and white pattern around her waist that moved up across her stomach and expanded across her chest, with a black diamond in the middle. Boots and gloves in the same blue-white motif accompanied the outfit. Her long hair was once more kept out of her eyes by a tiara, this one was silver with a dark gem in the center. [Iron Man (3rd series) #9]

-) For reasons unknown, Darkstar later changed the coloring of her black/blue costume to black/yellow, and replaced the black diamond on chest with a black star. This costume proved short-lived however. [Avengers (3rd series) #42]

-) Upon joining X-Corporation, Darkstar returned to her classic black and yellow costume. Over this, she wore a black leather vest (black leather was all the rage with the X-Men at this time) that had a large yellow X on the back of it. [New X-Men (1st series) #128]

-) Following her resurrection, Darkstar continues to wear her second and most recognizable costume. [Darkstar & the Winter Guard #3]